Things I wonder about in Star Wars.

1. How much is a Republic or Imperial credit worth in US dollars? That has never been clear to me.

2. How did Darth Maul survive being cut in half? He should not have survived that and don’t give me the whole ‘Spite kept him alive’ bit. That’s bullcrap right there. What kept him alive was dumbass force logic, stupid luck, and nothing else.

3. Who wrote the Jedi Code to include no attachments? Was it Spock? Was it a Jedi that recently lost a loved one? Or was it a joke made by the Sith that the Jedi took seriously? 

4. Why is Yoda disturbed that Anakin is fearful? He’s 9, was previously a slave where people did Force Knows What to him, his only family is on a whole other planet, and they had been attacked by Maul before leaving the planet and now a bunch of creepy old dudes are staring at him. If he WASN’T scared I’d be concerned.

5. While we are on the subject of fear, isn’t fearing fear a fear? If I recall it even has a name: Phobophobia. This would mean that all ‘good’ Jedi break the no fear rule ALL THE TIME.

6. If the Republic is against slavery, how do they justify using slaves to fight their battles for them?

7. How does the Republic support a religious group that basically practices a form of slavery but without the buying and selling bit?

8. How could they support any group that takes newborns from their parents and raises them in a religion they did not choose along with training them to be soldiers and telling them not to have attachments?

9. What makes Dark Side abilities evil? I could see how they would be useful to a blind force user.

He Rescues You from A Drunk Idiot - Luke Hemmings

requested: yes by anon :)

summary: you’re at the same club as your ex, luke, and he ends up saving you from this creepy drunk dude

triggers: swearing

word count: 420 lol

writer: caitlin

A/N: I hope this is alright xx love you and this gif of luke KILLS ME

“Hey, you wanna dance?”

You drunkenly look up from your red solo cup to see a very creepy dude staring you down, lust obvious in his cold, green eyes.

You shake your head ‘no’ and try to stumble away from him, but he grabs your wrist, pulling you closer to him.

“C'mon, babe, don’t be like that.” He smirks.

You look around desperately for help, but everyone is either wasted, or oblivious to your situation.

“pl-lease do-don’t.” You stammer, your words slurring together from the amount of alcohol in your body.

He opens his mouth to reply when, almost as if by magic, he’s yanked away from you and is thrown to the floor.

You look into the eyes of your ex-boyfriend, Luke, who grabs your arm and tugs you towards the exit.

“You okay?” He breathes, “Did he hurt you?”

“I-I’m ok-okay,” You mumble.

He licks his lips, “C'mon, I’m taking you home. I’m not letting you drive drunk.”

You try to protest, but Luke wouldn’t budge.

He texts Cal to let him know he’s leaving and leads you back to his car.

“I’ll have someone grab your car in the morning,”

He says, helping you into the car and shutting the door behind you.

The car ride is quiet, Luke continually glancing over at you, making sure you were okay.



“Why-why are you doing this?”

He stays silent, his eyes on the road.

After a long pause, he spoke.

“Because it’s the right thing to do.”

He pulls into your driveway, you broke up months ago but he still remembers your address like the back of his hand, and parks the car.

You get out and wince at the pressure on your feet- your heels were killing you.

“I’ll carry you,” He suggests.

You were beyond exhausted at this point and just nod, letting yourself be lifted into the blonde boy’s arms.

He carries you into your house and into your bedroom.

He stands there for a moment, debating whether or not he should ask.

“Luke?” You ask quietly.


“Can you stay the night?” You mumble, speaking aloud the question you both were dying to ask.

“Of course,”

He leaves the room as you change and you hand him the sweats, specifically the ones he always let you wear when you were still together and you never had given them back, and a hoodie.

You look away as he changes and you climb into the bed together.

“Thank you for helping me,” You whisper.


The Signs as Small Things in the Beginnings of Movies that Come Back to Be Really Important

Aries: the coin that Shaw gives Magneto

Taurus: When Edna Mode says “NO CAPES”

Gemini: the frog DNA used to make the dinosaurs

Cancer: Ragetti’s wooden eye

Leo: The Na’vi’s ability to communicate with nature through their hair

Virgo: the creepy dude who stares at the kid from Home Alone

Libra: Harvey Dent’s double sided coin

Scorpio: anything that Q gives to James Bond

Sagittarius: the prototype arc reactor that Tony Stark made

Capricorn: Nightlock Berries

Aquarius: the two peasants who argue about swallows

Pisces: “All drains lead to the ocean”