Charm 40 - Dark Souls inspired Crystal Lizard.

I have siblings who love Dark Souls, they have been badgering me to make one of these for ages, I had to keep telling them I would make it when I felt my skill had improved enough to try.

Now before you point out to me that there is a pair of legs missing…dont worry, im well aware xD This was an ‘inspired by’ charm after all :D If I make another one of these, ill make the legs smaller to get all 8 on, and maybe ill make the red one to go with it!

Ive never made crystals before but I hope you can at least get the idea they are some sort of pretty rock xD

These photos dont do it much justice, it looks much better in person :/ I need to work on my painting skills. This actually started off completely white, besides the crystals.

  • Clay colour - White, black, translucent blue
  • Sculpted rock effect
  • Hand painted
  • Finished with UV resin

Ways to get Closer to Your Craft

  • Open your curtains in the morning and look outside
  • Always try to stay grounded. Observe life around you
  • Make a list of the correspondences of certain soaps or other products that you have. Use a product with intent
  • Draw sigils
  • Chant in your head
  • Walk, sit, or lie down outside. Watch the plants dance in the wind and listen to your surroundings
  • Carry crystals or objects that mean a certain thing to you
  • Take time for yourself
  • Smile at strangers and visualize sending positive energy their way
  • Listen to music that represents your intent
  • Pick your outfits using colour magic
  • Light a candle
  • Do something for your community. By putting good things out, the universe will repay you
  • Try interpreting a tarot card for each day
  • Be creative. Find the magic in every day objects
  • Practice energy work
  • Meditate
  • Schedule days to go to the library and research plants, herbs, your religion, etc
  • Say thank you more often. Even when no one is there
  • Try to grow some plants
  • Have tea more often
  • Go outside!! I cannot stress this enough. Connect to nature. Go barefoot. Dance in the rain. Anything. Just go out
  • When hiking pick up things that call to you
  • Pick up trash. Give back to the planet
  • Take care and time for yourself
  • Be patient

Remember, its your craft. Do what feels right 🌱



When a new life is born she is there. When the final breath is drawn and the spirit moves on she is there. She watch over the living and the dead alike. A gentle spirit despite her looks. A guardian of fate. Protector of the eternal circle of life.


This lady is a completely handmade, ooak (one of a kind), posable art doll made by me. Her face and ears are sculpted and casted for durability, then painted carefully with acrylics. Feet are also sculpted. She is built on a sturdy wire frame, her coat made of very soft high quality faux fur that Ive trimmed in different lenghts to look realistic. There will never be any one else like her.

© 2018 Linda Escaron Lundqvist - all rights reserved