MC used to be involved in a gang


  • Honestly, he was kind of scared when this big, burly guy, covering in tattoos and piercings approached them on the street
  • The guy walked straight up to MC, she didn’t bat an eye, and Yoosung instinctively stepped between them, but MC greeted the big guy with a smile
  • It turned out he was a friend of hers from when she was in a gang
  • He’s like a big brother to her
  • The guy gives Yoosung a look up and down, then laughs and slaps him on the back, saying that she always had a taste for the cute ones
  • She rolls her eyes, says it was good to see him, and she and Yoosung go back to their date
  • Later, Yoosung asks about her gang days and she just tells him about the people, not wanting to talk about the fighting
  • After they’re married, a gang member breaks into the vet office while it’s just Yoosung and MC in the clinic alone, and tries to threaten them into patching him up, but MC just mentions her gang name, and he runs for it
  • Yoosung is intimidated, but she assures him that she doesn’t fight anymore, she just had a lot of anger she had to get out when she was younger


  • Her immediate reaction is actually curiosity of which of them would win in a fight
  • She doesn’t voice this
  • She only found out because MC had a few scars left over from those days
  • It started with, “how did you get that scar on your arm?” “Oh this? I got in a gang fight. Some idiot came at me with a crow bar, the sharp edge grazed me, and I beat him up.”
  • So one day, when a rowdy customer grabs one of their waitress’ ass, before Jaehee can even move, MC is on him, full “yankee” showing
  • She grabs him by the hair, bangs his head against the table once, then points to the waitress he grabbed, “Apologize to her.”
  • He tries to get out of this, throw a punch, something, but MC dodges, casually trips him, and then stands over him threateningly
  • “I said apologize.”
  • He does, runs like hell, and Jaehee is a little frightened
  • However, curiosity overtakes her, and she asks MC to spar with her, so they pay for a little time at a dojo and go a couple of rounds, fairly evenly matched, although MC has more first hand experience on her side and ultimately wins
  • Jaehee just loves her more


  • It came up because she had a tattoo on the back of her right hip in the shape of a butterfly
  • She awkwardly explained that she used to be the leader of an all female gang
  • Back then, her hair was cut short and she dressed very differently
  • Zen immediately wants to see pictures
  • It doesn’t take her long to fish out the photo album and show him some of the pictures a gang member of hers took
  • Sure enough, she had short hair, in most pictures she’s dressed in pants, a crop top, and a long coat
  • It’s funny, because Zen finds one set of photos where he realizes his biker gang was hanging out with her gang
  • Then he finds a picture of the two of them together, with his arm around her while she looks grumpy
  • They’re kind of shocked and surprised that they actually met each other before, but he makes a half-joke about how they must be meant to be
  • On the inside, he’s squealing with joy


  • MC figured it’d be better for him to hear it from her than the press, if anyone managed to fish up her past
  • So she told Jumin the basics - she was in an all-girl gang in high school, got into a lot of fights, smoked, and probably stole a few things for both fun and necessity
  • She has a few piercings because of her fashion sense in those days
  • Jumin goes quiet for a long time after she tells him this, but MC can see he’s just thinking and processing
  • He ends up asking to see photos, because he tried to imagine her as a delinquent, but couldn’t
  • This is mostly because she usually dresses in sweaters and skirts, and generally girly, cutesy ways
  • He’s surprised when she pulls out a picture of herself with short hair, dyed black, her nose and the cartilage of her ears pierced, and scowling at the camera with a lit cigarette in her hand
  • Jumin stares at the picture for a long time before he says anything else
  • Mostly, Jumin just asks what her life was like, if she kept anything from those days, and if she keeps in contact with her… less reputable companions from those days
  • MC makes it clear she left that life a long time ago
  • But she does say that, if he’s ever interested, she does have some clothes left from those days that she can dress up in for him
  • Jumin seriously considers her offer, but doesn’t openly respond to it


  • When he read the police reports about her, he couldn’t stop laughing
  • All the ridiculous ways she’d escaped being caught by the police were hilarious
  • One time, she jumped the fence into a yard with a rabid dog and only barely escaped because she hopped across the line of lawn ornaments while the police were trying to calm the dog
  • Another time, she pretended to be an employee at a perfume store and “accidentally” sprayed perfume in the eyes of the one cop that caught on
  • Her most famous escape was preforming an epic stunt where she stole a bicycle and jumped a broken bridge the cops couldn’t cross on foot
  • Saeyoung then manages to get video feed of each of these, makes it into a compilation video that he posts on the internet labeled “the craziest escapes from the police you’ve ever seen”
  • MC is furious and embarrassed when she finds out
  • However, Saeyoung also wiped her juvenile records so she’s squeaky clean


  • Some guys tried to mug them, but MC threw a few punches without hesitation, and they scurried like rats
  • V was so impressed he asked where she’d learned to fight
  • MC just said, “oh, you know, the streets. My high school friends were rowdy. Things happen.”
  • He’s concerned about her young life, but he doesn’t pry


  • Lets just say she has some questionable tattoos that, just like him, she’s embarrassed of
  • He knows about her past, knows about the fights she used to get into, knows she was arrested for assault but let out when the guy didn’t want to file charges
  • Saeran actually kind of likes that she’s so hardened and used to blood and conflict that she barely flinches when it’s right in front of her
  • However, he didn’t expect her bright and friendly personality
  • It’s her sense of loyalty to her peers and her interest in their wellbeing that makes him love her
  • Because MC doesn’t question why or how he might’ve gotten hurt, she just helps him patch himself up and asks if she needs to beat someone up
The Met Gala women's fashion that men should've taken a risk in.

The only reason I ever want to be famous is so I can show up to red carpets and events in Not A Fucking Suit.  Menswear silhouettes are so BORING and every man at a red carpet event is a clone of the next one.  

Oooh, so you changed the pattern on your Box Shaped Outfit?  You made the coat ever so slightly longer or shorter on your Box Shaped Outfit?  You switched out your bowtie for a *gasp* REGULAR TIE with your Box Shaped Outfit?

It’s so boring.  It’s been boring for generations.  We used to wear powdered wigs and feathers and butchers’ heels and ruffles and now everybody is in the same funeral suit at every event.  Over it.  If I was a man going to the Met Gala, these are the looks I would’ve wanted to wear.

Katy Perry

Full disclosure: This is ugly.  But I can imagine a man in it.  Just getting it out of the way up top because I obviously wouldn’t be caught dead in this.

Priyanka Chopra

Killing the Box Shaped Outfit with an intense train? Here for it.

Helen Lasichanh

Pharrell tried a Relaxed Box, but it’s still the same shape.  Would’ve much rather seen him in Helen’s outfit instead and that big ass hat he used to wear would actually work with the oversized silhouette and the shoe.  

Riley Keough

Take the chains and run them shoulder to shoulder across the back and I’m wearing it to the Grammys.

Bella Hadid

Bring the collar all the way up to a mock turtleneck, hair up in a topknot, switch out the diamonds for simple platinum or black leather cuffs, and turn the shoe into a cuban heel, and I want this.

Jennifer Connelly

Would totally wear.  Have you seen my legs?  Bye.

Mary-Kate Olsen

On the left (yes I can still tell them apart), same exact hair and length and styling.  I can see so many waifish men in this outfit from Ezra Miller to, duh, me.

Graze Hartzel

I’m pretty sure I can put that outfit together right now from my closet and get ready for lunch.

Tracee Ellis Ross

This is The One though.  That’s the red carpet I’m going for.  If I ever won an award for anything, that’s exactly what I want to be wearing, but longer because I can’t picture any shoe on a man that needs to be showcased at all with this outfit.

Year after year I hope for some dude to forreal step outside of the box at these events – not you wore cropped pants or a white tux or added a metallic blazer, but forreal left the Box Shaped Outfit at home – and nobody ever does.  Masculinity and expression is so rigidly boring.  I need to step up my sewing game real quick.

High School Paladins: Keith

- lots of head bands, like a shit ton

-he does dance and weight training,,

-he dropped out of NJROCT

-Secretly takes Red //his cat// to school with him in his backpack

-shiro is his adoptive older brother

-hates how loud the cafeteria is and eats in the library with Lance

-a kid thought it was a good idea to challenge him to a fight once

- once

-He wears lots of flannel

-is that one kid who listens to Skillet on full blast in the middle of science

-Teacher: I can hear your music.
-Keith: //makes direct eye contact//…//tURNS IT UP LOUDER// what about now?
-//snorting shiro in the back

-sings Lady Gaga at 6:00 am in the car with Shiro on the way to school

-totally doesn’t run a blog dedicated to mothman on tumblr

-stole the rival schools mascot suit head once

-it’s still on the roof of the school and no one knows it was him

-he plays don’t starve with the squad™ on the weekends

-Allura does his hair sometimes

-he paints his nails

-defends drarry with his l I f E

-needs glasses

-wears hair ties on one wrist and band bracelets on the other

-crippling anxiety™

-flexible af

-dances in the basement

-plays piano

-accidentally played Let it go at shiros color guard performance instead of echo by Jason walker and was amazed when shiro went with it

-when he has an anxiety attack his dad keeps him in his office and calls lance out of class to sit with him when he physically can’t

-Keith is know to lances younger siblings (and their friends) as “the pretty dancing ninja”

-takes holocaust history will pidge

-works at hot topic

-dances in sweat pants and crop tops

-also dances in the basement,,,

I’ll add more as I come up with it


The77Sim3 - 2017 Male Set 01

Thanks to all the testers!! i love you all >3<

The underarm part of the sweatshirt will have some deformation …

I can’t do it better .. It make me sad..T__T

Btw, hope you guys will like it !

And my dearest KIRU converted to TS4 version!

TS4  version here

love your Conversion >3<

77Clothing-Wide Leg Cropped Pants- DOWNLOAD

77 Clothing - Sleeve Opening Sweatshirt - DOWNLOAD

Okay, so I wrote another thing (I’ve been writing things, guys) and I’m happy with how it came out. Granted, there are going to be mistakes but this is just something that I thought would help exit me from my bad mood. And it did!

We’ve been talking about Tony in yoga pants and crop tops because how can we not? And @thegoldenavenger drew this incredibly piece  and I’ve been screaming ever since. So please enjoy pining!Steve and him not handling how wonderful Tony looks in crop tops and yoga pants. 

If there could only be one thing said about Tony Stark, it would be that he was spontaneous. No one knew what was running through that mind of his and it was difficult to predict what he would do next.

Most people liked to think to Tony only enjoyed one thing and that was invent. It was easy to see why as he spent most of his time holed up in his workshop. It was easy to think that Tony was a person who only enjoyed inventing and creating, sketching out new ideas and bringing them to life.

But that wasn’t the case, it wasn’t the case at all.

Tony did enjoy more than one thing and the team knew most of them.

He was a fan of going paintballing, he loved playing the piano because it reminded him of wonderful times with his mother, and he enjoyed cooking and was really good at it. These were just to name a few but another one of Tony’s favourite past-times were revealed one early Thursday.

Steve had just came back from his usual early morning jog and he was busy guzzling down a big bottle of water. The sun had been ruthless today, its heat making him sweat more than he did and the inside of his mouth dry. He could hear Sam’s annoying voice telling him, “It’s important to bring a bottle of water with you at all times, man,” and there was the unmistakable urge to punch something followed by a gentle, “Don’t worry, he’s never going to find out,” and Steve didn’t know if he was going a little crazy or not.

No one else was awake as yesterday had been rather eventful due to a random villain that decided attacking New York would be great. The guy wasn’t all that experienced, called himself ‘The Maniac’ and had a laugh so high pitched that it could have rivalled an excited toddler’s. His plan for evil was to simply unleash a gas that would trigger a chemical imbalance within the brain. The explanation got a little more complicated for there and the weather was hot, the team was pissed and all they wanted to do was defeat this guy and go home.

Luckily enough, it was surprisingly quick but stressful and the guy was now locked up, leaving all the citizens to go about their daily lives.

So it had been a tiring day and once debriefing was over, dinner was eaten and goodnights were said before everyone headed off to bed.

Steve had almost finished his water when he heard the sounds of footsteps walking towards the kitchen. He turned to see who was entering the kitchen, lowering the bottle from his mouth to bid them a good morning, when his mouth suddenly went dry…again.

Tony waltzed into the kitchen, a towel wrapped around his neck, and headed towards the coffee machine. He was definitely awake which was a rare enough sight because Tony wasn’t usually up this early or he was but in the depths of his workshop. But that wasn’t what surprised Steve, seeing Tony in the morning was always a pleasant sight. It was how Tony was dressed that made words fail to come out from his mouth.

Tony was dressed in some of the tightest pair of pants that Steve had ever seen, the material hugging to every curve that it was torture. It also brought more emphasis to the already famous bubble butt and Steve found himself staring at it in all its round and plush glory. He had had thoughts about that butt before and what he would do to it if he ever got his hands on it.

But that wasn’t where it ended and Steve didn’t know who decided that today would be a good day to test Steve’s restraint.

Not only was Tony wearing the tightest pants that Steve had never seen but he was also wearing a crop top. A crop top that showed off a muscled stomach and strong arms that could surely hold their own in a fight. The crop top was the colour red with hints of gold and Steve’s lips quirked upwards at the sight of the familiar colour and the pants were black with the Stark Industries lettering on them. The arc reactor shone bright and blue from the middle of Tony’s chest and looking that somehow always made Steve feel like home.

He realized that he had been staring for too long and his gaze had come to land on Tony’s slightly worried face, Tony standing right in front of him. The two of them looked at each other for a moment, standing so close that Steve only had to reach out and his hands would meet warm and bare skin. It was tempting, especially with how Tony looked at him with those brown eyes, eyebrows furrowed as if he was trying to see what Steve was thinking.

“Are you okay there, Cap?” Tony asked, and Steve was quick to nod. “You sure?” he asked again before pointing to the bottle in Steve’s hand.

Steve glanced down and his cheeks heated up so fast at the sight of the bottle crushed in his hand. Tony seemed quite amused, lips pursed as if he was trying to contain his laughter, in a way of allowing Steve to keep some of his dignity.

“I’m fine,” he replied, his voice sounding rough and dry to his ears, and he mentally face-palmed. “I guess I’m just tired for the morning run.”

“You, tired from running?” Tony questioned, an eyebrow raised in disbelief as he leaned against the counter with his coffee in hand. Steve took a deep breath as he nodded, trying to his eyes ahead of him instead of the sight that Tony made.

“Yeah, it was hot outside today and I forget my water so,” Steve trailed off, now trying to figure out an escape route of some sort.

Tony eyed him for a second before softly going, “Uh huh,”, and took a sip from his mug before his lips curved into a smile. “You know, you can join me for yoga if you want.” He offered and Steve’s brain almost short circuited.

“Yo-yoga?” He stuttered, thanking Thor that Tony didn’t notice as he nodded enthusiastically.

“Yeah, Nat introduced it to me and it’s so relaxing,” Tony said, placing the mug in the sink next to him. “It just makes you feel so loose and pliant, just so releases all tension from your muscles.” He made a show to roll his shoulders back, expression going blissful at the thought. “Yeah, you should try it with us sometime.”

Steve only caught about half of what Tony told him because his imagination was already running wild. Tony doing yoga meant that Tony was relatively flexible, bending over with that ass in the air, lifting his legs over shoulders and all that muscle straining-

Coolly, he shifted until the bulge in his pants wasn’t as noticeable.

“Yeah, I’ll join you guys sometime.” Steve said, his smile slightly strained and Tony was pleased with his answer, sporting a huge grin which was always a beautiful sight to behold.

“Awesome,” he replied happily before looking down at his clock and giving a slight grimace. “It’s almost time for today’s session but I’ll talk to you later,” Tony said, still grinning as he ran a hand down Steve’s arm before making his way towards the door.

Steve didn’t know why but he had to look and when he did, he was greeted by the sight of Tony’s gently swaying hips and once again, that ass in those pants.

It was then that Tony turned back to look at him, his lips curved into a sly smile before he gave a knowing wink.

Steve’s brain blue screened and he finally crashed.