Crave Cafe- Sherman Oaks, CA

Ordered a panini! Grilled Chicken with provalone cheese, lettuce, spinach, tomato, and pesto spread. It was pretty good and I only ate half before I called it quits!

But it’s nice that they’re open 24 hours a day!

Four stars for Crave Cafe!

Got7 College AU - Yugyeom

A/N - Time for the last of the college AUs! It’s Yugyeom’s turn so I hope you all enjoy reading about our favourite lil maknae. I think I’ll be starting a weekly ‘Got7 as dads’ series so let me know what you think and keep on sending me your requests~  @supernooodles​ just for you 😘

Mark | JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam

  • okay so Kim Yugyeom
  • we all know he’d be doing dance
  • and he’d be so proud of it
  • dancing was his passion and his life-long aspiration was to be recognised for his dancing
  • all throughout college he was just 100% dedicated to his dancing
  • he’d often be involved in little showcases for the dance and music students
  • and that was where he met you
  • you were involved in the school newspaper and had been asked to do an article on the Christmas showcase, focusing particularly on the performers and giving little interviews
  • so after you watched Yugyeom perform, you went up to talk to him
  • and you had been completely blown away by his dancing skills but seeing him up close and personal, sweat glistening on his forehead and his breathing all heavy from exerting so much energy
  • you could have just had him right then and there
  • but you controlled yourself and spoke to him about dance
  • the time got away from you both as you had an in depth discussion about what dancing meant to him and what he wanted to do with his skills in the future
  • you were just entranced by his passion and began to fall for him hard
  • after that long conversation, you both realised you had missed the last half of the showcase and you now had very little material to work with for your article
  • but it was worth it to be able to talk with Yugyeom
  • the two of you parted ways and you just assumed you wouldn’t really see him again since you had never seen him around campus before
  • but just a few days later, you were sat in a computer room alone, working hard to write up an article you only had half the material for
  • when Yugyeom walked in, wanting to do a bit of research for a routine he was planning
  • he saw you completely focused on your work and couldn’t stop staring
  • for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to look away from you there was just something so fascinating about seeing you in your element
  • after a few minutes of staring, he actually looked away from you and decided to start working
  • but his feet guided him to the computer next to you
  • and he tried not to startle you when he said hi
  • but you hadn’t heard him at all so ended up almost jumping out of your seat
  • the two of you ended up talking for hours
  • until you realised there was only half an hour left before you needed to submit the article
  • and you had lots to write and edit
  • so Yugyeom just sat and watched as you typed furiously, desperate to get it done
  • when you finally did and sent it off to the main editor for the school newspaper, Yugyeom took your hand and led you to a little cafe on campus
  • you had been in a few times before but didn’t visit too regularly, choosing to satisfy your tea cravings at another little cafe a few minutes away from your dorm
  • Yugyeom ordered two drinks and a giant muffin for the two of you to share as an apology for distracting you
  • when you whispered “I like being distracted by you” you hadn’t expected that he would hear 
  • and you blushed so hard when you realised he heard
  • Yugyeom just smiled and looked at you with the sweetest look ever that you almost died from how beautiful he looked
  • “maybe if you like being distracted by me, you should let me do it a little more often. want to go see a movie some time?”
  • “I’d like nothing more”
  • and even after you had been dating for so long, Yugyeom still managed to distract you from coursework and assignments
  • especially when he was dancing
  • because he knew just how much you loved watching him dance
  • so he’d use it against you
  • and would pull out the sexiest of moves whenever he knew you didn’t want distracting 
  • and let’s face it, you were fine with those kind of distractions
  • especially when they led to something more basically every time

devenyhills  asked:

How did you meet Joanna?

there’s a ScriptNotFound video that i was in and i explained the whole crazy story haha but to sum it up swiftly i met her at crave cafe at like 3 in the morning. didn’t know her at all but i just sat down at the table she was sitting at. best decision i ever made honestly

  • considering the fact that me and my boyfriend havent spoken the whole day and i havent gotten into an emotional fit is way more surprising that it seems so gO SELF IM SO PROUD OF YOU
  • also i used to think suha was a pretty weird fruit considering it does look like the gilagid of the demigorgon but fUCK ME UP WORLD i need more 
  • can we just admit that sam smith’s new album is the best thing ever 
  • also have you seen how cute he and brandon are on instagram? my gOD get a room you love birds nakakainggit 
  • craving for sunnies cafe’s tacos real bad
  • samahan niyo na ng milkshake