DLC Characters Who Almost but Didn’t Quite Make It into Smash Bros

Ever wondered why some characters didn’t make the cut? Maybe this comic answered some of your questions. (But it probably it didn’t.)

Things have been pretty busy, lately, what with a new semester starting and all. As such, I’m going to need to take a week off. 

So I shall see you guys again on February 8th.

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“You’re too weak to make a nest.” (Lands-Of-Chaos, Fang to Bart)

Bart’s eyes widened as he then huffed, puffing his cheeks out as he was sitting in a messily made nest and then turned his head away, “W-why would you say that? I’m the one carrying…” He then sighed, shaking his head, “I-I’ll do better,” He said, keeping his head bowed.


“I know Nathaniel… Big mission. Lots to do.”

“You can call me Impulse.. or Bart Allen or Bart Impulse Allen, s'all crash!”


Bart’s practicing getting into character? ^^;

He’s my new favorite Young Justice character ^^ (and Modecrash might be my new OTP :D I REFUSE to call it anything else but MODECRASH :P)


so uh… found a game breaking glitch creepy uh… ending? this is one of the weirdest glitches I’ve had. so I did a hard mode run by making the fallen humans name Frisk, went through hard mode like genocide mode, waited for a long time and did the whole phone calls where Toby steals the ingredients and her phone, until it started repeating the snoring, then went and did more genocide mode, got the whole nobody came thing, slowed down music, and the signs like the mirror (which made it even creepier when you think about it because thats Frisk saying its them that is evil). 
now here is the glitch, first time around I killed Toriel one hit, got the hard mode ending gag, then when it ended I was brought back to where I last saved. went through it again, this time I tried to talk to her first. the game said “Not worth talking to”  and then suddenly I head the puff of smoke noise and Toriel got tiny in a puff of smoke, like when you spare Tsundereplane and she gets tiny. the whole battle interface is gone, but the special Toriel Battle music continues playing. hitting buttons does nothing. I wait and nothing happens, the music loops all with Toriel staring at me with this “you know what you have done, my child” look. then my game crashed eventually.

open game again, play, back at where I last saved, this time I try to spare her, does the same exact thing except my game doesn’t crash after 5 minutes, so i have to manually quit. try again, kill her one hit, and the genocide one hit kill death and hard mode ending happens fine.
 so yea, I sort of broke the game… and got the “Toriel creepypasta-material” ending. I had previously completed true pacifist, then genocide, sold soul, then got a neutral ending, then restarted and tried this. no idea what is causing this. 
@fwugradiation you might want to look into this, I’m sure you can think of some funny ending to put in for this… or maybe the ending is just being judged eternally by Tiny Toriel (or is that supposed to represent her just being far away? kinda hard with the solid door behind her and me standing 5 steps from the door).

If I get computer recording software maybe I’ll record it. 

For my many friends that wished for Waluigi in Sm4sh, nOW IS YOUR TIME

I’ll make an easy demonstration

What you’ll need: SSB4, an SD card (any size is probably fine), and a way to use the SD on your computer.

Here’s what I did. A gigantic mod pack for ssb4 can be found here, get packed or the unpacked whichever suits your location.

Most of the time a mod requires alot of fancy junk, but the easiest possible way to play this and only this modpack is shown in this video. Follow the instructions closely and this will work like a charm.

I hope many people can support the modding community behind all this and if possible contribute what they can! Find more mods at if you’re looking to add more. But warning: not everything is perfect so don’t whine. Also you can’t add other mods to this mod without Smashexplorer.

Other characters included are: Daisy, Doc Louis, Shadow the Hedgehog, Harambe, etc.


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Hinata Shouyou cashed out his latest customer, going to check on his chart for the day. He should only have one more appointment today, since he had requested the evening off to watch some romantic comedies and feast on ice cream and brownies.

“Huh, so this is the place…”

Bart blinked as he looked up at the little massage place he was recommended for half price on the coupon he got from Jaime, and shrugged. Pushing at the door, the eighteen year old peeked in, looking around, “Er, hello?” He called out as he stepped in.


Young Justice Cancellation

Ok so I’ve decided that the people at Cartoon Network are aragont incompatants. They have said that they are not going to air anymore Young Justice after season 2 finished - aparently because of bad rateings. For any bad rateings they may have got I put the blaime entirely on the time slot. Young Justice is not a show for little kids. It is complex and deals with concepts and complicated relationships that are not suited for kids, so putting it on at a time (Saturday Mornings) that is prime time for little kids and not the age group who really like the show just makes me think of Cartoon Network being run by ideots. If they moved the show to a difrent time slot instead of cancelling it they would get much better rateings and would also not have a mob of angry young justice fans hateing them.

I was at first not sure weather or not to belive that the show was cancelled, so I went on Wikipedia and this is what I’ve found out:

Since its original airing Young Justice has garnered critical acclaim for its originality as well as its mature and complex storyline. In December 2011 Young Justice was placed at number 20 on IGN’s “Top 25 Comic Book Shows of All Time.” Many actors have also garned acclaim for their roles such as Jason Spisak who according to critic Ava Dordi “captures the Lighthearted essence of Kid Flash well” as well as Nolan North who Greg Weisman notes provides “good separation” between the dual roles he portrays as Superman and Superboy. The series currently holds an 8.8 on IMDb.

On January 28, 2013 several websites, confirmed that Cartoon Network had no more plans to continue Young Justice beyond season two. The remaining episodes will air on the network. Fans have created an online petition to save the show at

As well as this it seems that Young Justice WON a fucking Emmy in the catogory of “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation”

So my question is what the Hell are Cartoon Network playing at with this fuckary of a cancellation? I for one will be finding the petition mentioned and doing my best to crash the mode.