Crime Alley


It only took most of the month but my submission for the projectrooftop Batgirl redesign contest is finally done.  She even has a hastily written backstory, soak it in!

When Bruce Wayne was a young man, before donning the iconic cape and cowl, he was harassed by notorious Gotham biker gang the Street Demonz during his annual trip through Crime Alley.

Seeing them turn towards crime Wayne decided to sponsor their class in attempts to set them back on the right path.  Unfortunately he failed, with the Street Demonz later going on to run the Ventriloquist’s vice den and drug-running operations.   Wayne’s actions did resonate with one young biker however, who retired from the gang to open a garage and pass down the values he learned to his young daughter. One night, years later, the remnants of the Street Demonz approached the reformed mechanic trying to strong arm him back into the gang, needing to shore up their ranks after a disastrous battle with Scarface and the Ventriloquist.  When he refused he was brutally beaten to death in front of his hiding daughter. Inspired by the Bat she spend the next five years learning to defend herself and tuning her father’s beloved 1956 Harley-Davidson KHK, hitting the streets in a home-made costume as Batgirl to avenge her father. After taking out the remains of the of the Street Demonz, and dismantling the another Crime Alley biker gang, The Marlons, Batgirl garnered the attention of Batman himself who sponsored her, upgrading her to a reinforced jumpsuit with panels that can be illuminated and retractable glide cape to go along with a Waynetech-tuned Ducati Diavel.  Her new helmet contains an array of visual modes as well as a holographic display, a camera above the visor and two hi-intensity spotlights and light bar above the camera.

- Batman 408

This is actually - at least these days - such a Dick thing to do. He’d walk around in Crime Alley in his crime-fighting gear and be cool. Guess who he learned that from, eh? Bruce hasn’t always been inapproachable and bitter.