Making all those little solid white peaks is really boring, so I made myself build all of them ahead of time. Here they are pinned in rough position–tonight I’ll start felting them down and adding snow as needed. That’s the fun part! 

Dream Snake No. 6 is also now officially too large for the place I usually keep works in progress, so she’s had to commandeer a bookshelf for herself!


DIY Geometric Air Plant Cages - Mr. Kate

A closer look at Kitana from Mortal Kombat X.
I created this ensemble within 4 erratic days, and consider it the unfinished vacation version. The embellishments were annoyingly tedious to make, as was fitting so many different pieces of cloth, armor, jewelry and straps together. I probably spent more hours trying things on than sewing!

Photo by Brian Boling!

Now that I’m home for a few weeks, I can sign prints again, so I thought it would be a great time to run a Sale! All posters/prints/calendars are marked off, including this new photo of Kitana! Browse the selection here:
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