Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang):

On how Cristina’s story should end: “I want it to be celebratory and that we all get to a place where we’re happy to see her go. Every so often a crew member will look at me in a certain way or hug me in a certain way and I know what it’s about. We don’t say anything but I know what it is. It will be hard to say goodbye.”

On her favorite Cristina memory: “I thought the season-six finale with the shooter was really good. It was really hard shooting it but Michael O'Neill [as the shooter] was amazing. We really hit it out of the park with those two gripping episodes.”

I like to replay the Cristina memory where she rips off your mask, while wearing different outfits. Especially the Florentine noble outfit, where she rips nothing off his face. Or Desmond/Altair, where she is shocked that it’s Ezio, when it’s not. Or Raiden, because she kisses a cyborg. I wish Old Altair was in Brotherhood, so I could make her kiss a 92 year old man as well. “Huh.. Ezio! What the hell are you doing here!”