Ted Bundy often found it hard to socialise with girls whilst he was growing up and it was during this time that he became a “Peeping Tom”- peeping into bedroom windows when women were getting changed and masturbating. Arguably, this behaviour was the beginning of a ceaseless obsession that stayed with him until his execution in 1989. For Bundy, peeping wasn’t enough to suppress his perverted urges, so he began stalking women, and ultimately murdering them. It is thought that his first murder may have been as early as 1961 (he would have been 14), but police have only been able to track the start of his killing to 1969 (making him 22). Officially, Bundy’s murder spanned from 1974 until 1978. In that time, he is thought to have killed at least 30 young women.

You’ve got to overturn that decision that hung six thousand men by the neck. You killed six thousand soldiers for obeying orders. That’s wrong, and the world has got to accept they’re wrong.

If you accept you’re wrong, and you say you’re sorry for all the things you’ve done, then I’ll be a note in that chord, and maybe we can get some harmony going on this planet Earth now.

- Charles Manson, 1991

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*raises eyebrows and struggles to conceal a laugh* This coming form someone with an ego the size of St Paul's cathedral! IR

I see you have been reading my mail from dustyismahomeboy. And I should very much beg to differ. Ratigan is the one with the over-inflated ego.