I learned a new crochet pattern! This is the sunburst baby blanket. I learned from a video by Jayda in Stitches on YouTube (which is where I learn pretty much all my crochet techniques) and worked it up over the course of about a week. It still seems small to me, but I’m kind of out of yarn for it. I really like it, so if I get a chance to get more yarn for it, I’ll probably continue. I don’t know who I’ll give it to, but surely someone will need a pink blanket someday.


“I’m just a little halfling girl” - Nott the Brave 

First Critical Role crochet of the new year 8D. The first episode of the new campaign was sooooo good. All the characters have a special place in my heart <3

I was totally blown away around the amount of art that started to show up within the first hour of the stream. The flood gates freak’n opened and the community was just pouring out so much love. 

This is the first amigurumi that I’ve made that honestly unsettles me a little bit. That doll mask………..