AU: Derek lives in the suburbs, and every morning on his way to work, on the train, a young student draws his attention

it’s finally out! I drew this  back in December ‘13 for Russian Teen Wolf Reverse.

Special thanks to my writer! Her story is very sweet) read here in Russian 

The idea was Stiles paralyzed on top of Derek, and Stiles says to Derek, ‘Wait a minute! I can still move my tongue.’ So the scene would have been Stiles pushing his tongue against Derek’s face, trying to get himself off using just his tongue.“

"Eventually, the tongue ends up in Derek’s ear, and Derek’s saying, 'Stop. Just stop. Just stop,’” Davis tells us. “Dylan loved that idea when I pitched it to him.”

Ultimately, the scene was cut for two reasons – one, there wasn’t enough time to fit it into the episode. And two, it wasn’t a good fit tonally. “I felt like it would be just a little too silly in the midst of this otherwise very traumatic, drama-heavy episode,” Davis says.



10 Favorite Things in 2013

Of course, my true favorite things in this world are my family, friends, two amazing jobs, beautiful fiancé and army of pets. But here are 10 other things I really enjoyed in 2013. In no particular order - except for The Rock. He’s number one. 

Dwayne The Rock Johnson: The Rock was the number one money making actor in 2013, and I think I watched every film he was in. He also had time to win the WWE Championship and headline WrestleMania. No big deal.  Also his Instagram is a pretty amazing motivator to get in the gym. 

Casey Neistat’s Youtube: Casey has been an inspiration from the first time I saw his HBO show in 2010, and he continues to inspire me with his creativity, work ethic and good will. “My Girlfriend Candice” and “From Paris to New York” are some of my favs. 

Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon 12-year: My good friend Bert Kremer poured me a glass of Pappy 12- year this past summer, and it changed everything. I’ve had expensive bottles of wine and couldn’t taste the difference between those and the CVS special I pick up on Friday nights, but the Van Winkle is so many steps ahead of any other bourbon it’s ridiculous.  

Derek: Ricky Gervais is in my “Favorite Person Hall of Fame” and I wasn’t sold on Derek when I saw the first trailer or how it could ever hold a candle to Extras. I was completely wrong. I’ve never watched a show that is better for the soul, and I’m not ashamed to say I weeped at some point in every episode. The season is only six episodes so give it a watch over the holidays. 

Anna Kendrick: Funny, smart, talented and pretty. She made the list despite that Cups song. 

Roots of Fight Clothing: I’m super picky about t-shirt material and design. This company nails them both while satisfying my love for the fight game. 

Folly Beach, South Carolina: I’m all over the USA shooting photos for Pizza Today and while on assignment in South Carolina, I stayed at this cozy beach town filled some great local bars and restaurants. Be sure to check out Surf Bar and Lost Dog Cafe.

Bon Appetit: One of my main inspirations when designing and shooting for Pizza Today. Since Adam Rapoport took over as Editor-in-chief last year, the magazine has gone to new levels. 

Margherita Pizza at Kesté: I’ve had a lot of top notch margherita pizzas, but when I dropped by Kesté in New York’s West Village in October, I was blown away by Roberto’s version. It could be the best. 

The Steve Czaban Show: Since Howard Stern takes 250 days of vacation, I’ve found a new morning commute go-to program and that’s the Steve Czaban show. Czaban and the boys talk about sports how I like to talk about sports. They don’t take themselves seriously and scream at me like the guys at ESPN.