Digimon 30 Day Challenge

Day 5: Favorite crest. 

I love all of the crests because of how the kids use them.

  • Tai figuring out having courage isn’t being recklessly brave, but instead having the strength to face your fears.
  • Matt realizing his potential to be a great friend as well as how much being a good friend meant to him.
  • Sora using love in a non-romantic sense. Discovering her love for both her partner and realizing her mother had always given her true love.
  • Izzy not using knowledge to gain status among his peers, but instead to better himself as an individual.
  • Mimi realizing her sincerity is both a gift and a curse, but she wouldn’t be the same without it.
  • Joe, despite being the most fearful and worrisome of the group, never failing to be there for his family and loved ones.
  • T.K., for constantly reminding us that hope is strongest in a child, but it’s possible for that hope to survive as one grows.
  • And Kari, for being a human beacon for all that’s good in the world someone protect that precious cupcake who is to good for this world or the digital world for that matter