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i’m   half   excited   /   half   worried   for   my   emotional   state   after   tonight’s   episode,   but   either   way,   you   can   like   this   post   for   a   small   starter   based   on   the   events   of   tonight’s   scream   episode,   the   orphanage   !   as   always,   these   will   be   done   throughout   the   week   &   lengths   will   vary   depending   on   the   content   of   the   episode.   also   limiting   this   to   scream   muses   only.


“Heyy:)) Can I please have a BTS/SVT/MONSTAX ship? Thank chu and stay healthy!!!💕”

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Hello love! You are so pretty! I really like your lip piercing! Here are your ships. I hope you like them and have a fabulous day! Much love! XOXO ~D

In BTS I ship you with Hoseok! (bless this boy’s forehead)

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In Seventeen I ship you with Jun! ft. a cute Wonwoo

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In Monsta X I ship you with Shownu!

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i ccant believe i have to say this but like can people please stop reblogging those big compilation posts of stolen uncredited artwork????

like theres those posts that are compilations of “pokemon shaming” and pokefusions that arent credited that go around every once in a while and it pisses me off???? like people who would normally be against art theft reblog this shit and honestly what the fuck

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Bleh.. I hate that DW is trying to give C credit for L going solo... Out of all 5 boys he's the one that had the most desire for it... It makes sense all the 'loved-up, not interested in music' articles so that now that's it's been announced they can credit her for his decision 😒 ...hopefully it'll be done soon and it's a forgotten ....

Cheryl can’t even mastermind her own career, let alone Liam’s. I mean, get off Machiavellian talent show pimp Simon’s nuts if you got it like that girlfriend. It’s a laughable narrative. I really wonder why she won’t just grind it out and work at her craft. Create an excellent album then promote the hell out of it. Who convinces these celebs they don’t have what it takes to make it on pure talent? Just some rhetorical questions because Idek if she can sing.

But anyway, God willing, by the time Liam is receiving kudos for his solo work, Cheryl will be long out of the picture and not a part of the narrative in any way shape or form. 1DHQ will still try to attach her name to his, but it’ll be tabloid crap. I’m sure the quality media coverage will not be working that angle.

A few months of a clean slate will make the past year from hell seem like a distant memory. It’s coming.  

I Just Wanna Be Free.

This is my 3th fic! :D <3

Words count: 1.154

Warnings: Kissing, guns, violence, Reader going crazy.

Credits to @harleyxjoker4ever​ for the gif <3

You just got home from work. You walk through the door of your house.

“Ah (Y/N)! Your home” Patrick says.

You hate Patrick. He is the worst boyfriend ever. He was super clingy and would never leave you alone with another boy. But he is on his worst when he’s angry. He would beat you up. You were to scared to leave him. He would probably find you and beat you to death.

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Say Hello to New York Fashion Week: Men’s 

@cfda’s NYFWM is back, and so is our tradition of sending some of our top fashion Tumblrs out into the big, bad world of catwalks and platforms. Please welcome:

These guys are giving you an all-access pass to the best pants this industry has to offer. Follow their Tumblrs, the #NYFWM tag, and of course, @fashion: your hub for all things menswear on Tumblr.

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Tagged by @mcrkilljoy11 to post 8 photos of my bias but screw it, I’m gonna post 10 gifs instead. No one can stop me! *evil laughter aka Hyogie*

It was so hard for me to choose because I have made over 1000 gifs of Leo alone (say whuuttt!!!) and I gotta choose between smexy, stripper, if looks could kill, cute and fluffy etc etc. Anyway you get my point and so I chose Hamzzi coz Leo + Food = OTP!!!

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