Merry Christmas! Thankyou for everything mark, you make me so happy. I never thought someone across the globe could make me smile. You make me laugh, you make me giggle and all I can do is thank you. I don’t know if I will ever meet you, as a Brit I will try my hardest to get to you but for now I will just chill back with our crap weather and beg to God one day I get to meet you and thank you in real life other than you thanking us because really we are all thankful of you because you have changed our lives all in different ways, ways Suchas depression or issues but you have helped us all and we love you dearly 😊

Hey fellow studyblrs!

I swear motivation is pumping through my blood. I woke up this morning at 7:30 and ran 2 miles at my local college gym.
Now, I’m writing biochemistry notes with my brand new marker pens from Target which are to die for. They are amazing! My notes look so bright and clean compared to using pencils.
I also nerded out and bought a pencil case online which is also one of my new favorite study essentials.

The weather is crap outside but my brain is flowing with new biochem knowledge. It’s all very exciting!!!

Basically I’m killing it for the first week back. 😎
Everyone good luck with your first few weeks!


It’s been two months since the last time I was out to Liberty Lake. I had planned on going this morning but crap weather and lack of desire to trudge in said crap weather has talked me out of what I’ve learned can be quite the exercise in misery. 

Liberty Lake, Washington


Hello minna ! Here’s an illustration I’ve been working on for 3 weeks ! It was hard but very funny, I’m happy to have finally finished it ! ^o^/

So here’s Tenshi in “space” mode, ready to slice Earth in half ! Will you recognize every satellites, planets and constellations pictured on her outfits ? :D


The Neighbourhood performing ‘Sweater Weather’ at CITYBREAK2014.

i danced, sang and drank my way through field day yesterday in victoria park. at one point there was the most amazing rainbow i managed to snap in the middle of the coral set, between umbrellas and yell singing. later at the pub everyone was talking of the double rainbow that had donned the sky. DOUBLE rainbow?! i was sorely disappointed to have missed two rainbows in one sky.

until today when i looked through my photos and saw this picture. turns out i had witnessed it after all.