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I’ll never forget the time when I was applying to colleges and the first college that I heard back from denied me. My mom knew it was a denial letter (because denial letters look different from acceptance letters) so she put the envelope on my bed and put my report card from the previous quarter next to it (my report card, which wasn’t very good because I’ve never done well in school since I struggle with ADD and wasn’t being given the help that I needed), as a way of saying “with grades like these you’ll never get into college”. She didn’t even say anything to me or come to see me. I was so upset that I cried for probably a half hour straight. I was so discouraged that I honestly felt like I would never get into college after that–because if even my own Mom didn’t believe in me then it felt like nobody would.

It wasn’t until I got accepted into three universities after that that I started to feel better. But, honestly, shit like that sticks with you. That’s something I’m never going to forget, especially considering that my Mom knew that what she did was wrong and never offered me an apology. So, in times like these, where I’m struggling with my grades and don’t know what to do, I feel terrified of having to go home for the summer and face my parents. I dunno, I’m just rambling. Most people look forward to summer vacation, but I’m really not.



Our upcoming Underwater Tileset provides a small glimpse behind the veil of Grineer industry, hidden away in Uranus’ vast ocean of helium, methane and ammonia. From the creation of clones to the upkeep and maintenance of the average soldier, here’s a quick look at some concept art that helped develop their underwater labs.

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This started as just Kirlia and Gardevoir because of the normal Aurite images and then this happened. The (second) Kirlia screenshot isn’t particularly because I originally wasn’t going to use one for it but then this became a stages-of-Kinshirou post so I had to use one of present him untransformed.

Mega Gardevoir art from here

Gallade isn’t in here because I originally thought of Gardevoir for the hand positions, and I don’t have space for more photos in this post and also because I’m still a little bitter about them adding Gallade as only male like wtf female pokemon can be badass physical fighters too and they didn’t even make Gardevoir female only like if they’re not giving us female Gallades I don’t want them getting male Gardevoirs because Gardevoirs are badass beautiful psychics. But hah, psychicfairy beats psychicfighting suck it, Gallade! Maybe after Caerula Adamas’s Heel-face turn that’s Gallade Kinshirou and More Better Aurite is Mega Gallade. Fine, have them below the fold.

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mythical-rhink asked:

Hi! I love the video you submitted, but I don’t feel comfortable posting it if there isn’t credit to the artists whose work you used.

Right! Sure l always do that l just forgot, thanks for reminding me about that. On my other yt channel for amvs with fanarts in them I generally put a disclaimer saying that all credits go to the artists, do you think that would be enough in this case too ? Thanks ^^

rhapsodiqhelps does a character psd ~ #12 "Dancing With Death" 

Here’s number twelve of rhapsodiqhelps’ occasional graphics! It’s sort of a dictionary-type thing with tonnes of space for descriptions (like the random one that I took the time to write…) and if you haven’t guessed yet, is based off The Book Thief. The texture, brush and gif are not mine, so credits go to the creators. The font used is Cochin (italic) which you should already have pre-downloaded. Please like/reblog if using, don’t steal, and well… enjoy!


Disney Princess Jonathan Toews

Happy 27th birthday! It’s time to celebrate your Disney Princess status.

A friend of animals large


and small,


Befriending children left


and right,


Using appropriate language




Ready for your dazzling dance numbers


And that special dance with Prince Charming.



Less ready for your big ballad.

Regardless, you are a perfect Disney Princess, through and through.


Happy birthday, and you keep doing you.



Some WIPs I have lying around and some skiiieetsches…
Bottom two are for the rock concert au I’m building up in my head…