He’s got his family here for a little bit of um emotional support perhaps, uh dad Norbert is in the viewing area behind and looks like some friends of his, maybe some family uh of Sebastian’s that uh we don’t know about but uh we can’t, we don’t know who they are, I assume, see what I mean, aunts and uncles or at least they’re friends of uh… friends of… sorry was there a team radio there, Crofty?

Ted Kravitz - Austrian GP

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Give this guy a raise, Sky

||Felix Imagine||

[[ Of course I can do this precious Neverland moment! I hope you guys are okay with me combining a few since I have so many and I figured these would work the best together. ]]

The boys are dancing around the fire except for Felix. He’s sitting on the log he has claimed as his own. His eyes fixed on you as your watching the boys before turning towards him and blushing, looking away at the boys again. A smirk develops on his lips as he watches you being shy. He stands up and walks over to you.

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Imagine you are annoying Mycroft with all the ridiculous nicknames you know, just because his reaction is always too cute.

“Hey Pumpkin pop, can you hand me that stack of paper work on the counter on your way back to the couch?”

Mycroft sighs for what must be the millionth time as he reaches for the mentioned papers and dutifully brings the items for his girlfriend’s perusal.
It had started after the one year anniversary.

Everything had been prefect; the dinner had been exquisite, the location classy, and Sherlock was far, far away in a different country where he couldn’t cause any distress to the wait staff, him or his girlfriend.

They were leaving the restaurant with ______ nicely cozied up on his arm toward the car when she said, “Tonight was just so wonderful Mikey.”
Mycroft couldn’t help but cringe at the old moniker.

Unfortunately, his girlfriend was hardly any goldfish and noticed the movement instantly.

“Is something wrong?” she asked clutching his arm a bit more forceful to bring him closer.

“Of course not my dear,” Mycroft says in a weak tactic to deflect and get _____ into the waiting car, “But the evening isn’t over with yet. We still have a play to catch.”

______ allows Mycroft to maneuver her into the car but she still persists.
“No, there’s definitely something wrong for you to freeze up like that,” _____ insists scooting closer in the back seat, “Was it because I called you Mikey?”

Mycroft can control his external shudder at the nickname but only slightly.
No sense in avoiding the inevitable, Mycroft thinks preparing to recount his less than golden formative years.

“As a young man with an unusual name I was the victim of many unflattering pseudonyms through most of my entire academic career,” Mycroft elaborated as his driver Mrs. Antione expertly weaved in and out of traffic at a smooth pace.

“There are even few still that feel brave enough to give me nicknames however, they know better than to say them very far away from my back lest the summon the beast,” he added with a dark chuckle that sent _____’s eyes wide in both pity and arousal.

The beast?” she questioned a bit husky. Obviously the wine had gotten to ____ in one of the most delightful moods.

“Oh yes, ____, I can very much be a beast when there is suitable prey,” Mycroft intones with his hand purposefully placed higher and firmer on her thigh.
They did end up late to the play but it had been a very productive evening in the backseat.

Mycroft thought he wouldn’t hear another nickname again until the next morning he was greeted with a sleepy ‘morning baby.’

It made him fluster in confusion to the point where Mycroft almost started to argue that he was definitely not an infant (Mycroft was willing to admit he wasn’t at 100% in the mornings) until he realized this was just another label ____ was trying on him.

Grabbing a very intimate part of _____’s anatomy and expertly moving within it Mycroft questioned, “Would a baby be able to do this to you?” and the rest of the conversation was forgotten between the sheets but not for long.

“Hey MyMy, what do you think of this dress?”
“Loverboy what do you want to have for lunch?”
“Over here pudding.”
“Crofty, is this on the floor for a reason?”
“How about you move a bit closer Mr. Bum.”
“Where’s my cuddlebug?”
“Looking good Hotpants!”
“I love you too darling.”
“Yo sexy, when are we going to bang tonight?”
“Where you think you’re going daddy?”

To be honest Mycroft had no issue with the last three but these ridiculous nicknames had to stop.

“_______, these attempts to saddle me with pet names has gone on long enough,” Mycroft declares on the night that _____ decided to dub him as ‘sugar booger’ while watching reruns on the loveseat.

_______ the minx could only offer him a smile as she was still giggling from recalling his most recent reaction.  

“I understand that you find it funny but the jest has gone on long enough,” he continues only pause when ______ slides in closer.

“Mycroft, I wasn’t trying to make fun of you,” ______ explains rubbing his side, “I was only trying to find one that you’d like.”

“So you’re saying you took no enjoyment of my facial features as you continued to use such horrific nicknames?” Mycroft asked his girlfriend whose hand was distractingly heading further down his side to more interesting places.  

“To be fair you have a very attractive face Myc,” she countered still not giving up the ghost.

She looked a bit worried as she quickly followed up with, “Was that one okay?” _____’s hand stilling from very pleasant ministrations that had Mycroft internally groaning.

Mycroft pressed a kiss to her brow. “Definitely a step up from sugar booger,” he replies with much relief as ___’s hand starts to pick up where it left off.

“How about I call you ‘mine’ instead?” _____ suggests moving onto his lap.

“As long as I can do the same to you I don’t see why not,” Mycroft punctuates with a kiss.

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Do you have any advice or tips on how to sew gloves?

Hi very-crofty!

Gloves aren’t as scary as they seem :) I’ve used two methods to make ours and both are really easy to use.

First things first, you’ll want to purchase a fabric with stretch. It doesn’t need to be a ton, but there has to be some give otherwise you can’t squeeze your hand into the glove. I recommend some spandex, stretch vinyl, etc.

The easiest way to make gloves is to literally trace your hand (like when kids make hand turkeys in school :) ) and then cut 2 of your hand pattern and sew them together! Easy :) Here’s a tutorial with pictures from Crash Cult

Another way to make gloves is to use an actual pattern. I used Butterick Pattern 5695 (out of print now but you should be able to find it online/probably in stores) to make my Mirai gloves. This is why I mention you need at least a little give in your fabric. I wanted the bows and gloves to be the same fabric so mine were made out of cotton. It was a tight squeeze but they DID go on (note that I used the biggest size). Something else to keep in mind about this method is that it is time consuming! It’s a lot of sewing small pieces together, but is really cool when things start looking like a pair of gloves XD

Here’s another tutorial on making your OWN pattern for gloves if you can’t find the butterick pattern. LINK

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions :)

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The extended version! (part 1)

Seb: The only reason why I’m here is for the buzzer.

Kimi: I was pretty shit at school.