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Halloween Harley‬ is ready for the spooky season to start, are you? 🎃👻🎃💀🎃 No seriously! I’m really ready for it to be ‪#‎Halloween‬ already!!! I love The trick or treat season so why not design a costume for my favorite gal based off it 🎃 I’m still tinkering with some things, but I’m mostly happy with it and put the major elements I wanted in there.

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Harley: “Gee! B-Man sure is takin’ his sweet time, huh, Mr. J?”

Joker: “…Hmm? …Did you say something, Harl? (Where is he…? He’s never this late…)”

Harley: (sigh) “Never mind, Puddin’…”


Hipster Joker was originally a goofy character design exercise, but he’s actually really fun to draw. Probably can expect a few more posts of him…XP