DIY Alcohol Ink Mug and Glasses Tutorial at Babble.

This is such an easy DIY and you can experiment on Dollar Store mugs and glassware. And this isn’t the old Babble with painfully slow moving slideshows etc… You can use alcohol inks on glossy paper, cheap white tile for coasters, dominoes, metal, shrink plastic, glass, polymer clay and other slick surfaces. Above photos by Lucy Akins. 

What else can you do with alcohol inks and glassware? See Below.

DIY Alcohol Ink Votives from Bitz & Giggles here.

DIY Alcohol Ink Recycled Bottles from Bliss Bloom Blog here.

For 4 different alcohol ink effects, check out another DIY Alcohol Ink Glass Ornaments Tutorial by Bliss Bloom Blog here.

DIY Halloween Monster Apple Bites Recipe from Fork and Beans.

Kids will love these apple monster bites with sunflower teeth and strawberry tongues. Go to the link to see how the googly eyes are made.  For more kids’ snacks and food go here:

DIY Spider Cocooned Body by Flickr User maradajaccat.

In the comment section, maradajaccat describes how her sister made the cocooned body:

Two trash bags, filled with leaves , tape for the neck and wrap entire thing in cheese cloth, Some tea stained…twine around neck. That’s it!!

DIY 2 Wire Ring Tutorials from Art-Z Jewelry.

For a huge archive of wire DIYs go **TIP** Practice on the cheapest comparable wire you can find.

If you are new to wire jewelry, I’d definitely check out  this post: Everything You Need to Know About Jewelry Wire from Jewelry Tutorial Headquarters. The 4 posts are about:

  • Part 1: Jewelry Wire Gauges Explained. Wire gauge chart, wire gauge conversion chart and more.
  • Part 2: Jewelry Wire Hardness Explained. This post explains how to pick the right hardness of wire for your project. If you are having problems with the wire jewelry DIYs I post, you may be working with the wrong wire.
  • Part 3: All About Jewelry Wire Shapes. The difference between round, half round, square, twisted, and twisted square wire is discussed.
  • Part 4: All About Jewelry Wire Materials.

Pop Culture Religious Candles

Give praise to the true god(s) of the universe with these pop culture religious candles. Lighting the candles activates the magically blasphemous powers endowed to entertainers of great caliber like Walter White, Ron Swanson, and Bill Fuckin’ Murray.


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