CreativePlayer$ x TRUKFIT

This year CreativePlayer$ reach out to Marisa Flores and Lil Waynes Brand TruckFit to do a few exclusive Cut&Sew pieces for them. In early July I took a trip up to NYC to visit the TrukFit showroom and it was an amazing experience. The multi-level loft just screamed Lil Wayne and his showroom almost look like an extended room in Wayne’s House. I was greeted by a few of TrukFit’s Designers and Brand Ambassadors in hopes of being able to show them what I had to offer with CreativePlayer$. After an hour long meeting I left the showroom with 4 Exclusive Pieces and was ask to do my best recreation of the item. I came back home to Philadelphia and immediately began the creative process and called some of the main designers that make up CreativePlayer$

@PhratTeam_Swipe (Rapper-“FuckSwag”)

@Bsaintlaurent (Brandon Jones-Artist)

@BrandonGee (Brandon Gee-Skateboard Specialist)

Da.Graphixx (David-Artist)

Divine Works (Anonymous Artist)

“Long Hours and Handcrafted Art is CreativePlayer$ ”

Special Thanks To

Marisa Flores (Lil Wayne’s Stylist)

Official Release Date Coming Soon!!

CP$ x Elle Varner

CreativePlayer$ had the pleasure of meeting Elle Varner when she had a show here at the Theater of Living Arts this October. She blessed the crowd with her amazing voice and I was able to hear “Imperfectly Perfect” for the first time Live. CreativePlayer$ designed a special Custom Cut&Sew Strapback. She was elated when she saw the intricate designed and continued to smile from ear to ear as she looked at the piece. We hope CP$ can become a staple in Elle’s wardrobe. 

Item: SanAntonio x Flowers

Rarity: 1 of 1