Craft Patterns and Tutorials


Until the day we have Agent Carter and Captain Marvel action figures to display next to the elusive Black Widow figures out there, here are paperdoll versions of all three ladies you can make at home,

You can download a high quality pdf version of the patterns here: 

Agent Carter, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel.

DIY 16 Tie Dye Patterns Tutorial from By Stephanie Lynn.

Excellent post about creating 16 tie dye patterns by creasing and folding, crumbling, scrunching, and twisting fabric. Also, there is advice about choosing the right colors using a color wheel to help you. 

For Tie Dye DIYs including Shibori go here:

Bottom photo collage found on Pinterest; all photos from By Stephnie Lynn.
Crochet Net Tunic Sweater Free Pattern (Video)
I adore this cool Crochet Diamond Open Weave Net Tunic Sweater, which is an ideal outfit for this season. This unexpected summer pullover outfit looks casual, chic, and is also so comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for chilly summer days and nights, bonfires or nighttime walks on the beach. …

Captain Marvel Paperdoll

In honor of the very first Carol Corps meet-up at HeroesCon, I designed this Carol Danvers paperdoll pattern, which was then given out to everyone at the meet-up because Kelly Sue is super-awesome like that! \o/

The paperdoll comes with an optional bomber jacket and your choice of long hair or short hair. You can download a high quality pdf version of the pattern here: Captain Marvel Pattern.

(and a big thank you to fourteenacross for the bottom picture, because I completely forgot to take pictures that weekend!)