So this artist on Instagram heartbreakermoy drew my OC Cres (aka Wolfdeer) with GSans and holy shit……they actually look really good together!! Two monsters together, my baby Cres and GSans! This is amazing please go follow this doll on Instagram.

Mama of GSans is : @borurou
GSans design in the picture of inspired by echotale which is a story created by @yoralim
Go follow them to, they are brilliant!


Hi guys,

For those who don’t know me, my name is Ryan Montoya. I am a comic book artist and family medicine physician who grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, where I also completed my medical training.

Last month I moved to Bosnia to live with my wife and continue my medical work, including medical teaching, and comic book drawing. I wanted to document some of my experiences living and working here on this staff tumblr account, along with my forthcoming website.

So, here’s my first entry.

I live in Bosnia, but what does that mean? All the countries on this map make up what used to be Yugoslavia (literally, “South Slav”), before the war in 1992. My country is Bosna i Hercegowina, or Bosnia and Herzegovina, depending on how you prefer to bastardize the latin spelling of the country. The country is split into two major entities. I live in the entity of Republika Srpska, in the capital city of Banja Luka (pr. BAHN-yah LOO-kah). Sarajevo, the capital of the entire country, is in the other entity of the country, affectionately truncated to “The Federation.”

I anticipate much of the art for this blog to be produced with the Paper app and Pencil by @fiftythreenyc. Stay tuned to this space for more entries. Or don’t stay tuned. I don’t care. I don’t need your approval, and I don’t need you. Okay, okay, I can’t stay mad at you. I’m desperate for your approval. Please stay tuned.


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