CRAWDADDY: “What about your albums like, ‘Living In The Material World,’ the whole concept of maya. It’s so ironic that you got caught up in it.”

GEORGE: “Oh yeah. I’m living in it. But people interpret it to mean money, cars, that sort of thing– although those are part of the material world. The material world is like the physical world, as opposed to the spiritual. For me, living in the material world just meant being in this physical body with all the things that go along with it.”

George Harrison on Saturday Night Live, November 1976, photographed by Richard E. Aaron

“Outside [in Boston on 16 November 1976], people wait for GEORGE HARRISON. […] Girls scream, flash cubes flare; another hard day’s night. An octopus of desperate arms reaches for GEORGE. […]

[In the elevator] A blessed vacuum. Nobody speaks; anything would be awkward. So this is what it’s like. ‘That went quite well, didn’t it?’ Harrison sighs to himself. He is bearing up nicely. The elevator slips slowly past each floor as a frantic kid charges up the stairs; you can see him through the window. Skipping steps, pulling hard at the handrail, he chases the car. His eyes are wild, wired. At the third floor, as our doors open, the boy lurches to the landing. Dennis Morgan and a publicist hurry to shield George physically from this particular insanity. Are the guy’s eyes really rolling? Harrison is ushered towards his room.

‘Let me talk here a sec,’ George insists. The kid is rigid with energy - electric. 'I… uh… I… George… I play the guitah.’ The words spurt and stumble, exploding violently from him. His hair hangs in a modified Beatle cut; there is no collar on his jacket. 'I play guitah in a band!’

George is serene, diffusing in his calm. The kid has met a Beatle. 'Keep playin’, man,’ George says. 'Stay with it.’” - Mitchell Glazer, Crawdaddy, February 1977 [x]

The story behind Savoy Truffle:

“Savoy Truffle on The White Album was written for Eric (Clapton). He’s got this real sweet tooth and he’d just had his mouth worked on. His dentist said he was through with candy. The truffle was some kind of sweet, just like all the rest– cream tangerine, ginger sling– just candy, to tease Eric.”

George Harrison for Crawdaddy Magazine, 1977.

“I just had a good time just playing, you know.”
"I helped out such a lot in all the arrangements.” - George, Crawdaddy Magazine, 1977

CRAWDADDY: "I always thought your contributions guided the band’s direction. Beatles ‘65– the country influence. Or the Indian influence.”

GEORGE: “Well, Ringo as well, you know. We all gave as much as we could. The thing was, Paul and John wrote all the songs in the beginning. And they did write great songs, which made it more difficult to break in or get some action on the songwriting thing. But you know, we all did contribute such a lot to the Beatles.” - February 1977