The WAPF’s claim that people with high cholesterol ‘live the longest,’ and high cholesterol ‘poses no greater risk for heart disease’ goes against “every respected scientific authority in the world and is utterly ridiculous in light of thousands of respectable studies.
—  Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Plan for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, speaking on Weston A. Price Foundation 

I don’t understand why vegetarians get so much criticism. Being a vegetarian, I get so much criticism from both people who eat meat and vegans. It’s either “so you don’t like bacon” or “you’re not doing enough.” My job is is not to please everyone else; it’s too make myself happy. And while I agree that being a vegetarian there is still much more that I can do to help fight for the environment and fight against animal cruelty, I’m not quite at that point in my life yet and I’m not ready to make that commitment just yet. And to some people I guess that sounds selfish, but going vegan isn’t just some crash diet for me. I intend for it to be a lifelong lifestyle change. I know myself better than anyone and I know that I can’t make a significant lifestyle change like veganism and be able to maintain it. I’m just so frustrated that people can’t just be supportive of vegetarians because above all and anything else they’re putting forth the effort to make a change and they still receive critisism. The meat-eating dunces I can put up with because they’re ignorance can be expected, but I just wish that I didn’t get so much hate from so many vegans. Like I’m on your side, why can’t you see that?

Vegans, I love them but... (This is also about "carnists")

Please just hear me out. I know vegans. I have vegan friends. Veganism is actually a pretty healthy option. I own multiple dogs. I am against hunting for fur or sport. I eat animal products. While I will rarely eat meat, none of my vegan friends criticize me when I do. I am more than happy to provide them with vegan options when we go out or when they visit and I support their choices. But, this website is so filled with hate on both sides which is why I was scared at first to post this opinion, but I have to say this. It is completely fine to argue with people who shame you and your beliefs, and it is also fine for people to argue with you if you shame their beliefs. If someone tries to explain their beliefs to you or you to them, then neither of you have any right to discredit or shame each other. But if you try to convert people to the diet of your choice by shaming them or crying about how they’re evil murderers or crazy health nuts not getting nutrition, it doesn’t matter who is right, you’ll always be in the wrong. Also, it doesn’t matter what you eat. If you eat too much you will gain weight. There are plenty of meat eating and vegan animals and nobody criticizes them and the animals don’t argue so why do we?

Fellow Vegetarians

Please don’t act superior because of your diet. I’m a vegetarian (almost; I haven’t fully cut out fish), and honestly getting upset at people for what they eat won’t make them stop eating animals. It just makes you look like an ass. Do your part and hope for the best, don’t try to control others because if you do you’re just as bad as the people who have criticized and ostracized you for not eating meat. That’s all, thanks.

I have never??? Not ONCE in my life criticized anyone for eating meat….WHY must people INSIST on criticizing the fact that I don’t,,,,,why do people insist on making jokes in front of my face about vegetarianism ???? Why????? WHY??? HOW DO THESE PEOPLE EXPECT ME TO RESPOND??? Do they want me to laugh? Or are they so arrogant that they believe that a 3 minute conversation of them shitting on my eating lifestyle is going to convert me back to eating meat again???? How does me not eating meat affect you rEALLY HWO DOESSBEIRIC BBDNSJV I have the answer: it doesn’t pls leave me ALONE

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I'm so sorry if you're getting tons of criticism about choosing to eat meat, most people eat meat, I don't but I don't tell all my friends they're horrible people, because they aren't they're totally normal it's no big deal, you do you

Ah thank you really. I just feel really dumb right now and I should’ve done research before posting that rant anyways. But yeah thanks for being nice about it. I really appreciate it