Cristina Scarlat




Cristina Scarlat is like the cute mom of Eurovision last year. She’s super sweet (but I felt like her manager/translator/niece was really controlling).

But oh my god this annoying kid across the carpet from me was screaming to the artists to gets autographs and he was like CRISTINA SCARLATA COME HERE and I was like Scarlata???

Switzerland's Sebalter least viewed video this week, Moldova least viewed overall.

Switzerland’s Sebalter least viewed video this week, Moldova least viewed overall.

Sebalter only manages 4,670 views this week.

Time now to look at the other end of the spectrum and at the videos with the fewest overall views. Moldova’s Cristina Scarlat now has the fewest number of views on Youtube as Latvia rise one place to 36th. Still in the bottom five are Finland and Belgium and they (more…)

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