Seattle-based artist Cassie Murphy just unveiled another awesome illustration of cleverly catified pop culture characters. This time the cast of Westworld has been reimagined as… wait for it… the feline residents of “Westpurrld.” 

It’s pretty much perfect. Or should we say Purrrrfect? Yes, we probably should.

Prints of this piece and many more are available via Murphy’s KittyCassandra Etsy shop.

[via /r/westworld] @CassColors @WestworldHBO

My body is your party, baby
Nobody’s invited but you baby
I can do it slow now, tell me what you want
Baby put your phone down, you should turn it off
Cause tonight is going down, tell your boys it’s going down
We in the zone now, don’t stop 💕

anonymous asked:

Guys like that actually exist and I have met many and each time I meet one I die inside and think "the crazy cat lady" thing doesn't seem so bad.

Literally me lmao. Except I’ll be an old lady with cats and Dana