Tu vai pazza per le parole, vero? Vero che vai pazza per le parole? Mi dai l’idea di essere una che va pazza per le parole. Nel senso che le prendi terribilmente sul serio, tipo come se fossero un bisturi o una motosega che rischia di tagliarti con la stessa facilità con cui taglia gli alberi.
—  David Foster Wallace.

White room torture:
According to Amnesty International, “the cells had no windows, and everything was entirely colored creamy white. The meal was white rice on a white paper plate. If he wanted to use the toilet, he had to put a white slip of paper under the door of the cell to alert guards who reportedly had footwear designed to muffle any sound. Person was forbidden to talk to anyone.

White room torture is a form of extreme torture that is of a psychological aspect. The person is put inside a white room, everything is white. The room is also sound proof. White pillows, white walls, white ceiling, EVERYTHING. with sensory deprivation and no stimulation through sight and sound, the mind slowly goes, well insane. The person experiencing this will be served white food as well. Hallucinations will form slowly. Some countries who use this sort of torture are Iran, UK, Venezuela and the United states even. One may think this is not a horrible way to torture someone, but honestly, slowly going insane with no music or any sensory stimulation…is worse than anything.
The worst part about this is, even after being freed, people have said that you still experience the pain you felt while inside there. It never goes away. You’re never really free, even when you have been freed.