Cricket’s library has been getting a little out of control lately, the books are spilling out over the chair and onto the floor, I think it may be time for us to spend a morning organizing it. I’ve always been drawn to her love of books, and I am so glad that I was able to build her this library. I hope that no matter where we end up, I will grow old watching Cricket nestled in her favorite chair, lost in her books and reading away. → Peter Schweitzer


Crouching leo hidden cricket 


The Cooloola Monster is a big, beefy cricket which caused quite a stir in the insect nerd community when it was discovered in Queensland, Australia in 1976. In the end, it was so unusual it was given its own taxonomical family, the first grasshopper/cricket family for almost 100 years.

You might wonder why it took so long to discover. Females are particularly chunky, wingless, blind and spend their entire lives burrowing underground and feeding on beetle nymphs. They’re so adapted to the life subterranean they can barely walk on the ground!

Only males climb up to the surface on rainy nights to walk around and look for females. His legs are a little slimmer and his eyes a little bigger so he can get about above ground.

Ever since our trip to the river I can’t stop dreaming of my siren girl.

I usually only post one photo a day, which means that many times I have to choose between multiple shots I love. It bothers me that those extra shots go on my hard drive to die. This photo from last weekend has been on my mind all week and I wanted to share it. → Peter Schweitzer

Not only is it this beautiful babe’s birthday today, it is also eight years from when I asked her to marry me. I feel so fortunate that she fell in love with me and said yes. Our life together has been more than I ever dreamed of and I am so glad to walk side by side with her every day. I could not ask for a more supportive, loyal, beautiful, and loving partner. I love you Cricket.