What if the Krolotaens are kidnapping humans and experimenting on them to try to harvest the best genes to improve their own race? And then after they have, they experiment to create meta-human weapons?

Which they control putting them in MODE?

And CRASHING THE MODE means you’ve broken the machine and gained your freedom???

What if the Kroloteans are worknig with some other force maybe the light as well, to find a way to use meta-humans as weapons without havnig to worry about human nature? 

And thats why the future is bleak? Because they MODED the meta-humans and used the earth as a test subject for their weapons? And then, they went to conquer the universe under their army of meta-human weapons!!!!?!?!?!


MODE = Control/subjugation

CRASH = Freedem


“I know Nathaniel… Big mission. Lots to do.”

“You can call me Impulse.. or Bart Allen or Bart Impulse Allen, s'all crash!”


Bart’s practicing getting into character? ^^;

He’s my new favorite Young Justice character ^^ (and Modecrash might be my new OTP :D I REFUSE to call it anything else but MODECRASH :P)

Couple Costume - Jaime Reyes x Bart Allen

Requested by Anon -  Bart and Jamie dressing up as the other and are at the same party, laughs and candy. Maybe a smooch.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Jaime asked uncertainly as Bart dragged him towards the zeta tube. Jaime adjusted his Impulse costume, feeling incredibly uncomfortable. 

Bart spun to look at Jaime, throwing his arms in the air. “What’s wrong, hermano? This is crash,” Bart cheered, spinning around in his cheap Blue Beetle costume. 

‘The Impulse’s imitation of our armor is humiliating. Terminate him immediately.’

Jaime sighed, rolling his eyes at Scarab’s comment. “But isn’t dressing up as each other going to tell everyone that we’re together?”

Bart blinked, stopping mid-spin. He blushed a little, looking at the ground before glancing up at Jaime. Jaime had to admit he was cute when he did that. “I mean if you don’t want to, we can go change quick…” The rest of Bart’s sentence was a hum, which Jaime didn’t bother to try to figure out.

“It’s fine. I like my costume,” Jaime soothed, smiling when Bart grinned happily at him. Jaime didn’t want to hurt Bart’s feelings, even if he was as uncomfortable as he could possibly be. 

“Crash,” Bart cried before grabbing Jaime’s hand. Jaime blushed at the touch. “Let’s go before they eat all the food.” Bart started to pull Jaime towards the zeta tube once again. 

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Bluepulse Headcanons

I noticed there’s not a lot going on in the Bluepulse tag, so here are some cute headcanons to brighten your day!

- Despite being the younger one in the relationship, Bart is way more into pda than Jaime is. He’ll randomly pull his boyfriend into a very heated kiss in public, while Jaime blushes because “omg calm down, Bart, your cousin is literally right there”.

- Bart does drive by kisses and Jaime secretly loves it.

- Bart looks absolutely ADORABLE when he wears Jaime’s hoodies. They’re always too big on him, and the sleeves are too long for his arms.

- Bart has nightmares a lot about his past/future, so whenever he does Jaime will wake him up and hold him until he calms down.

- Bart insists on riding in the shopping cart whenever they go grocery shopping.

- Jaime makes Bart pancakes every Sunday morning and Bart absolutely loves it, especially when he makes them in heart shapes.

- Scarab makes irritating comments and suggestions whenever Bart and Jaime are making out and Jaime HATES it.

- After realizing that when they are apart on missions they are constantly distracted and making mistakes, Kaldur made sure Blue Beetle and Impulse were paired up on every mission they went on.

- Jaime gets very protective over Bart, and after every mission he makes sure to check him over until he’s sure he’s alright.

- The whole team ships them: Dick, Gar, Cassie, Tim, Wally, Artemis, Megan, Conner, literally everyone. They all made bets on when they would get together, and Dick and Gar won $600 each after Bart and Jaime finally announced they were a couple.

- Jaime learned the hard way to NEVER give a speedster coffee. Ever.

- They go on double dates with Tye and Asami often.

- Bart is a major blanket hog. 

- They secretly kissed during Endgame and there’s nothing you can say that will convince me otherwise.

- Bart insists that Jaime’s lap is much more comfortable than a chair, so guess where he sits when they’re in polite company and he doesn’t realize that it might not be the best idea, especially when Barry, his overly protective grandfather, is around?

- Tye frequently teases Jaime when Bart’s around and loves to tell embarrassing stories about the stupid stuff that Jaime has done.

- Bart can’t cook to save his life, so Jaime is usually the one who prepares meals.

- They watch old sitcoms together on weekends.

- When Jaime was on mode, Kaji Da knew about his feelings for Bart, which is why only when the Reach were going to make him kill Bart did he hesitate during Intervention.

- After dating for a while they slowly started picking up each other’s phrases and mannerisms. Like sometimes Jaime says “crash” and “mode”, and Bart even learned a few words in Spanish.

- Jaime makes the best nachos, so he makes heaps of them for Bart when he’s feeling down.

- On Christmas they always get each other gag gifts or ones that are seemingly random but actually inside jokes that no one but them understands.

- Bart actually has a really bad temper when rubbed the wrong way, so Jaime often has to hold him back from starting a fight.

- Jaime loves kissing Bart on the nose because it makes him blush every time.

Nightwing’d (Dick Grayson x Reader)


PROMPT?:  “I don’t think we can be friends anymore” in a romantic way with Dick Grayson please 😊 Btw I loved your last imagine ❤️

A/N: Wow, this isn’t smut? For DICK GRAYSON? I’m shocked. Actually nah haha, this sounds really cute so I’m excited to write this! (Also you have no idea how FREAKING long it took me to find that gif jfc. But, I kinda found what I wanted so success?) **post write** wow i’m so sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I love you and really, I hope you like it!

WARNINGS: yelling/arguing, fighting (between Dick/Bart), cursing, fluff

You were confused. Dick had been distant while Bart had been closer than ever. You weren’t too happy about either. Sure, Bart was well, Bart, but Dick was your best friend. And him all of a sudden going away wasn’t going to fly. So, you tried your hardest to leave Bart behind, trail Dick like a lost puppy, but to no avail. He always pulled the classic “Bat Disappearing” move like always. So, after a week or so, you thought maybe you had done something wrong. He usually didn’t brood this long and when he did? He always came to you. You started thinking maybe it was your fault. That was, until, the fight started.

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!Distress Signal! Calling All Helpful Simmers!

My *one* neighborhood keeps crashing and giving me this message. Sometimes it crashes in ‘Hood mode, sometimes I get lucky and load a lot for about 0.0001 seconds before it crashes.

This only happens in my Mayhaven ‘hood. No other ‘hoods give me this error message at all. I’ve searched this error code around the web but haven’t gotten anywhere with it. I suspect broken CC somewhere, but I’m not certain of that.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? I’ll take anything you got to offer!

Halloween Treats - Harley Quinn and Joker x Daughter fic (requested)

Request: Pleaseee do some more harley and joker daughter writes ! I loved your first one ! could you do another one about their daughter?

Words: 3,565

Warnings: Please keep in mind my writing is referring to how Harley Quinn and The Joker are presented in Suicide Squad, not the comics. Thanks!

Reader is referred to in ‘you’ terms and is roughly around 5(: 

Not exactly a sequal but based off this imagine 

Costumes of all sorts were flung around your room looking like tornado had swept through leaving only a destruction of clothes in it’s path. Thrown across your floral lampshade was an Alice in Wonderland themed dress. On top of your wooden oak stained dresser was a vampire costume (Harley had picked it out hoping to pull some evil from you). Being the daughter of the crazed couple Harley Quinn and The Joker, a pernicious costume for the upcoming Halloween an aspiration that your parents had for you. 

Laying on your princess comforter was a brown basket and a blue and white short dress resembling that of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. All the costumes Harley had bought for you, her stubborn daughter, were discarded and thrown around the room. You had your own intentions for a Halloween costume but with the holiday being right around the corner, your time was falling short.

Harley had been curled up in your rose printed arm chair for the past half an hour watching you clamber through costumes after costumes. She sighed heavily wishing your buzzing self would just pick an outfit and be done. Mr. J was going to be home within the hour and when he saw the mess you created, you’d get an ear full.

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Into the Machine (pt.3)

Ruri rolled over, looking down to see herself laying on top of the glass surface. She looked over her hands, seeing herself returned to normal. She popped up to her feet, hearing Iris shuffling next to her. The machine beeped a few times and announced, “Administrator access apporved.” Ruri patted over herself, ecstatic to be whole again as Iris stood to her feet. Iris blinked, a moan exiting her mouth as her polygonal form rippled with static. She looked up to Ruri, concerned that she had left the machine, but was now stuck as she was. Ruri ran to the terminal, watching as it displayed various numbers and statistics. “I… I… How does this work?” she asked, tapping hard on the screen.

“Administrator input accepted. Hello Administrator Ruri, please input your commands.” Ruri listended to the voice as she poked again.

“H-how… What does this all mean!? How can I have Iris be real again?” Ruri asked as a new menu popped up, showing Iris’ job role and system permissions. “Just make her real again!” Ruri yelled as she pressed several buttons, not understanding what their function was. When nothing seemed to change, she smacked the screen a few times, as static filled the display and the system started to crash.

“Permissions unlo… sentry mode ena… safety loc… unknown function… unknown function… error… error… mobile mode ena… error… printing…” The machine called out. “Hologram mode deactivated…” Ruri, in a slight panic looked up to see the Iris hologram start to glow and take physical form. After a few moments the light faded and Iris knelt on the platform. She was still mostly white in color, as it seemed only her skin tone had returned. She opened her eyes, a soft orange glow coming from them as her new form seemed to be going through a slight boot process.

“I-Iris?” Ruri asked as she slowly crept onto the glass, walking past a smaller version of the terminal that had extended from the machine. “Are you okay?”

Iris looked up to her wife, smiling, as she jumped forward. She clasped her arms tightly around Ruri, holding her close and tight. “I’m me again! Wow! Being made of light was really weird!” Iris exclaimed joyfully, before Ruri gave her a slight pinch on the ear. “O-oow, what?” Ruri was almost in tears as Iris held her, burying her face into Iris’ chest.

“D-don’t scare me like that! I thought s-something… bad was going to hap-pen…” Ruri’s voice quivered between inhales and sniffles. Iris calmed and soften, pulling Ruri in tightly, her arms seeming stronger than ever before.

“I’m sorry… We’ll be more careful next time…” Iris apologized as she spied the mini monitor, feeling a slight buzz rippled out from her core. In an instant, Iris understood what had happened, and knew their trials with the machine were far from over…

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(Side Story #1)