What if the Krolotaens are kidnapping humans and experimenting on them to try to harvest the best genes to improve their own race? And then after they have, they experiment to create meta-human weapons?

Which they control putting them in MODE?

And CRASHING THE MODE means you’ve broken the machine and gained your freedom???

What if the Kroloteans are worknig with some other force maybe the light as well, to find a way to use meta-humans as weapons without havnig to worry about human nature? 

And thats why the future is bleak? Because they MODED the meta-humans and used the earth as a test subject for their weapons? And then, they went to conquer the universe under their army of meta-human weapons!!!!?!?!?!


MODE = Control/subjugation

CRASH = Freedem


“I know Nathaniel… Big mission. Lots to do.”

“You can call me Impulse.. or Bart Allen or Bart Impulse Allen, s'all crash!”


Bart’s practicing getting into character? ^^;

He’s my new favorite Young Justice character ^^ (and Modecrash might be my new OTP :D I REFUSE to call it anything else but MODECRASH :P)

Bluepulse Headcanons

I noticed there’s not a lot going on in the Bluepulse tag, so here are some cute headcanons to brighten your day!

- Despite being the younger one in the relationship, Bart is way more into pda than Jaime is. He’ll randomly pull his boyfriend into a very heated kiss in public, while Jaime blushes because “omg calm down, Bart, your cousin is literally right there”.

- Bart does drive by kisses and Jaime secretly loves it.

- Bart looks absolutely ADORABLE when he wears Jaime’s hoodies. They’re always too big on him, and the sleeves are too long for his arms.

- Bart has nightmares a lot about his past/future, so whenever he does Jaime will wake him up and hold him until he calms down.

- Bart insists on riding in the shopping cart whenever they go grocery shopping.

- Jaime makes Bart pancakes every Sunday morning and Bart absolutely loves it, especially when he makes them in heart shapes.

- Scarab makes irritating comments and suggestions whenever Bart and Jaime are making out and Jaime HATES it.

- After realizing that when they are apart on missions they are constantly distracted and making mistakes, Kaldur made sure Blue Beetle and Impulse were paired up on every mission they went on.

- Jaime gets very protective over Bart, and after every mission he makes sure to check him over until he’s sure he’s alright.

- The whole team ships them: Dick, Gar, Cassie, Tim, Wally, Artemis, Megan, Conner, literally everyone. They all made bets on when they would get together, and Dick and Gar won $600 each after Bart and Jaime finally announced they were a couple.

- Jaime learned the hard way to NEVER give a speedster coffee. Ever.

- They go on double dates with Tye and Asami often.

- Bart is a major blanket hog. 

- They secretly kissed during Endgame and there’s nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise.

- Bart insists that Jaime’s lap is much more comfortable than a chair, so guess where he sits when they’re in polite company and he doesn’t realize that it might not be the best idea, especially when Barry, his overly protective grandfather, is around?

- Tye frequently teases Jaime when Bart’s around and loves to tell embarrassing stories about the stupid stuff that Jaime has done.

- Bart can’t cook to save his life, so Jaime is usually the one who prepares meals.

- They watch old sitcoms together on weekends.

- When Jaime was on mode, Kaji Da knew about his feelings for Bart, which is why only when the Reach were going to make him kill Bart did he hesitate during Intervention.

- After dating for a while they slowly started picking up each other’s phrases and mannerisms. Like sometimes Jaime says “crash” and “mode”, and Bart even learned a few words in Spanish.

- Jaime makes the best nachos, so he makes heaps of them for Bart when he’s feeling down.

- On Christmas they always get each other gag gifts or ones that are seemingly random but actually inside jokes that no one but them understands.

- Bart actually has a really bad temper when rubbed the wrong way, so Jaime often has to hold him back from starting a fight.

- Jaime loves kissing Bart on the nose because it makes him blush every time.

Halloween Treats - Harley Quinn and Joker x Daughter fic (requested)

Request: Pleaseee do some more harley and joker daughter writes ! I loved your first one ! could you do another one about their daughter?

Words: 3,565

Warnings: Please keep in mind my writing is referring to how Harley Quinn and The Joker are presented in Suicide Squad, not the comics. Thanks!

Reader is referred to in ‘you’ terms and is roughly around 5(: 

Not exactly a sequal but based off this imagine 

Costumes of all sorts were flung around your room looking like tornado had swept through leaving only a destruction of clothes in it’s path. Thrown across your floral lampshade was an Alice in Wonderland themed dress. On top of your wooden oak stained dresser was a vampire costume (Harley had picked it out hoping to pull some evil from you). Being the daughter of the crazed couple Harley Quinn and The Joker, a pernicious costume for the upcoming Halloween an aspiration that your parents had for you. 

Laying on your princess comforter was a brown basket and a blue and white short dress resembling that of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. All the costumes Harley had bought for you, her stubborn daughter, were discarded and thrown around the room. You had your own intentions for a Halloween costume but with the holiday being right around the corner, your time was falling short.

Harley had been curled up in your rose printed arm chair for the past half an hour watching you clamber through costumes after costumes. She sighed heavily wishing your buzzing self would just pick an outfit and be done. Mr. J was going to be home within the hour and when he saw the mess you created, you’d get an ear full.

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Child's Play


“W-what are you doing?” A young Phil asked timidly from the edge of daddy’s bed, legs swinging over the end. Daddy had locked the door and closed all blinds to shut out anyone else. Phil had never been allowed in daddy’s bedroom before. And here he was: seven years old and alone with daddy for the night. Mummy wasn’t there today. She hadn’t been home for a while. Daddy said she had to go away for a long, long time, because she didn’t love daddy anymore. Daddy needed someone to love him, he said. Phil would love him, in his childish naïve voice he had replied. And that brought him here.

And now he was shaking a little on the edge of the bed.

Daddy walked over and gave Phil a reassuring smile, sitting beside him on the bed. It dipped slightly due to his weight so Phil shuffled back.

“Will you keep quiet for me?” Daddy asked and Phil turned his head to him and looked up, nodding though unsure. Cautiously a large hand was placed on his tiny thigh as the other gently nudged Phil’s head to face forward. He swallowed, nerves crawling through his skin because for some reason the touch was burning him. But he didn’t move away. Slowly, the hand slid down to his knee and back up, creeping further up his leg making Phil flinch away. “No,” reprimanded a stern voice, encouraging him to untense himself, his limbs starting to tremble again.

Phil heard a deep breath from above him, as if daddy was calming himself down, before a gentle voice asked “can you take off your trousers for me?” then the hand retracted. Once again Phil nodded, slipping off the bed and shuffling his tiny bottoms to the floor before climbing back onto the bed. Stealing a timid glance at daddy, worry drowning his eyes, his daddy shushed him quietly, adding “it’s okay. Now face forward.” and Phil did as he was asked.

It was okay at first. The hands were unwelcome but not sweaty along his bare skin. They were gentle, and didn’t venture anywhere unsafe or private. This isn’t so bad, Phil thought naïvely. It wasn’t pleasant but it didn’t seem too bad. That was until a hand trailed up his left arm. The other reached round to the other before dipping down Phil’s short torso. Large fingers hooked under his shirt and brought it up, skimming across his chest evoking a shiver from him but regardless he lifted his arms to let his shirt be tugged over them, discarded. Once exposed, hands were all over him; large and firm and finding every piece of untouched skin that they could. Phil squirmed and struggled but those hands were too strong - they were used to pinning down adults, a young child wouldn’t be any difficulty.

A forceful push lost Phil his balance and he felt the bed rise quickly to crash against his back - no, wasn’t it the other way around? Adrenaline was gushing through him like electricity and it was overwhelming his feeble little body. He was losing track of everything and he just wanted to cry and scream and beg for it all to stop…

But it didn’t.

Forces dragged him onto his front and yanked his bony legs away from him. Flailing arms were gripped too tight and held down above his head. Phil was afraid. He screamed. He screamed because the pain forced the noises out of his throat and they clawed at the dry walls but made their escape. He didn’t know what was happening, or how things had caused this to happen, but he cried for forgiveness because that made sense, didn’t it?

Daddy gripped Phil’s shoulder to bury his claws deep forcing another high-pitched screech out from the base of his throat. “Do you love me, Phillip? Do you love me?” He thrust even harder, tearing his son apart. “Answer me!”

Phil’s lip trembled - he wanted to go home. Pain. More prominent than before. His voice squeaked through watery tears, “y-yes, d-daddy. L-love you.” only because he had to.


Phil timidly settled on the ground next to the brown-haired boy he’d met only a day ago but already felt too close to. They sat inches apart and Phil turned his head to observe him: his legs were crossed and hands clasped, resting between them; his youthful eyes trained on the distant sky in awe. He must have seen this view countless times. It amazed Phil that he was still infatuated by the sight like a child gazing at a Christmas scene. Tilting his head, intrigued, he let himself stare at this boy just a little longer. It almost seemed like he had forgotten Phil was with him. That was until Dan turned his head slowly and their eyes met. Phil didn’t even look away, wasn’t even embarrassed. Dan gave him a soft smile and glanced back to the smooth clear horizon, which was rare for such a country.

Phil didn’t disturb him after that; he didn’t want to. He stared at him with intrigue, wondering what thoughts were going through his mind as he stared forward, eyes sparkling in amazement. What does he think when he’s alone? What keeps him awake at night, or lulls him to sleep? What scares him and what calms him down? Why did Phil want to learn so much about him after just one day by his side?

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Dan spoke, distant, his words soft as though floating. Phil didn’t take his eyes off him, locked onto his soft features whilst replying with a positive sound. At that, he noticed Dan’s eyes flick towards him and his expression sharpened. “You’re not even looking, are you?” Once again, Phil wasn’t ashamed. With confidence he kept his gaze on Dan as the sun brightened half of his face. “What could you possibl-”

His words were cut off sharply by his own tongue, his expression frozen and his focus on Phil’s eyes before his own widened slightly and he flicked them back to the expanse in front of him. Oh, he thought, oh right. Was the sun on his face or were his cheeks naturally burning? His heart felt too big for his chest, or maybe his ribcage was too tight he didn’t know. This was not something Dan Howell was used to.

Phil thought for a while of something to say but once he opened his mouth and took a breath the bell rang, again. God, did he hate that thing. Dan sighed, reluctantly stood up, grabbed his bag and gave Phil a light smile and a nod before turning to leave.


Alas, he wasn’t to get far.

“Same time, same place?” Dan was hesitant for a split second then Phil crashed into panic mode. “I-I mean it’s okay if you don’t want me here I mean it’s your spot right? And I’m just a random student you don’t know so I'lljustgothen-”

“Fucking hell Phil you gave me a second to answer-”

“Sorry, I just felt really rude and-”

“Do you ever shut up?” Dan raised an eyebrow.

Phil took a deep breath. “Depends on the kind of person I’m with.”

“Oh god…” He shot Phil a grin to let him know he was joking. “Of course I want you here again, you tall little shit.” Dan let himself laugh.

“You know you completely contradicted-”

“Again with the shutting up?”

Phil put a hand over his mouth and let his eyes wander, and for god’s sake Dan swore Phil was the cutest most random thing ever brought to life.


The weekend was horrendous: hand jobs; blowjobs, lots of them; dirty talk, oh god how Phil hated playing along with dirty talk; and sex. So much, in fact, that Phil’s hips still hurt on Monday. Dad hardly ever did anything as full-on as sex on a school night but it was his birthday weekend of course, and dad had felt Phil needed a little more because he was eighteen now. Eleven years of torture. Happy Birthday…

He met with Dan again, pushing through the brush with more ease than before and entering the safe haven where Dan was waiting for him. He smiled at Phil, a genuine unhelped smile and said “hey, Phil.” nothing special.

So Phil replied with the same “Hey Dan” in the same tone. Wordlessly after that, Phil took a seat beside him and stared with him at the sky. Despite British sky usually being pretty dull and grey this area had the perfect angle and view of the sun, glowing orange against the pale blue sky and pure white clouds. How could nature produce something so beautiful? His eyes drifted over towards Dan again - how does nature create such beauties with so little? Phil was staring again and one day when he’s caught he is going to look away and blush, well he should but that’s not Phil. He doesn’t blush. He doesn’t get all flustered and nervous when talking to someone like Dan because it’s only Dan he’s ever been this comfortable with. And here he was - staring into that europhic expanse- with Phil’s eyes locked on him again.

“One day you’re actually going to look at the view we’ve got here and say ‘wow, I wish I hadn’t been staring at this student the entire time and actually paid attention to what he brought me to see.” Phil didn’t even realise it was Dan talking until his head was facing him, expression unimpressed but at the same time his features were soft.

“I’m sorry?” Phil asked, feigning innocence and smirking, unable to help himself.

“Son of a…” Dan rolled his eyes. “You’ve been here for two days, have you seriously been looking at me the whole time?” And Phil nodded, his grin widening because he wasn’t embarrassed - this was freaking hilarious. “At any point have you even glanced over there?!” He threw his arm out to gesture where Phil had only set his eyes on for a short moment some time earlier that he’d completely discarded.

“A couple of times! Just the view’s not that great…”

Dan scoffed, “wow, so grateful,” it wasn’t meant to offend him. “Not that great, huh…?”

“Not as great as you…” Phil winked because all this was silly - he didn’t flirt, Dan probably wasn’t gay, and he was going to laugh soon too. Except he didn’t. Dan didn’t even crack a smile. He simply raised an eyebrow questioningly and Phil could feel himself being read, so his smile fell. Slowly Dan lowered his eyes to the ground and took a deep breath.

“Four days…” he mumbled “four days you’ve known me - no, acknowledged me - so just…” he seemed to try and say more but didn’t seem to find the right words. Giving up, Dan resorted to shaking his head and forcing his attention back forward, as it always was.

At first Phil did nothing. He sat there and wondered what to do. What should he do? After contemplation he opened his mouth to ask “give me time?” resulting in Dan turning his head back, eyes blank. “Let me get to know you. Please, I promise I won’t mess this up.” Dan glared at him for a moment - god knows what was rushing through that head of his - before hesitantly nodding and turning back to the sky.

And that was it, confirmed; Phil was going to try.

Chapter 4