Crazy Kids

“…Fred, George and Ginny were doing a kind of war dance to a chant that went: ‘He got off, he got off, he got off…”


'SHUT UP! Roared Mrs Weasley.

I saw this post and it just reminded me again of why I love the Weasleys, and why Ginny is Aweeesome!! I just had to draw it out somehow :D 

(The scene is from the OotP, after Harry got back from the ministry, not expelled xD)


So guys a lot has been happening since I last blogged but sooo kimber is three and being crazy. Ezra is almost one. My husband adopted kimber so she is offically a palakiko

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so yay for the family!!! on other news her birthday party was a blast and she accidently hit numerous people with the pinata stick 

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so sorry to all those she hit LOL or am I? Ezra is another story this kid has been driving us up the wall and bat crazy he gets into everything and moves fast

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Like no lie! we cannot look away for two second because something is destroyed or he is covered in something -.- well until we chat again my lovelys <3

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Honestly I could really kiss We Are Temporary right now because of how they’ve remixed Ke$ha’s track Die Young but also why they’ve remixed the song like this. If you didn’t know there was an ongoing court case regarding producer Dr Luke sexually abusing Ke$ha which, unfortunately, she lost which has no means she has to produce music with the man who sexually abused her for another 6 albums, absolutely ridiculous to say the least. This remix has taken away everything from Dr Luke’s production leaving only Ke$ha’s voice and a new raw and dark electronic based track that is 100% Dr Luke free, like Ke$ha should be - Jakk

Made with SoundCloud
we love the madness and the chaos
and there ain’t anyone who can stop us
we love the street life and the city lights
and getting lost in the New York nightlife
here’s to us, this is our scene
and it’s beyond all of our wildest dreams
—  this is our scene // a lost boy

“Operation Rescue Red is a go,” Lucas spoke firmly into his supercom, working to keep excitement from his voice. This was a serious mission, after all. “Is everyone in position? Over.“ 

From his spot outside the study hall window, Lucas shielded his eyes from the afternoon sun and tried to see through the glass, awaiting the crackling of static that would indicate someone was responding. No more than ten seconds had passed before the expected sound arrived. 

"Agents Bard and Wizard in place.” It was Dustin’s voice, practically brimming with enthusiasm. “Over." 

Lucas couldn’t stop himself from rolling his eyes. They hadn’t agreed on code names, but there was no point in arguing. No time, either. 

"Me and El are ready too. Over.” That was Mike. Lucas allowed himself a small smile. For a plan that had been haphazardly thrown together during the lunch hour, things were running fairly smoothly.  

Lucas pressed the call button on his supercom, ready to deliver his directive to the rest of the team. “Okay, let’s kick some ass.” 

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