nightmare scipionis

scalps and sculptures
in the garage, so the eyes, so cranes, the outside
of the shed. i’d have chipped em all of course
with a forklift and experimentations
i left by the time there was nothing
anymore that could be done.
the erer, the agent noun who dwells
in perseverance, dewy handrails
for the crash test dummy slowly
decaying from grace. none
of the images are mine, if they
belong to you tell me and say goodbye.
what a risk the half partaken


To commemorate the end of Car Boys I put together a playlist of all the music that appeared in it (mostly according to the credits). I also designed some rudimentary album art for it. Please enjoy one of my favorite OSTs from one of the best tv shows/let’s plays/cinema events I’ve ever seen.


when i was a kid i had a green Crash Test Dummy toy, and it was my genuine thought that Sigma from Megaman X was also a Dummy, and that he became evil because he was tired of being smashed and crashed in cars and wanted revenge on the humans that did this to him.

y’know how crash test dummies w/ essentially their sole purpose being to get destroyed and exist w/ everyone involved w/ them knowing they’re going to be fucking obliterated inevitably, by all likelihood? like that’s most likely what their fate will be? they’re constantly getting fucking battered? i’m the human version of that
  • Theo: Then why don't you ask some other girl out?
  • Draco: Like who?
  • Theo: Like Pansy?
  • Pansy: Okay, wait! I'm not some crash test dummy you guys can use to try out your dating skills.
  • [to Draco]
  • Pansy: You, if you like Granger so much, why don't you just ask her out and get it over with.
  • [to Theo]
  • Pansy: And you, stop acting like a Vegas bookie picks your dates. And both of you, treat me better.