And I suppose, it would have been that very night   .   .   .
            WHERE ALL MY DREAMS WOULD FADE AWAY.   /   @beautyoffirenze

Bailey had been awfully shifty that day and he couldn’t figure out why. He figured she’d done something she should have and was dutifully avoiding Webber as she often did. Owen was picking her up from daycare and scooped her up in his arms. “Paaappa! Lood!” She said, showing him yet another picture. “Wow! Lily Bean you’re so talented! The fridge is gonna be full. We’re going to have to get Gramma to put some more on hers!” Lily grinned and he carried her back down to the ER to check over some charts before he left. While Owen was scanning one of the charts, a familiar faint perfume filled his nose and he looked up.

Cristina.                                                             @itscristinayangmd