iPad vs. TV in your living room

During Lint Conference in Moscow, there was one interesting topic to discuss. TV. TV experience is now not limited to the 42inch plasma in your living room. Same video content is available on your laptop. Media corporations, like BBC, SKY, CNN, RT and etc., are facing global competition on the Internet, not only from other networks, but also from independent video-content producers. And they are definitely behind them. Youtube star RayWilliamJohnson are getting 4-6M views for every video, which is very impressive(I don’t understand why he is still youtube-only). While your plasma is still dominated by BBC and co, your laptop is full of “independent TV”. 

And here comes the iPad. Which is all about apps. This is another distribution platform for video producers/publishers. While videos from guys like Ray are accessible through the Youtube app, there are guys like CraneTV, who produce high-quality videos about art and fashion, and have their own app. Media giants don’t want to lose this platform, so we see CNN and SKY great news apps, nice BBC iPlayer app and others. 

I have Youtube, CraneTV, iPlayer apps next to each other on my iPad. I think iPad is the first platform where the competition among three is explicit. It’s like clicking through channels on your plasma, but in this case it is apps, where you get more interactive and relevant video content on demand. 

AppleTVGoogleTV and Boxee will make your plasma look more like the iPad(by adding on-demand videos). Independent video producers, will get another distribution platform and a chance to reach a broader audience. But the point here is that iPad is competing with plasma for audience now. You can watch video content anywhere with the iPad. And once you have viewed the video there, you are unlikely to re-view it on your plasma. 

iPads capabilities for steaming videos, even with 3G, make it TV’s another form-factor, and let you consume more video than usual.  So next time be truthful when you are saying, that you do not watch TV anymore. 

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