The signs and their lunch crew
  • Aries: Iwaizumi ; Kageyama ; Saeko
  • Taurus: Daichi ; Sugawara ; Akaashi
  • Gemini: Hinata ; Lev ; Nishinoya
  • Cancer: Sugawara ; Asahi ; Kenma
  • Leo: : Lev ; Ennoshita ; Hinata
  • Virgo: Kiyoko ; Tsukishima ; Yamaguchi
  • Libra: Yaku ; Nishinoya ; Akaashi
  • Scorpio: Kuroo ; Futakuchi ; Kageyama
  • Sagittarius: Terushima ; Bokuto ; Tanaka
  • Capricorn: Tsukishima ; Kuroo ; Daichi
  • Aquarius: Oikawa ; Terushima ; Bokuto
  • Pisces: Yachi ; Kenma ; Asahi

Oh, I don’t know if I know the answer to that. I think it’s across the bay. In Alameda!

Layla Sarakalo played the one helpful person in 1986 San Francisco in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. After her car was towed from the filming location on Grant Avenue, the artist and fashion designer decided to stay on the location and earn her money that day as a background performer. She ignored the instructions of the assistant director (in which she was told to act as unhelpful and brusque as possible) and actually tried to assist Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig’s characters.  

After a few retakes, the crew broke for lunch and a member of the crew approached Sarakalo to find out if she was in the Screen Actors Guild. 

“No,” she answered. “I’m in the neighborhood.”

She only discovered she was actually in the film eight months later, at the Bay Meadows racetrack. The man selling the daily racing form saw her and informed her that he saw her at the movies over the weekend and added that she was great. Another encounter with a new fan later that day convinced her that she should actually see the movie, where she was pleasantly surprised at how much of her ad-libbing made it into the final cut.

Interestingly, Sarakalo later discovered that she was related by marriage to Steve Meerson, who wrote the original drafts of the movie with Peter Krikes. 

student the8
  • probably dancing on his way to class.
  • participates in the annual talent show with his dance crew and they’re like the crowd favorite and are always the show’s finale.
  • lowkey studious.
  • “i gotta go home today, my mom wants me at dinner.”
  • but in reality he has a history test the next day he needs to cram for.
  • doesn’t really raise his hands in class but if the teacher calls on him he’ll know the answer.
  • he always answers the questions the teacher asks in his head just in case of the teacher calling on him.
  • he’ll be really modest sounding and answer the question as a question.
  • “is it the square root of 3?”
  • recites his dance routines in his head while in study hall.
  • you’ll probably see him with his crew during lunch playing around or throwing food at each other or teaching each other moves they don’t quite understand or know.
  • always wears his school uniform as if he slept in them.
  • super sassy towards his friends and has vicious clapbacks.
  • but when it comes to people he doesn’t know, he gets REAL shy and quiet.
  • smiles a lot in the halls.
  • but probs only bc his friend made a joke.
  • very picky with his friends.
  • lends his homework out to his friends.
  • doesn’t really get in trouble with the authority and manages to get away with anything that might get him points.
  • if he’s stuck in a group of people he doesn’t really know for a project, he’s the type to just go with the flow and accept any part of the project that no one wants to do.
  • (even if he really wants to do a different part of the project. he’s just oo quiet to say anything… TT-TT)
  • people highkey have a crush on him because he seems so mysterious since he only really talks a lot to his group of friends.
  • carries his bag like those boys in shouju mangas where they hold the bag by the strap and lay it on top of their shoulders.
  • always helps pick up stuff if someone drops their things in the hallway.
  • probably a strict pencil user.
  • probably really good at literature.
  • quick to deny rumors about him the circulate the school but looks suspicious denying them so people are always confused if the rumor is true or not.
  • good at presentations.
  • solid B student with a couple of A’s here and there.

more svt scenarios

I was directing a short film with a small and mostly male crew

One day at lunch we were discussing a particular movie that happened to be directed by a woman.

It was a huge hit and praised by critics, but for some reason the Sound Mixer I was working with, insisted that the success of the film was thanks to the Cinematographer.

I called him out on it, saying that the woman who wrote and directed it probably had just a tiny bit to do with it. 

I’ve never heard anyone attribute the success of a film to the DP when the Director was a man!


Day 3 of 5: There’s a Throwback Art Meme making the rounds on Facebook lately and it’s been great to see the old work contrasted with the new; a bit like seeing old friends and catching them up with new ones. To keep things interesting I’ve also been sharing some .PSD Walkthroughs and Full Resolution files to some of the older images and I figured why not share here as well.

Still chronological, the next batch is from my time at 343i on Halo 4. Miss that crew! Whaddup guys! Lunch?

Here’s a PSD walkthrough of the first, Animation walkthrough PSD of the 2rd and a Full-res of the 3rd if you’re curious: Click! Here’s Day 1, Day 2.

rollingstone#KatyPerry has always been one of my favorite singers to photograph. She’s always great to work with, and always let’s me shoot anything I want – on or off stage. This was taken during the filming of the music video for “Wide Awake” in 2012. The shoot lasted 3 days – which is long by today’s music video standards. When I have the opportunity to work on music video sets, I find the best photos to be taken are when the crew isn’t filming. Quick portraits on-set, or behind the scenes moments off-set. On this particular video, I shot Katy in every outfit, and on every set they used – which was several over the course of 3 days. When the crew broke for lunch and I had the set to myself, Katy gave me a few minutes to take this quick portrait. It turned out to be my favorite photo from the entire shoot.” As told to @RollingStone by photographer by @ShearerPhoto

just for us

99 words of CS fluff for your Friday…

“You snore.”

“I most certainly do not, Swan.”

Emma cuddled deeper into his blanket as she laughed into his chest. Her fearsome pirate was embarrassed about his sleeping habits and it was the cutest thing ever.

“It’s okay, Killian, no has to know but me.”

He heaved a deep sigh, his fingertips resuming their slow slide along her back, reaching the nape of her neck before slowly moving back down her spine.

“Fine, then it’s only fair that I should know something about you that no one else is privy too.”

“I love you.”

“I knew that already, love.”

One of the great things about having a terrific crew paint the exterior of our house was that I got to cook for them. These guys put their hearts in to our job which lasted almost 2 weeks, and when I was home, I loved showing my appreciation by preparing something good for their lunch. One day it was a homemade chicken vegetable soup with everything but the kitchen sink. The next day that soup was even better after all the flavors had melded together and when served with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with canned jalepenos. When the weather turned warm, something that doesn’t happen very often in SF, I served a composed salad of romaine, tuna, avocado, hard boiled egg, carrots, pickled beets and red onion, radish slices, tomatoes, cucumber, olives and 1000 island dressing. We even celebrated Daniel’s birthday one day with a small ice cream sundae for dessert. I was touched when their phones were brought out to take pictures of our meals for sending to their families and friends, and the job they did on our house was stupendous!