• Aries: Capture the golden hide of Artemis
  • Taurus: Capture the Cretan Bull
  • Gemini: Slay the 9-headed Hydra
  • Cancer: Obtain Geryon's cattle
  • Leo: Slay the Hermean Lion
  • Virgo: Clean the Augean stables in one day
  • Libra: Capture Cerberus alive
  • Scorpio: Steal Hippolyta's girdle
  • Sagittarius: Steal Hesperide's apples
  • Capricorn: Capture the Mares of Diomedes
  • Aquarius: Slay Stymphalian birds
  • Pisces: Capture Erymanthian boar

Atlantis alphabet [ a - c ]

A is for Argo

Argo was the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts sailed from Iolcos to retrieve the Golden Fleece.

B is for Bull

In Greek mytholigy Bull has many meanings. I choose this: the Cretan Bull was the bull Pasiphaë fell in love with, giving birth to the Minotaur.

C is for Colchis.

Colchis was the home of Aeëtes, Medea, Golden Fleece, fire-breathing bulls Khalkotauroi and the destination of the Argonauts. Colchis is also thought to be the possible homeland of the Amazons.

The Cretan Bull.

So the Cretan Bull was the most beautiful bull anyone had ever seen, right? and I had to capture it and bring it back to Greece from Crete. So I went over to Crete and asked King Minos for his help in getting the bull, he refused, but said if I could capture the thing without any help he would let me take it. Well I did. So I swam on it’s back to Greece and handed it over to Eurystheus who tried to dedicate it to Hera, but the bitch didn’t like that so she set the damned thing free! I mean, c'mon!