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Legit one of the greatest days of my life. I am one hell of a lucky girl.

2 Year old performs Reichenbach

Friend: So…I went to put my 2 year old to bed last night…

Me: …yeah?

Friend: He had climbed onto the top bunk bed, and climbed on the windowsill…

Me: Uh…huh.

Friend: And pushed on the screen…

Me: O.O 

Friend: And fell 10ft out the window…onto the pavement…

Me: T.T OMG TT.TT He okay?

Friend: By the time I got out there to see if he was okay, he had already ran into the garage banging on the door to be let in.


Friend: He has about a gash on his forehead, and cut up his right hand, but there were no fractures and he didn’t ever lose consciousness. But he has stitches now…So we are telling people he was involved in baby cage fights.

Me: …I was gonna say, I would tell people he was reenacting Reichenbach Fall. >.< T.T 

 Friend: Hahaha, yeah, that’s right. Sherlock, he was going through Sherlock.


Friend: He fell 10ft! 

Me: T.T I know! I can’t even…HOW?!

Friend: He never lost consciousness!


I know people may find it a little offensive that I was laughing during this conversation, but really…it wasn’t because it was amusing or anything. It was just…HOW?! A 2 year old…falling 10ft onto the concrete driveway…and all he was doing was banging on the door to be let in directly afterward, while screaming. Never passed out, didn’t break anything or fracture anything…And all I could think was, “O.O No baby Sherlock! Don’t act on your inevitable future now! T.T" 

Which makes this kid both brothers in one…We already call him Crofty cause for a few days he was obsessed with his umbrella. And now he tries to get clever with performing Reichenbach….a stunt he somehow managed to come away from relatively okay. Just needed a few stitches.

I fear for what stunt he will pull next…Poor baby. I love this kid to death, regardless. And hopefully ‘til my death, not his. <3

“No Beard The Pirate” by Kris Pavone

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