Quirky & Magical Ceramic Animals

Lithuania-based shop Pho Ceramics creates magical ceramic animals, which are both adorable and functional. Its artist explains it best: “They are practical as well as cute - you can use them as tea or coffee cups, small bowls, storage containers. Sky is the limit (except for, of course, the unicorn).”

She confesses to Bored Panda: “I get my inspiration from the people’s reactions when they first see one of my animals. The joy and sheer surprise that comes from that first impression creates an enormous burst of creative energy that I spill into a piece of clay.”

To construct one piece, the craftsman takes a couple of weeks to finish due to the long process of multiple 24-hour firings in the kiln, glazing, painting, gold or silver plating. At the end of the day her enchanting creatures are worth it. They seem plucked from a fairy tale. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Neutral Ground

Neutral Ground is a digital woodshop based out of New Orleans, Louisiana with a serious love of illustrated pop culture and video game maps. If you or someone you know shares that love, then take a quick moment to check out the Neutral Ground Shop. Each map in the Woodlands series was custom designed by talented artists across the country, such as Alex Griendling, Logan Faerber, and Lizzi O’Rear.

These are very high quality, laser-etched wood maps, with a keyhole in the back for hanging. Each map measures 18-1/2x14", with the exception of Link’s House which measures 7x5". If you’re looking for that premier, cornerstone gift this holiday season, this is it. I know I’d be stoked to get one.

Follow the links below for detailed shots and information on each map!

Link’s House | Pokemon: Kanto | The Land of Ooo | Hogwarts

Dinosaur Land | Tristram | The Forbidden Lands | Hyrule

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Feminist meme-broidery by Hanecdote that you have probably already encountered online before. (This piece is a reference to the Arthur meme that is circulating the internet.) We are happy to announce that Hannah Hill will be our newest featured artist! We are commissioning a copy of this piece to be a part of our permanent collection to travel around the world with our show! 

Hannah is a 22-year-old artist based in London. “I’ve always been very artistic, but embroidery drew me in because it essentially wasn’t drawing, painting or sculpture, which I never took to naturally. The more I got into feminism and became obsessed with art and learning about the history of textiles within art, and the feminist empowerment within textiles, the more it interested me. Also my mum’s family is from Guyana via India, so there’s a rich textiles history within my family. So I think it’s both artistically and culturally really. It’s the perfect medium for me to be able to explore parts of my identity like my ethnicity, mental health issues, sexuality and gender.”

“I’d really like to help change the art world up a bit…I hope more women of colour are given bigger and better platforms to showcase their creativity.”

Check out more of her work on instagram, tumblr, and twitter


Stunning Wood and Resin Jewelry by Thor and Tania Johansson

Husband and wife duo Thor and Tania Johansson from Artful Resin creates exquisite wood and resin jewelry inspired by nature and its natural gradient. Each handmade piece is infinitely inspired by the celestial blue sky, the organdy, colored candy sunset and the lush green fields.

The unique and elegant pieces are made from a variety of colored resin and burl wood. Each bohemian designs possesses an earthy and delicate quality. To add more durability to their pieces, the have also used an aluminium finding, and they are also  finished off with a silver plated snake chain with a lobster clasp. The ultra clear resin is 100 % bubble free and has a glass-like finish. Find their entire collection in their Etsy shop

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Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Surrender to the Dark Side and enjoy the crisp sound of all your favorite tunes by streaming them wirelessly through the Death Star Bluetooth speaker. The best part is, it won’t explode into smithereens if someone sticks a headphone jack into the thermal exhaust port.


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