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“ – and after that he just wouldn’t stop laughing. I swear those boys are crazy, they have to get it from Will’s side of the family.”

You laughed, watching the screen of JJ’s phone as she showed a video of Henry making silly faces at Michael; the little toddler waving his chubby arms and squealing in delight with each contortion.  

“It’s so adorable, Henry was made to be a big brother. Thinking about having another one soon? Maybe a little girl this time so Garcia and I have someone to dress up and have tea parties with finally?”

You and Garcia had talked about that while JJ was pregnant with Michael. Both of you fantasizing over the clothes and toys you could buy for a baby girl. But with the bulge of shock coming from JJ’s eyes you knew that possibility was a ways away.

“I think I’m good for right now on the baby front. Maybe you two could just dress up each other. Right Spence?”


Glancing over next to you, Spencer blinked his eyes blearily. “Have you slept at all during this case?”

Child abductions had been happening in a small area of Wisconsin, and with no similarities between victims, Spencer had been the one to piece together that though they had no physical similarities, the children were all on the same medication. Leading them to the unsub which was the doctor that had prescribed them. But during that time you doubted the genius had used his bed even once, now beginning to nod in and out on the jet.

“I slept some. Just really tired now that it’s over.”

“Want a blanket?”

“No, no I’m good, thanks.”

JJ’s eyes crinkled. “Well, you need to be a little careful there, Spence, with the way you’re swaying you’re going to bop into Y/N’s skull.”

“Oh, hush, he’s fine. Go back to sleep, Spencer.”


“Oh, he’s gone.”

You laughed. “I’d say so. Hey, pass me some of those Cheetos.”

“You have three steps to the kitchen, get your own.”

“Don’t be like that, JJ, I always share with you. I’m only asking for a few – oh.”

During your debacle Spencer had decided to face plant onto your shoulder, and like JJ had predicted the thud of his skull had sent a sharp signal of pain up to you.

“How did he not wake up from that?”

“I have no clue. Should we wake him?”

You shook your head. “No harm in letting him lay there. Kind of feels nice if you discount the bruise I’ll have tomorrow.”

With that the two of you carried on your conversation, sneaking a few Cheetos from JJ’s bag while discussing where the next team dinner should be. Until you felt a Spencer moving next to you, in almost slow motion you watched as Spencer begin curling up against you, his body moving in closer to you.


“Want to move him now?”

Honestly, you didn’t. His chest pressed alongside your arm, his breath a millimeter from your ear, you could even feel his lips moving near it though nothing intelligible could be heard. He was warm, and he smelled nice, his hair somehow smelled spicy, woodsy.

Cinnamon. How the hell did he get his hair to smell like cinnamon?

Not unless one of the baristas attacked him with one of their seasonal flavors, it didn’t seem logical. But it fit him. It was nice and though JJ’s eyes stared at you in an incredulous amusement you pretended like nothing was out of the ordinary.

“So, I was thinking we’d spend Christmas Eve with the team and Christmas day with –“

And again, Spencer’s spastic motion cut you off. But this time…

“Oooh, I see Pretty Ricky copping a feel over there.”

Great, now Morgan knew what was going on. You huffed, carefully moving Spencer’s hand away from your chest only to have him flop it back in your lap.

“I think he like’s you, your body is like a magnet to him.”

Damn you and your baritone chuckle, Morgan.

JJ was covering her mouth to hide her smile. “I don’t think he’d be offended if you woke him.”

Before you could answer the hand began to shift and squeeze, tugging you closer to him.

“Hmmm, Y/N.”

With Morgan’s laughter the rest of the everyone’s attention was drawn to you, and you had no idea what to do.

“Tell you what Y/N, if you can last with him on you like that I’ll give you fifty bucks.”

Well, thanks Emily.

You still wouldn’t move him, not even out of liking it now. It was more of a point to make. It didn’t bother you, but them thinking it bothered you, bothered you. By the time you were getting ready to land Spencer had folded himself nearly across your lap, his face pressed into the thin fabric of your shirt, which you could feel a small wetness from what you guessed was him drooling. His arms encircled your waist fully now while one of his legs had tangled with yours. In short, the two of you looked like a mutant pretzel.

“Pretty Boy! Rise and shine! Come greet us and look at the mess you’re in.”

The yelling and the jolt of the jet making contact with the ground was enough to get Spencer to open his eyes. Blinking slowly before becoming large when he realized his position.

“Sleep well, Spence?”

The jeers were enough to get you to roll your eyes, as you patted Spencer’s knee in attempt to tell him it was all right. Everyone filing out before the two of you.

“I guess, you won, Y/N.”

You glared up at Emily as she tossed a fifty in your lap. With the two of you remaining Spencer fidgeted with his hands as he looked to you.

“What did you win?”

“Not waking you up while you did your yoga poses on me.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. Are you mad at me?”

“Not really. Though you do get that they’re going to find out about us pretty soon now.”

“Probably, is that a bad thing?”

“No, I don’t think so, I just wanted to tell them in a better way than you slobbering on me.”

“I do not –“

Giving him a pointed look his mouth clapped shut. “Fine, I just, I can’t help it, you know? Whenever you’re next to me, my body knows somehow that you’re near and wants to be close to you.”

Giving his cheek a kiss, you wrapped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck. “My body likes your body close, it’s the reason I didn’t throw you off.”

Her Confidant

A/n: This is my first actual fic outside a challenge so bare with me. I was thinking to make this multi-part but it all depends on the feedback and if I like where I am going with the writing.  Please enjoy, share, and give feedback.

Word Count: 498

Warning: none

Character: Spencer Reid x Reader

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Reid watched as the nervous woman fidgets on the couch trying to get comfortable refraining from looking him in the eyes. As he studied her body movement he noted that she picked at the skin on the sides of her fingers from her overwhelming nerves. She sat quietly as Reid studied her and tried to figure out why she chose him to confide in. Usually, JJ & Garcia were the ones that people asked for when they sought out comfort, but this time it was him.

“Well, let’s start by officially introducing ourselves, My name is Dr. Spencer Reid” he spoke as he pulled out his notepad and pen. “Now you can introduce yourself if you want to.”

You looked up at him for the first time since you had been in his apartment. Not noticing how intrigued he was about you and the looks he gave as he looked for an answer.

“Uhh…Nice to meet you again Spencer my name is Yn” you whispered as you put your head down not confident enough to even look him in his eyes for long. When you first met him he intimidated you so much.

To you he was this confident person who didn’t care what people thought. Even as you sat in the FBI station and watched him ramble about random facts and his team get annoyed he stilled had so much confidence.

“So umm let’s start with why you decided to get help” Spencer spoke as he picked up his pad, pencil and pushed his hair behind his hair. You noticed how many times he blinked with nervousness or he would stutter on his words since you arrived to his house.

“Well…” you snickered quietly as she looked up from her hands and stared into the young doctors eyes, “ I wanted to see you because you gave me comfort in dark times and I’m going through some real dark times right now Dr. Reid”

“Call me spencer Please” he said as he lifted your head up. You knew he had a problem with germs but why did he feel comfortable touching you. What was so special for you?|

Reid watched as tears slowly trickled from your eyes and your hands shake uncontrollably. As you started to hyperventilate Reid was to your side to help you.

“Yn take deep breaths for me” Reid whispered softly in your ear as he put one hand on your belly just above the ribs. Watching you repeat that process three more times.

As you calmed down you held on to Reid tightly sobbing silently. Reid didn’t know what made him so intrigued with you

“Please help me” you wept as he rubbed soft circles into your back.Making sure your hyperventilation wouldn’t start again. Whispering that everything would be ok in your ear repeatedly.

“I’m going to help Yn, I promise” he said as a tear slowly slid out his own eyes. How could he have a bond with someone he barely knew.

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Anonymous asked: May you do an imagine where the reader is a big fan of Criminal Minds and she has a crush on Spencer and she and Matthew are dating now, and she never told him about knowing and crushing on him. After dating for a while he, somehow, finds out and gets really angry about it, but a happy ending 

I never meant for him to find out.

Not necessarily that it was a bad thing, but I just had never wanted it to color our relationship. 

Except there was just one little detail that I didn’t account for. 


I had written Spencer Reid fanfiction before I ever met Matthew, and it was hidden away in a discreet binder, tucked among all my other writing. Now, he and I have been dating for two years and we were moving in together. I had gone out to get some things from the store and when I came back into the house, Matthew was sitting on the floor with my writing spread out around him. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the blue and white binder open next to him, with the pages out of it, several in his long-fingered hand. 

“(Y/N)?” he said, his tone questioning. 


“What is this?” he asked, and I felt panic begin to rise up within me, noticing the harsh edge to his normally kind voice. 

“I don’t…um…”

“You knew? You knew who I was when we met?” he asked. 

“I did,” I said, “But-”

“You acted like you didn’t.” He sounded angry. 

“I never said-” I began. 

“You never said?” he repeated. “You didn’t say at all! You should have said. You kept this from me on purpose.”

“Matthew, please don’t be mad,” I pleaded. 

“Look at these,” he said. “Look at them, they’re awful.”

“Awful?” I whispered. 

“This…You should have told me.”

I just backed away and sat down on the couch. Not only was he angry, he thought they were awful on top of that. It was a double sucker-punch. 

“(Y/N), I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell me.” 

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want it to color what we could possibly have, and then later because I didn’t want it to color what we already did have. I didn’t want to ruin anything. I didn’t want you to be mad at me or think I was tricking you. I didn’t want this to happen!” 

By this time, I was sobbing, and I wasn’t even sure my words were intelligible. 

“I didn’t want to make you think I was a groupie and it’s how I started writing, you were my inspiration and I was worried you would hate them and think they were horrible and you do.”

“Wait, hold on,” Matthew said. His voice was softer than it had been, but I didn’t dare look up. I just cried. 

“You said they were awful,” I whispered. 

“Oh, that’s not…I didn’t mean the writing was awful. I…(Y/N), look at me.” 

I forced myself to glance up and meet his eyes, but I couldn’t hold his gaze. I dropped my head, and his footsteps approached, then he knelt in front of me. 

“I’m sorry I yelled at you, (Y/N),” he said quietly, brushing a lock of hair behind my ear. 

“I didn’t mean that at all,” he said. 

“Then why did you say it? You know how sensitive I am and I can be really insecure and I was so worried you would hate me and then you started yelling and I was worried you would leave me and I’m really sorry, Matthew,” I sobbed. 

“Hey, hey, come here,” he said, taking me into his arms. 

“I don’t hate you, love,” he assured me, holding me close. “I love you so much, and this doesn’t change that.”

“It doesn’t?” I asked. He shook his head. 

“No, of course not,” he replied. “I was upset that you didn’t tell me, but I just wanted an explanation. I really just wanted to know why, and now you’ve told me and it’s okay. It’s okay, I promise.”

“But you said they were awful.”

“I didn’t mean the writing was awful,” he explained. “I just…did that thing I do, where I just said what I felt, I felt awful, and I took it out the wrong way.” He shook his head. 

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“It’s okay,” I replied. 

“I’m sorry, too.” 

Matthew gave me a sweet, small smile.

“They’re very good,” he said. “You captured Spencer perfectly.”

“Thanks,” I said shyly. 

“But,” he continued, reaching his long arms around me and hugging me close. “You captured me even more easily.”

Comfort Me Love, Criminal Minds, Spencer x Reader; Advent Calendar; Day One - Warnings; Fluff

Spencer was different, ever since Morgan had left to be with his family Spencer just wasn’t himself. He was more withdrawn from conversations and always seemed to be off in his own little world. You knew Spencer well enough to know this was his coping mechanism when someone he cared for left him, he always said to you that everyone he cares for leaves him. One night he asked if it was his fault…

Flashback- You were cooking dinner in the kitchen when Spencer slowly approached you, you could tell something was wrong as the profilers face showed signs of worry and upset. ‘Y/N do people leave me because I’m not normal? do I make people uncomfortable? I just don’t understand how I can change?’ you could see the tears brimming his eyes and that he was dead serious. ‘Of course not Spencer, you are amazing and people care about you soo much. I care about you, it’s what makes you different that makes you special to everyone’ you could not believe the handsome man in front of you would think like this, think that he isn’t good enough to be loved and to have the friendships he has. You walked with Spencer to the sofa and put on some documentary that was on. Spencer rested his head in your lap as you both watched the documentary.

Here sat in your hotel room together you could see that same look in his eyes and it worried you more than before.

You got up and slowly wandered towards where he was sat. He looked up at you, you could see the tears that rested in his eyes. You sat on his lap and wrapped your arms around his neck and he buried his head in the crook of your neck. Just comforting each other. You lean into Spencer and in a hushed whisper, you say ‘I love you soo much Spencer, I’ll never leave you’ he smiles up at you ‘I love you soo much Y/N and I will forever’ you giggled lightly ‘forever and ever and ever cause you are stuck with me genius’. He beamed up at you ‘I can live with that’.

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Andre: Welcome, my name is Andre. Before we start, I need you to fill out a small waiver.
Blake: No, no, no, no, we’re not a couple.
Andre: That’s okay, we cater all kinds of relationships.
Rossi: Well, our relationship is with the FBI.
—  Alex Blake, David Rossi. Season 8 Episode 13. Criminal Minds quote of the day.
TJLC application in real life!10/10

The best thing happened to me today!!
I met Victoria Wisdom, the agent who sold Criminal Minds. She was talking to my class about how there is this entire library of film history we should be drawing from as film makers. She said, as an example, that the structure of Elizabeth was the same as The Godfather. Then she started listing off great directors of the past and making the class name a film by them.

“Billy Wilder?” she prompted suddenly. Time froze and a rouge thought popped into my head. This is my moment. My hand shot into the air. She looked at me where I sat right at the back of the theatre and then gave me an expectant nod.

“The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”, I tried not to stumble over the words as they rushed out of me. Victoria stared back at me, quite speechless. There was a silence in the theatre for good 10 seconds. Then she looked at me and said with wonder:

“That’s a really obscure one. Good for you!”

Like, GUYS!! How cool is that! She was so proud of me. I was so proud of me. Moftiss is probably beaming at me right now. I’d like to thank the TJLC academy, honestly, it was an honour just to be nominated!