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woohoo! ♪ヽ(^ᗜ^♡)/ finally did @1211am‘s mayor’s favorite things meme!

mami’s favorite things are: petal parasol, hammock, milk carton, famous mushroom, sunflower, kotatsu, cardboard box, lotus lamp, purrl’s pic, and vanilla ice cream! ♡

A Date with a Bad Boy~

Cross!Sans trying to use all the flirt ideas he can think up with his date and getting red in the process. Chara is not impressed or rather it’s unpleasant to him to think Cross can flirt ahaha.   

(I hope everything makes sanse and when you read it almost sounds like he has an Australian X- cent)   

I hope you like it! :3 <3 

Cross!Sans /c/ @jakei95 @underversesans

art /c/ me

Also I like to thank my partner(on deivainart), @angelicgu4rdi4n , and @confounded-star for helping me out with this. :3

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I shall write the summary without being too noisy ;; IM SO HAPPY

@partheno senpai already wrote one so you might want to check her too! I just… love to write details lol so mobile users be ready to suffer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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why is kyoukai no kanata so easily forgotten im so sad

literally i have never connected with a story so much as i have with that one, and i’ve never connected with a character so much as i have akihito kanbara, and the theme of LOVE throughout the whole damn thing is so good. the theme of aloneness and finding belonging and being yourself and JSUT LOVE. FAMILIAL LOVE. ROMANTIC LOVE, SELF LOVE.


Thank you for Three Amazing Years…

I hate when people try to defend maiko/slam zutara by saying “Mai is the only one who can handle Zuko”. Like not only is that pretty messed up rationale for a relationship, but it’s just not true? Like what is the basis? That Zuko is hot-tempered and impatient? Mai’s cold, cool, and apathetic? Zuko’s hot-headed, warm, and empathetic? They’re parallels? Is that it? Because you don’t have to be cold and uncaring to be able to shut down BS. Like Zuko does have a tendency to get angry, and impatient, etc. sure, he gets better through the years and stuff, but it’s still a flaw he carries. 

But, that doesn’t mean Mai has to be cold and uncaring and downright mean to Zuko to “tame his fire”. It’s not like the guy’s in this unconsolable rage 24/7. Katara isn’t some fluffy, subservient bunny who’d put up with BS. She’d call Zuko out the way Mai has sometimes, but Katara would probably handle it a lot more maturely. Katara also would be a supportive figure. The same with Zuko to Katara; Zuko would support Katara wholeheartedly in her career. Zuko got excited and proud for Mai’s success and strength and growth. He’s a supportive person. He supported Katara in her mission to find her mother’s murderer, too. Zuko knows how to accept and deal with Katara’s flaws too. They both accepted and could manage one another’s flaws as beautifully shown in The Southern Raiders. The accidental chemistry with these two is uncanny.