Boys I’ve kissed:
1. I don’t regret it but my god why did you have to be the first one.
2. Every moment I spent with you was another scar on my heart.
3. I don’t remember it and probably you don’t either and that’s okay.
4. Once upon a time I thought I was going to marry you, but now I’d do anything to take those years back.
5. Friends don’t do that to friends.
6. You’re the first boy who ever broke my heart, I’m scared that I’ll never find another man like you and what happens if I never do.
7. I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care.
—  4am

Let us lay in bed until morning arrives,
under the stars and through the night,
talking about how you saved my life,
illuminated by the moon light

Let me tell you about all those times
you brought me back and fought my demons,
rescued me from the monsters in my chest,
to show me how bright it actually shines

Let me stay around when you can’t control yours,
to mend back together the pieces of your soul,
when you look up at the sky
and can’t find the courage to go for a fly.

—  // let’s talk about how you saved my life
Your lips remain on my skin long after you’re gone. 
Your words are imprinted in my mind for days and they have a habit of not leaving.
But you leave often.
You take pieces of me each time you go but what you gave me remains, your touch and your words.
You cannot take that back. 
You can leave, you can be gone for the rest of my life, but that will always remain.
—  v.m
RTV is growing again...

I am very happy to announce that RTV is adding some new family to help dig and find all these wonderful, voiceless writers.  You keep writing…we’ll be there reading!  


cold as stone

she was beautiful once
a statue of hope
a fine exemplar

now the cracks are everywhere

years of erosion
years of decay

almost like losing one’s mind

some of cracks will show the truth
something ugly that has been hiding
behind a almost too perfect mask

and she can do nothing
only wait until the force of nature
has had his way with her porcelain

and she is afraid

maybe she will be forgotten
or only remembered as a fake

only God knows her faith
but he moves in mysterious ways
and does not speak with stones

so she will wait and wait and wait
until the very end is upon her
and embrace him like an old friend

maybe she will be beautiful again
only time can tell, the right lies

More than anything—I want a love that’s not ready. A love that starts with spontaneity. Like, love at first sight. Or falling in love with a best friend. Or falling in love with someone from a foreign land.

More than anything—I want to feel vulnerable because love is something that makes me feel terrified but excited. Because now I am not the only person who can make myself feel terrified. Because now I have someone to torment me for the rest of my life.

—  Juansen Dizon // Naked

anonymous asked:

question!!!! would characterization be considered part of writing mechanics?

Yes. It’s a cornerstone of mechanics (along with dialogue and world-building) and one of the biggest areas of focus for an editor when preparing a manuscript for publication. Bad characterization can literally make or break a story, and quite often does. A lot of people mistake mechanics as grammar and sentence structure only, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mechanics is characterization (interpersonal, internal, external), dialogue, world-building and plot - the hard, concrete details that will make your story better. Grammar, sentence structure, and flow are also part of mechanics, but they are addressed (in-depth) in the later stages of editing, as they’re not cornerstones (and the cornerstones will cause far bigger problems with your story).

Tone, theme and mood are mechanics, but they’re complex mechanics, meaning your ability to handle them is heavily dependent on your narrative voice (see: the way you stitch words together) and how much practice you have.

Subtext is not mechanics. It plays a heavy part on mechanics, and can either help or severely hamper your story, but as I mention on this post on reddit, subtext is informed by three things: internal context (see: how you perceive the world), external context (see: the political, monetary, and social climate TFA was released in), and static facts (see: this is Star Wars, and in Star Wars canon A, B, and C are true). Internal context is highly subjective and mechanics are not, so it wouldn’t be classified as one.

If you are talking about this post that I reblogged: yes, Kylo Ren being OOC would be considered a mechanic, and yes, that is constructive criticism, not subjective taste.

Subjective taste is me hating fluff and being thirsty af for tragedy. Regardless of the story being fluff or angst, Kylo Ren’s base characteristics would remain the same.

All can be deducted to that which is logical, necessary and fruitful, as these are the three conditions for perpetuity. Together they are the sole components creating the core of existence. Any other concept is either fantasy, or temporary; both insignificant in the grander scheme of things. Interesting distractions, but not part of the constant one needs to establish the truth behind the reason for existence. What answer do you get to one of life’s greatest questions, when you deduct all using these three core components?
—  The core of existence, by M.A. Tempels © 2016