Crispy Chicken Sandwich

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McDonald's Or Burger King? S/M/T Also what's your favorite order their >\\\<

this one was fun ! thank you for asking ^^


Shu : McDonald’s - Double Cheeseburger

Reiji : McDonald’s - Premium Caesar Salad

Ayato : Burger King - Whopper

Laito : McDonald’s - Chicken McBites

Kanato : McDonald’s - Fruit N’ Yogurt Parfait 

Subaru - Burger King - Whopper Jr.


Ruki : Burger King -  Spicy Chick'n Crisp Sandwich

Yuuma : McDonald’s - Fruit and Walnuts 

Azusa : Burger King - Chicken Tenders

Kou : Burger King - Dutch Apple Pie


Carla : McDonald’s -  Premium Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich

Shin : McDonald’s - Chicken McNuggets 

Let me be real with y'all right quick

I forgot to bring my lunch to work today.

So I went to Wendy’s to grab something because it’s right next door.

Could I have had a salad? Yes.
Could I have chosen the grilled chicken option? Yes
Could I have drank water with it like our ancestors did? Absolutely!

Did I do any of that? Hell no!

I just had a crispy, greasy, spicy fried chicken sandwich and a diet Dr. Pepper the size of my head.

And I don’t feel bad.
Sometimes we make the wrong choices and that’s okay.

What’s important is that I’m still going to drink the water I had planned to drink today and I will still do the exercises that I planned and I won’t let one unhealthy choice change anything about the journey that I am on.

If every mistake caused me to derail, I wouldn’t get anywhere. You do it and you move on and you love yourself no matter what.

“For breakfast I usually just cook something easy & fast. Because I’m super busy and have to leave out early. So my favorite thing to make is wheat grain waffles. With powdered sugar sprinkled on top, with a few blue berry as well. Then lunch I’ll go to my favorite place to eat & order a crispy lettuce, chicken sandwich. It’s to die for. And last for dinner. I’ve usually have finished my days work, so I take the time to make something. Simple but healthy. White rice & probably chicken and veggies, with a side salad. So refreshing.” -Maria



Backstage (Shawn Mendes smut)

I was watching Shawn perform backstage, as he was singing his “She Looks So Perfect” cover.

“Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey, hey You look so perfect standing there, In my American Apparel underwear And I know now that I’m so down” he stopped, “babe get out here!” He yelled to me. I shook my head, and he faced toward the audience, “don’t you guys want to see Bayli on stage?” The crowd screamed, “babe?” He looked at me with a smirk and I slowly walked on stage. The crowd screamed when they saw me. I ran up to Shawn and he hugged me.

“I’m gonna kill you later,” I whispered with a smile.

“Shut up, you love me,” he spoke up, “okay guys, here we go!”

We became singing the rest of the song, “Your lipstick stain is a work of art (hey, hey) I got your name tattooed in an arrow heart (hey, hey) And I know now, that I’m so down (hey, hey) Hey!” The crowd cheered and Shawn set his guitar to hug me.

“KISS KISS KISS!” The crowd repeat.

“We gotta give them what they want, huh?” I said smiling and leaned in giving him a soft kiss. We looked into each other’s eyes and kissed each other longer. His tongue licked my lip entering my mouth slowly, dancing with mine for a while. “Baby,” we’re turned to the crowd. The front rows eyes were wide open so from that I guess everyone was like that.

“Backstage then,” he picked me up bridal style and said in the mic, “thank you guys so much for being a great crowd, and I hope to see you guys later. Babe take over,” he smiled at me.

“And now, what you guys been waiting for! My future husband-”

“HEY!” Shawn laughed.

“Hahe, put your hands together for AUSTIN MAHONE!”

Shawn took me away from the mic and ran us off stage. He took us into a supply closet.

“Wait, why don’t we go into your dressing room?”

“Too many people are around there. In a few minutes, fans will start sneaking behind there and get inside. This is more private. But now,” he dropped me to my knees,“ you’re my little slut.”

He unbuckled his jeans and dropped them to the ground with his boxers, having his boner pop to his chest. I grabbed his large cock and placed it in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and thrusted in my mouth causing me to gag.

“Uh, Bayli. Shit you’re so good at sucking my cock!” He moaned.

I started sucking faster, looking up at him. Moans were flying out of his mouth all over the place.

“Fuck babe! Oh my god! Shit!” I felt his salty, thick liquid flow down my throat.

I stood up and jumped, wrapping my arms and legs around him. “Fuck me, Mendes.”

“Someone is a little frisky today,” he smirked.

“You have no idea,” I held up my panties then dropped them to the ground. “Now fuck me, baby.”

He raised me up and entered his cock into my wet core.

“So tight. This will be fun.”

He started thrusting deep into me. I let out a loud grunt then covered my mouth.

“Oh you like that baby? You like when I pound into your tight little pussy. I have a way with words. I’m a singer for crying out loud, so get comfy cause gonna make you cum a million times,” he thrusted a hard, deep thrust into me causing me to scream into my hand. “Take your hand off your mouth sugar, oh you don’t want them to hear us don’t you? Who cares? Let everyone know how good a fucker I am. You screaming, riding on my big dick is the sexiest thing ever. Let it go (oh my god what I just put) baby,” he grabbed my hands and held them behind my back. “Now baby, scream!” He thrusted harder in me.

“Fuck, Shawn!” I screamed. “Shit babe, I’m gonna cum! I gonn- fuck! Baby I’m cumming!” I kept screaming.

“Good baby, but I wanna see that again,” he harder, and deeper.

“Babe, fuck! Right there! Ugh right there!” I drugged my nails into my hands.

“There?” He banged me into the shelf, hitting my g-spot.

“Yes! Fuck! Oh my god! Uhh!” This time I squirted on him.

“Ooo, I love when you squirt. Makes me more horny knowing that I can do that to you,” he still kept hitting my g-spot.

“Fuck baby! Shawn!”

“You like when I’m fucking you, right Bayli? I’m the best guy you ever fucked huh?”

“Sh-awn. You’re the one that took away my virginity.”

“But I’ll probably be the best guy who ever fucked you right?”

“Probably,” I panted.

“Probably?” He thrusted hard in me, “say yes!”

“Yes, fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!” I squirted again and he pulled out. I looked at him and kissed him softly.

“Heh, cute.”

“I know,” I smiled kissing him again.

“Ugh! Fuck! No!” He came, getting his cum on my dress.

“Shawn! What the hell! This is a new dress!”

“I wasn’t wearing a condom! Want me to get you pregnant? Again?! Want me to stick my dick back in you, making my life miserable again?! You want that to have Bayli, because I can sure do that if you want!”

“You know that was an accident. It wasn’t your fault! The condom broke! Even though we’re only teens, I wanted to have that baby and you knew that! I didn’t even tell my parents or my friends. You weren’t even there when I had the abortion. I did that for you. Whatever I’m done, just buy me another dress,” I hopped off him and walked out the door.

“What’s on your dress?” Andrew asked.

“Shawn’s sperm. No biggie. He’s just being a dick. He’s in the supply closet over there if you’re looking for him. I’ll be on the bus seeing if this gets off,” I ran out of venue onto the bus.

I changed into one of Shawn’s crew necks and shorts. I took the dress into the bathroom, and tried my hardest scrubbing the cum out of the dress. Twenty-thirty minutes later, no luck. My $150 dress was ruined by my boyfriend’s sperm. I found a black trash bag, put the dress inside and threw it outside where all the rest of the trash was. I got into my bed and just laid there.

The night Shawn got me pregnant was when he came home from MAGcon and we haven’t seen each other for months. So we ended up having “welcome home” sex. We didn’t realize something was wrong until Shawn called me one day saying that there was a hole through the condom wrapper, then he checked the condom seeing little sperm inside. I went to the store, brought a test and went to Shawn’s house. I tested myself and waited about 5 minutes later seeing two lines on the stick. I handed it to Shawn with a smile. I was somewhat happy that I was pregnant. I don’t really enjoy children that much (personal opinion), but I felt that Shawn would be a great father and would be happy. That was clearly the opposite. When he saw the two lines he looked into my eyes, and with no hesitation said “you’re having an abortion.” Not “I can’t believe it!” or “what was I thinking?” just “you’re having an abortion” and broke the test in half. He didn’t want any discussion after; his word was final. A few weeks later, I called for an appointment. I told Shawn when and where the appointment was and he promised to be there. The day of the abortion, Shawn didn’t show up. The day after he called saying he forgot. He forgot the abortion date of his own child.

I was still laying on my bed, then I heard the door open; it was Shawn.

“I thought you had a meet and greet?” I asked.

“I did, then I cancelled it. I told Andrew to take them to Austin’s meet and greet instead and giving them free advance copies of my EP. Bayli babe, look at me.”

“Why should I? Am I gonna ruin your life again?”

“Babe, come on. I got you your favorite,” I turned to see him holding a bag and a large cookies & cream milkshake. I sat up, and he sat next to me giving me the bag. I looked inside seeing a crispy chicken ranch sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes with fries and onion rings to the side with ranch dipping sauce. (A/N: I’m a hungry person) I smiled turning to him.

“You know you still have to pay for another dress,” I smiled taking a sip of the milkshake.

“I know,” he took an onion ring, “I’m sorry babe. I really am. About the dress and not showing up to the abortion. I know you wanted to have the child, but everything was hitting at me all at once. I guess having a child was the least of my worries so I told you to get the abortion. I promise, next time I accidentally get you pregnant, we’ll have it.”

“Thanks, but I’m 100% sure I won’t be having children anytime soon,” I giggled eating a fry.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too,” we kissed for a minute. The rest of the night we spent sharing the food, and looking on Shawn’s laptop what dress I want him to buy for me.

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