Snarky Mugs For Those of Us Who Hate Mornings

There is no better delight than the perfect cup of coffee in your all time favorite mug. Usually, our favorite mugs are staples, we can’t live without or adorable ceramic ware, which instantly makes us happy. Manchester based designer Jenni Waldrop from Fuzzy and Birch decided to make snarky and hilarious mugs, along with t-shirts, pillows and other goodies for those of us who speak fluent sarcasm.

If you’re not a morning person and wished that work meeting was a simple email, you will give into Waldrop’s sense of humor and decide you can’t live without your morning tea or coffee in one of her clever written mugs. If you want to wake up and tell the world exactly what you’re feeling every morning, peak inside her Etsy shop.

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No matter what your craft, I think this is something we can all relate to…. I certainly do! Nothing’s gonna get done if you just sit there worrying about mistakes!

So, a less-than-gentle reminder to GET YOUR BUTT WORKIN’! Get this catchy “Quit Bitching, Start Stitching” slogan on stickers, keychains/phone charms, and tees in my storenvy! 

stickers x
keychains & phone charms x
t-shirts (limited available) x