‘Sandro Botticelli’ by Leah Jensen

Hand carved porcelain combined with turned, burnt oak.

(W 10cm x H 20.5cm)

'This is one piece from a collection of vessels entitled ‘The Death of Lucretia’. The inspiration behind this collection comes from 14th - 16th century European paintings depicting the legendary heroine of ancient Rome, Lucretia. Her death occurred around 510bc, scenes from her harrowing story have been retold time and time again through beautiful paintings by many of the great masters. By applying these images to the unfired clay body, the patterns that envelop the porcelain are created: pins are used to map out particular points on the images, unearthing a hidden geometric structure beneath the surface of each painting. This process was developed after learning about the planning and mathematics used to create structure and composition in some of the great masters paintings. The ceramic components are carved by hand, which, although time consuming is meditative and allows space for escapism, thought and reflection. Refining skill and technique is a central theme in my work, constantly striving to increase the complexity and the cleanness of my carving to machine made quality, I call this anti-digital.’

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Don’t know if this has been posted by me earlier, my tumblr crashed…here are my bracelets, not finished, but in progress. Ok, the swallow. No explanation needed. Clover: I think they need all the luck they can get. I went overboard with the lovebirds on the red heart. Sorry. Too many feels. The key: hispano suiza, as mentioned in my little fic. The fox: “eyes of a fox/@foxspirit”. Feather: flying, as long as I have no plane. I still need: p & j, eiffel tower, lipstick, high heels, sun glasses, star and and… It’s fun! I bought a silver one, I wanted the black like that. My obsession may have reached fever pitch😂😂😂