‘More? More- ah I’ll- I’ll give you a dream, alright? A dream- a day dream. Something- something hazy, something unformed that you can change, can shape half-awake and distracted like how you always are-‘

(x) of flowers, and of everything by creecree

ot5minho9  asked:

Hi Im looking for creasefree especialy for her fics. I saw recs about her fics but I cant read it bc she changed/deleted her account. I checked tag about her and found you. So, do you know about her? Maybe her asianfanfics acc or lj? Anything pls XD

Hello there! Congratulations! You have found the correct person to answer your query in re: creasefree’s whereabouts. HAHA.

Creecree/Creasefree has unfortunately stopped writing fics and moved on from AFF as well (she wants me to tell you that she has moved on to another realm but i assure you she is still alive and well; she’s just really busy doing things IRL. namely work.) but if you want to find her on tumblr, she’s changed her URL to taemismybias!

Publishing this in case anyone else is looking for her! Apologies on her behalf if she doesn’t reply messages!