High-waisted crops #whatthelibrarianwore

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” –Lauren Thatcher Ulrich, Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

Some character types you don’t see a lot of...

I have a mighty need for DIVERSITY (I know this isn’t monster related, but it could be, if you use your imagination)

  • Dominant masculine girls who date submissive boys. She’ll pull him down into her lap for a cuddle. She’s almost always the big spoon. In public she puts her arm around him, sometimes on his shoulder, sometimes on his waist, sometimes the small of his back. She’s always coming up behind him to hug him, even if she’s not taller than him, it doesn’t detract from the safety he feels in her arms. 
  • Curvy NB boys who are plush and soft around the edges. They’ll cuddle up with you gladly and keep you comfy and warm. They’ll let you use their plush chest or tum as your personal pillow any time. They’re not worried about what people think, about their body or how they present. They’ll be any size spoon for you and they’ll hold you depending on how you feel like being held. If you want their arm around you in public they’ll gladly comply, if you want your arm around them well they’re not shy to do that either.
  • Really buff but feminine boys who wear lots of feminine clothing. Sheer fabrics, lace, crop tops, high waisted pants. he’s not afraid to show off his strength…or his girly side. He’ll strut around in heels and a dress just as easily as his workout clothes. He does his makeup better than some girls you know and his short hair is as soft as silk. He paints his nails a new color every day.
  • Boys who are insecure and gender questioning after years of just being a dude. They’re that lovely mix of buff and chubby which they used to feel proud of but suddenly they’re worried it’ll detract from their appearance if they attempt to dress differently. All they need is a little encouragement, someone who will support their exploration and tell them every day how beautiful they are.
  • Genderfluid bisexual girls who pass really well as a guy and when they do they confuse the living frick out of any straight male partners they have. because damn, she- he? is hot, way hot, but totally acts like a dude, and it’s so confusing. Every guy she/he gets with has a sexuality “crisis” of sorts and she/he is always willing to help them figure it out. A gentle hand and soft spoken explanation that her/his gender shouldn’t affect their attraction, and that her/his gender doesn’t somehow change what their sexuality should be called.