Part 1 of the photos from the Homestuck meet in Bricktown! 

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caliope– toxicreepy


Aradia– davekatswag

Dirk with Davesprite– Creepyrussiancosplay

Dave with the red jacket– trickstergodofmischief

Eridan –fallencerium

droog – saintmarkspony

boxcars– princessheavyweaponsguy

male!aradia– neji-nii-san

Bro – marquisesassfang

Meulin– frosstytoast12

Kurloz– motherfuckinjuggalo

A tiny Dave – uzzipunch

Dave center front row – mistress-sempai

Tavros – adiosmakara


So I said fuck it and decided to make a photoset of my cosplays from this year cause everyone else is doing it. These were the best pictures I could find of my dumb ass.

At the top, we have the 4/13 meet in Edmond. My dumb butt as Dirk. Apparently I’m quite a few people’s headcanon Dirk and I really don’t know why. No. I’m a dumb Dirk and I’m such a dork. ahhhhhhh

Second pic is the meet the weekend of OKC Pride at the small meet at the Dog park in MWC. My unfinished Damara. > ~ > She'ssodamncreepy.

Third is revamped Damara at TnT after my shirt said NOPE and unravelled and I had to make a whole new one and another skirt. Didn’t paint because Sunday and didn’t have time. That Horuss there in pic with me is my LOVELY matesprit whom I adore and tortured to all hell that day. <3

Picture Four: TnT’s Rave, my Raver Sollux. Yes that is a spliced shirt or dark blue and red. We miraculously found two tanktops the same size and weave. It was fucking meant to be.

Picture five: Only pic I got of my normal Sollux and my matesprit’s Eridan at TnT. ; n ;

Picture Six: Tokyo in Tulsa: Godtier!Dirk.. Jfc excuse me the biggest dork ever. That America is the-ameriderp on tumblr and she’s the biggest sweetheart known to man.

Picture seven: Izumicon, My Psiioniic. Who I was generally pleased with and was well received as.

Picture eight: Izumicon, My Dream fucking cosplay Brobot aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Picture nine: Izumicon, My Ministrife!Porrim with my Matesprit’s beautiful Dolorosa. 

My cosplays did so well this year and I was really overall really pleased with them. It was a good year for cosplaying and I was overall really happy. I made tons of new friends and strengthened a lot of friendships.

Oh I forgot a picture didn’t I? Well, as some remember, and a lot know now after spread of mouth, that last picture was at the very end of the Sunday Homestuck photoshoot at Izumicon. That is me there on one knee proposing to my girlfriend of one long year and asking her to marry me. I’m surprised Rakshrama on tumblr kept it together and got a whole bunch of lovely pictures of the proposal while fighting lots of tears and several of my friends all recorded the whole thing while crying and squealing. It was a good year overall. And may this new year be even better!

creepyrussiancosplay  asked:

-Squeals.- Your Spades Slick looks great!!!

Thanks!! I’m really happy with the hat my dad got >w< now i just gotta find time to get to my friend and have her help with sewing a white spades symbol onto my jacket, then find a way for me to draw on a sort of scar on my eye, and then i can work on droog!

although i might wanna try and make a horse hitcher, we’ll see