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- The internal volume embodies two elements: exposed structural concrete walls and a wooden shell. The project required a residence for a single family with three children. The brief was to maximize living area with minimum of the service space. The concept divides space based on distinct program by separating function not by walls but floor levels: ground floor is living/communal space, first floor is children area and second floor parents area. With no cellar, the shell is integral to provide all of the space for storage. The flush walls fold out to house cupboards, shelves and drawers throughout the living areas and furniture such as beds, seating and counters are built into the floor in order to optimize space and provide easy maintenance. This connects different spaces in the house by giving a common function to partitions.


Bryce Olson is a man you might have heard of around town. In just the short time he’s lived here, he has made quite a name for himself by reaching out and interacting with all of the people in Denton. As part of my new monthly column, Service Sundays, interviewing church leaders around town, I could think of no better person to start with than Bryce Olson of Cross Timbers Community Church.

What exactly is your job title?

My title is Associate Pastor, which is kind of a nebulous role to be honest. I was hired here in July 2013, and I had applied for a position at our Keller campus called Connections Pastor, and I really liked that idea because I love to connect with people. But when they brought my wife and I down from Kansas City, the brought us to the Denton campus, and we met some nice people and saw the square, and they saw this was a fit for us, even though there really wasn’t a position available or a role need for anyone at the Denton campus. So they created this role.

I don’t have too much of a job description, and I kind of like it that way. So they’ve tasked me with reaching the community and connecting our church to it and also being a support role to a lot of different positions around here.

What are some of your favorite things that you’ve done for your job?

Being able to come in and be who I am. Just be myself and do what I love. Spend each day doing what I see fit to connect with more people, and ultimately as a pastor, to connect them to Christ and faith.

But I don’t start there with people, and I also don’t feel like I have a hidden agenda. I genuinely love and care for all people, and I love everyone the same, whether they have that same belief or not, but my end goal would be to see them get closer to Christ sothat they may experience His love.

To answer your question, I would say to come into something that’s never been done before and to come into this community, be a part of it. Not to feel I need to do something for the community, but along with what’s going on, be along with the pulse of the city and bring Christ’s love to it.

When my wife & I moved here, we saw the Fourth of July parade on our third day in town, and I saw the beauty of Denton, and I noticed there weren’t any churches involved in the parade (except for the Mormons on their bicycles and their backpacks, which was pretty cool). I saw that as an opportunity to get out in the community. So this past year we had over 100 people from our church campus that came out to participate in the float. We built a float, and had all sorts of people who are gifted in all sorts of ways, creative, construction, people that wanted to interact with parade goers and pass things out. We ended up taking first place for the float. (The trophy is actually on a bookcase in his office).

The movie nights on the square are also fun. (Full disclosure: Bryce & I are working together to bring more movie nights to the square this year along with We Denton Do It and other businesses who have helped sponsor this.)

What makes Cross Timbers different from other churches in town?

Cross Timbers is a church where broken people can experience life change through Christ. Having said that, it’s a place that welcomes in people no matter what they’re walking through.

Everyone from the senior leadership all the way down is very vulnerable to share that we’re all going through things. That we’re in no way better than anyone, we just happen to have a relationship with the Lord where we can work on the things that we need to work on, and have an ally in Him and with each other. So we emphasize small groups highly.

But what I think sets us apart is that someone could come in very far from the Lord and not feel judged or that they’re any different from anyone else, because we’re very open and honest people.

And we do things I’ve never heard of any church doing. One of those is an event we did twice a year called “Fix My Ride” where we have people come in with their broken vehicles and we’ll repair them. They don’t rebuild engines or anything like that, but ;if there’s brakes that need to be fixed or something to pass inspection, things like that. They do that by partnering with mechanics that give their time and automotive shops that donate parts and supplies up to $10,000 every time we do it. And those are just because of relationships we have within the community that allow us to give back.

Once, Cross Timbers had an offering collection, and told people just to bring cash that week, and tell people “If you can give money, put it in. If you need money, take it out.” And we are a place who has a benevolence ministry as well. And it’s not because we’re this big mega church, but because what we do have, we want to give back to help others.

Personally, what is your favorite part about Denton?

I love the collaborative spirit and the ever changing-ness to it. I’ve been here just about a year and a half now, and just the changes I’ve seen in that time have been huge. I came from a larger city, and I didn’t quite know what to think of coming to a smaller town, but in many ways it doesn’t feel like a small town because it feels like there’s a lot of change and plenty more to come. I also love West Oak Coffee Bar, which has been one of my favorite recent additions to our fare city.

Last Thursday I attended one of the services at Cross Timbers, and here’s what I saw:

  • An eclectic group of welcoming people.
  • Very good music from talented musicians (some of the musicians are from well known Denton bands, Chambers and Midlake).
  • Impressive production value with four cameras filming the service to stream online and at other Cross Timbers campuses.
  • A pastor that sounded more like your dad giving you life advice than a pastor just preaching to you about the bible.
  • A sermon about getting out of your comfort zone and not being afraid to start a new chapter in your life.
  • A church community that is constantly looking for new ways to reach people and keep services fresh, beautiful, entertaining, and relevant.

Cross Timbers is located at 312 West McKinney Street here in Denton and also has campuses in Argyle, Keller and Eagle Mountain Lake.

Denton Services are Thursdays at 7:00pm and Sundays at 9:30am & 11:15am.

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Prefab Panels Allow for Easy Construction and Dismantling

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Woody15 is a 17.5 square meter structure (188 square feet). It contains a single room with some lofted storage space… The cabin is composed of 29 cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements, which allow for easy construction and dismantling. The cross-laminated elements were produced by the company Massiv Lust, and have a maximum width of 1.2 meters (3.9 feet), allowing for ease of transportation.” – Humble Homes

Read and see more of Woody15 – A Tiny Cross-Laminated Timber Cabin at Humble Homes.

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Casa PLS | corde architetti associati

“It’s a contemporary building hiding its wooden soul: a core of cross laminated timber hidden under a white smooth skin.

Architectural rules are decomposed by one single starting action: the ridge beam has been moved from its traditional position and it’s now laying diagonally on a classic rectangular plan. The result is a really different structure from standard wooden houses. The roof is bearing by cross laminated timber beams carefully designed and calculated, it recalls a primordial sense of building: the “hut” is covered and protected by “a white light blanket”.” ~ via Archinect


Early morning log delivery, with so many logs coming in these days I better start having videos starting with early morning saw milling! This is a load of logs which is from a local logger who sets aside the “ugly” logs which have been removed for urban development. Unwanted by commercial saw mills & even to hard to deal with for fire wood. Saved by us we will find the beautiful lumber hidden with in. Fingers crossed! #wood #woodworking #logger #timber #logtruck #video #slomo #log #crane #truck #lumber #slowmotion #maple

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Last night’s screening of Edward Scissorhands on the courthouse lawn was a great success. There were over 500 people there, including Edward himself.

Huge thanks to Bryce Olson for putting it together with the help of Cross Timbers, Collage, We Denton Do It, West Oak Coffee Bar, East Side, Oak Street Drafthouse, Initiative, and Atomic Candy.

What’s the secret ingredient to developing a sustainable high-rise? You may be surprised to find out that it’s wood; particularly cross-laminated timber. Several recent publications have highlighted this type of construction. CLT is an engineered wood that is created by cross-layering, gluing and pressing beams of wood together up to a foot thick. The result is “plywood on steroids” as referred to in a March Popular Science Article. The competition among architects for the next tallest wood high-rise has started and the race is heating up.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park Viewing Platform in Brooklyn, New York - Bjarke Ingels Group via designboom

The Pier 6 viewing platform is a triangular structure at the northwest corner of Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Sloping upwards 17.5 feet in height from the foot of the large gathering lawn, the platform provides magnificent views of the surrounding harbor, the Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, and the Brooklyn Bridge. In conjunction with the adjacent greenery, Pier 6 will be dominated by a flower field and treed areas giving the area seasonal displays of color. The surface of terraced stairs, softly illuminated, will allow for large and small events and is fully ADA accessible. The pavilion, a cross-laminated timber structure supported by thin steel columns, is brightly lit with uplights and provides shade, shelter and space for indoor activities. Movable site furniture underneath the platform will accommodate a variety of programs, from food carts and picnicking to community events and small performances.


Today’s brief:

| Headphone Stand |

Image 1: I am committed to putting out a design a day but his week might be a little different. I’m thinking this may be a week of old work revisited. I am still away with the family so I am conscious of the time I’m taking away from them.

Image 2: My brother asked for a design he could make to keep his headphones on. They’re not Beats By Dre but they were the most readily available for download from 3D modelling sites.

The default ‘natural appearances’ are very ordinary straight off the shelf. I would normally have tweaked this for the render but it’s staying as a rough concept render for now.

Image 3: Steam bent timber with cross lap joints.

Family hike today to the Keystone Ancient Forest, a preserve of the kind of cross timber woodland that used to stretch across OK but now has been 80% developed. The forest includes the same 300-year-old post oaks and 500-year-old cedars that American Indians and European explorers passed through centuries ago. The preserve is only open to the public on select days. via Instagram

Aromatic Rainbows

By Cassidy Taylor 24/10/16

Flowers in the field

In a jar of glass and sunshine

Velvet petals

Made of perfect promises

A tiny timber makeshift cross

Lilacs, pinks and violets

Like aromatic rainbows

Sadness floats the breezes

Fragrances the grasses

Sweetness mixed with sorrow

The sun will rise tomorrow

A tribe of silent silver doves

Mourn in reverent silence

The passing of your presence

And the drifting of the seasons

Brings with it some wisdom

My losses and your heartaches

Breathe us into new life

A poem I wrote to go with a photo I took of a sweet little jar of purple and pink pansies in a jar, beneath a small timber cross, attached to it, was a pet’s little collar, they had been placed there in remembrance of a friend, and it touched my heart so.

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