We shine light on this ruby red Jewel.

The Haute Couture piece was designed and assembled with utmost precision and delicacy. A rose in the making, it was cultivated with two months of daily nurturing - handcrafted by two pattern makers, five seamstresses and five embroiderers in the ELIE SAAB atelier. 

The thousands of crystals hand-selected and threaded onto the drapes of satin and tulle form an artwork of embroidery. The Mikado train touched by drizzles of small jewels attracts deep reflections of light, like crystallized rain on a bed of red roses.

New image alert! I’ve waited for this one with bated breath!!

Elysiam Entertainment @kayhettin captured my original Jellyfish Couture dress at the GA Aquarium, in this absolutely dreamy photo. I’m amazed at the beautiful lighting, whimsical underwater background, and crisp details on my costume. Thank you again for shooting with me!!

I have always loved designing original costumes, but in recent years, it’s been more difficult for me to invest time and creativity into them. Life is simply more fast-paced, and I get pulled into more directions, as I’m sure everyone can relate to.
But images such as these remind me of how much enjoyment I get out of creating my own costumes and characters. In the case of the Jellyfish dress, it’s been in the back of my head for several years, maybe as long as a decade, ever since I visited an extensive Jellyfish exhibit. I was absolutely fascinated by the delicacy and movement of these creatures, and wondered what the electroluminescent organic element would be like translated into a garment. Then, years later, I watched Princess Jellyfish and felt amazed that a mangaka had the same fascination with Jellyfish and created such a wonderful story from it.
This costume became the fulfillment of a personal creative idea, as well as a ode of love to Kuragehime.
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Maple and leather dust pan

Elegance is the most prominent characteristic of this dust pan. It is a good use of the light and dark contrasts of the maple wood and the dark leather. The handle fits comfortably in your hand and the scoop has lots of space. This dust pan doesn’t need to be hidden away.

It is creation of Lostine, a corporation of Philadelphia based friends, designers and craftsmen. Their vision is to bring ethical production, durability, simplicity and art together.

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The Scarab was a symbolic amulet in ancient Egypt. Carved in the pyramids and worn as spiritual amulets, it was a special symbol of rebirth and eternity. Follow the journey of this pave diamond set piece from artist inspiration to final piece on our new website page Craftsmanship (link in bio). #holiday #jewelry #jewellery #kategibbsjewelry #kategibbsstudio #craftmanship #fairtrade #conflictfree #gifts