based on the 12x19 clip, a suggestion about Dean’s voicemails from @casthegrumpy and my dum headcanon

Dean counts the bullets again. Locks the box, puts the gun in its holster. He glances over at his phone while he works. The screen is black.

Sam is out on a grocery run because they’ve been cooped up in the bunker for four days with no leads and only takeout to eat. Dean’s hands hurt, cramped like it’s been too long since he fired a gun or stabbed something in the throat. Like the Mark of Cain still exists in his fingers, in his knuckles, his palms.

“Make your voice…a mail.”

“Cas, this is the tenth time I’ve called you today.” Dean hangs up, furious.

Sam keeps saying that Cas is fine, but that only makes it worse. Dean knows Sam is just saying that to placate him, to make him calm down. The fact that Sam knows Dean that well, knows he needs that reassurance, only makes him more frustrated. 

He opens his laptop and scours the web for any kind of strange news. At this point, he’d be happy to take out a vamp nest or a couple werewolves. He doesn’t fucking care if it has anything to do with Lucifer’s lovechild or hell’s fucking royal hierarchy. 

His phone buzzes. He picks it up and tries to answer it before realizing it’s just a text from Sam. 

Do we need eggs?

He types back a quick yes and dials Cas again.

“Make your voice…a mail.”

“Listen to me, you son of a bitch.” He doesn’t quite know where he’s going with this. “You don’t tell somebody you love them and then disappear for a month, alright? Maybe this is all on me. Maybe I–maybe you don’t realize that I…I should’ve said something. There. I admit it. I should’ve said something, so I’m saying it now. I feel the same way, Cas. I should’ve told you, and I’m sorry.” He pauses, takes a deep breath. “Call me back. I need to know you’re OK.”

He hangs up and stares down at his phone. His fingers are tingling.

He hurls the phone at the nearest wall and is satisfied when it shatters.


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Has anyone met David Tennant? I have never met him( probably never will )and I would LOVE to know what it feels like. I’m sure it felt amazing and he was amazing but I really just wanna know more about him and his personality.

  • me, thinkin about how thor had to hold his shitty ass brother in his arms while he thought he was dying just a year after he found out he wasnt dead and then has had to live 4 years thinking his brother is dead and will have to find out that his brother isnt dead AGAIN only for his brother to inevitably betray him for a FOURTH TIME: fuck
(Betty Cooper x Reader): She’s Perfect (3/4)

Summary: Reader met Betty at the internship over the summer and developed feeling for her. Since her parents are detectives they’re brought in to look at the Jason Blossom case, and reader moves to Riverdale.

A/N: Hope you enjoy! I should be posting the last section tomorrow! (apologizes for any spelling and grammar mistakes) 

Part 1 - Part 2 

The next few days were uneventful, you spent them hanging out with your new friends at school, getting involved in Student Council, or with Betty in the afternoons after you were both done with extracurriculars, that was when she would explain parts of Riverdale to you. Spending all of this time alone with her caused your feeling for Betty to continue to grow - it freaked you out.

The night of the dance you walked in with your little group. You had your arm intertwined with Archie’s (you’d almost gotten lost and Archie had decided that you needed to be guided into the dance with your own personal escort to make sure you didn’t accidentally trail off somewhere).

“So when do you have to decide the football thing?” You asked Archie.

“This weekend,” He replied, already sounding stressed about it, which made you feel bad for even bring it up.

“I’m going to go get some punch,” Veronica announced to the rest of you before walking away, you could have sworn she gave Betty a rather significant look but you thought maybe you were just imagine it.

“Now that I safely made it, I’m going to go grab something to drink really quick too,” You said, dropping Archie’s arm before following Veronica to the snack table.

Betty sighed as she watched (Y/N) leave, but that helped her decide, she’d admit her feeling to Archie. It was only fair after all, she’d liked Archie way before she even knew (Y/N), that had to be the right choice. “It’s about following your heart, right?” Betty asked Archie, “What does your heart say? Music or football?”

“Betty, will you give me one minute?” Archie asked.

You watched as Betty and Archie started to dance and walked up to where Veronica was serving herself some punch.

“So she still likes Archie?” You ask Veronica, surprised, you’d been convincing yourself that maybe she was returning your feelings.

“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Veronica replied, noncommittally.

“And I promise that when I get back I’ll be a much better person to be around.” Archie added before walking into the crowded dance floor.

Betty nodded, trying not to look to disheartened, as she watched Archie walk over to (Y/N). Betty’s heart sank.

Before you could really understand what Veronica had meant she had seemingly disappeared and Archie was suddenly in her place.

“Hey Archie,” You said, slightly confused of what he was doing with you when he had just been dancing with Betty.

“(Y/N)… I want to talk to you later tonight?” He asked you.

“Why can’t we talk about whatever it is now?” You ask, confused by what could be so important unless…he couldn’t possibly…

“I trust you, I want you to help me figure out what to do with football and music, I feel like you’re someone I can trust to be honest and help me make the right decision,” He tells you nervously.

“I’m going to find you later tonight and we’ll talk,” He says before disappearing again.

You stand there for a moment dumbfounded.

“Want to dance?” Archie asked Betty, suddenly appearing at her side again.

“Yeah,” She replied, trying to return to her happy facade, smiling at him as he led her onto the dance floor.

“Did that go okay?” Betty asked Archie, a look of concern across her face.

“Yes. Yeah, I just told (Y/N) that I need to talk to her later.” Archie replied.

“Oh,” Betty replied, feeling like her heart was going to crack, maybe she’d made the wrong choice, and by doing so was losing the two people she cared about the most.

As Betty and Archie danced they didn’t say much, they didn’t feel much either, Betty to was too wrapped up thinking about (Y/N) and Archie was thinking about the big decision he was about to make. If either of them had feeling for each other they certainly weren’t acting like it.

Across the dance floor you were dancing with Kevin and some of the football players, just goofing off and having a good time when someone invited you to come to an afterparty.