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Check To The Heart (Part 11)

Bucky x Reader

Modern day Hockey AU

SUMMARY: You are the daughter of one of the greatest hockey players to ever play the game, now as owner of the Avengers, he is bringing your childhood crush Bucky Barnes to the team.  The minute he sees you in your father’s office, you can tell by the smirk on his face he hadn’t forgot about your crush either.  This is going to be fun.

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It had been two months since you and Bucky had solidified your relationship.  Steve had recovered from his injury and was back on the ice.  The two of you had been the talk of the team when your relationship had come out.  Of course it was Steve who dropped the bomb to the rest of the team.  He had a habit of telling everyone he could that you were in love, like a proud parent bragging about their kids good grades.

You check your phone as you head to your dad’s box, it was the last game of the regular season and this game determined the teams standings in the playoffs.  The boys were yet again playing against Hydra.  You had avoided the locker room area, not only because of Ward, but because of the tension the boys had been feeling the last week.  After getting snapped at by the men, you, Peggy, and Natasha had decided to keep your distance, spending most of your time together instead with the stressed out men.

Hey Sweetheart sorry I’ve been so crabby. Love you.

Bucky had texted you hours ago before his pregame nap, so you send him back a quick I love you and good luck, before heading into the box.  You grab a drink and sit at the counter that sat against the opening that showed you the wide expanse of the ice.  You look down at the crowd and smile.  Your attendance had hit the ceiling, tickets were selling out left and right, the popularity of the team, as well as all the event you had planned, had the team financially stable.  All the guys had to do was win the cup and the season would be perfect.

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Cute Crab Things for Tamatoa to do
  • Antenna wiggles (real hermit crab faces are about 70% wiggling antennas. they just bop all over the place)
  • Eating anything (as scavengers, hermit crabs like to eat all sorts of things. any fruit or vegetables, nuts, bugs, other crabs, any meat, wood, and even dirt. some of my hermit crabs will just start eating whatever dirt’s on their feet if i hold them still long enough.)
  • Curling up in his shell to sleep (yeah, most of these are going to be for baby tamatoa because baby coconut crabs have little shell diapers like hermit crabs. i’ve noticed that hermit crabs sleep by letting their shell cover their eyes. all you see are legs. and maybe wiggly antennas. that is if they don’t go underground to sleep.)
  • Checking out shells (hermit crabs tend to be kind of picky when it comes to shells. they like certain kinds, like turbos or babylonians. some crabs like heavier or bigger shells because they offer more protection. others like lighter or smaller shells because they require less energy to carry and they can run around quicker. when georgette changed her shell when i first got her she spent 3 minutes checking the inside of the shell with her antennas and claws and turning it around, making sure it was smooth inside and didn’t have holes. even after, she stayed still in it to make sure it was comfortable. they also like to modify the edge of the shell by eating bits of it. and they like to just check out shells for fun too.)
  • Climbing and falling (crabbies love to climb. they love to dig too. but for an animal that does so much climbing they sure fall a lot too. 

both of these are from a hermit crab book i got at petco. it’s a pretty good book, but i just like that it mentions that they fall a lot twice. there’s also some instagram videos of crabs falling and being clumsy.)

  • Chirping! (i couldn’t find anything on if coconut crabs make noises, but i know that hermit crabs chirp when they’re scared or trying to intimidate another crab. it sounds like this:

Stressed (Park Jinyoung/Reader)

Originally posted by wanjacks

Prompt: I’m really stressed out because of my senior year ending so soon and college being near, could I get a got7 jinyoung angst fluff scenario that helps me relieve some of my stress and heal my tired body

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Words: 520

Author: Peanut Butter Anon

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Castiel has decided that Dean is insufferable. This feeling is elevated even more when his alarm clock is reading 4am and his roommate is stumbling into the dorm completely plastered when he has class in precisely three hours.

“You reek of booze,” Castiel grumbled while rolling over onto his side and pulling his comforter up over his shoulders to cocoon himself in the warmth with his face facing wall and his back to the source of his annoyance. “It’s strong enough I’m getting a buzz just smelling you.”

“Not how it works, Cas.” Dean tripped over something in the floor, which Castiel rightfully assumed was his roommate’s dirty laundry, and turned on the lamp that sat at his bedside before clumsily sitting down on the edge of his small twin mattress. 

“I know that.” Castiel tried to convey every inch of his irritation through his voice since apparently the alcohol was clouding Dean’s ability to detect sarcasm.

Dean let out a laugh and tapped his temple with his index finger lazily. “Right, I forgot you’re a genius.” Castiel knew that Dean couldn’t see his dramatic eye roll but he did it anyway.  

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level 1 blizz fans: omg who is that crab

level 2 blizz fans: lol blizz noobs dont know ghostcrawler

level 3 blizz fans: crabby my love you’ve returned

My Blacksand Valentine for You

           I’m late! Boooo. 

Anyway, instead of a fill for the meme today I have some primarily fluffy blacksand, in which we learn who taught Pitch archery and Sandy is inclined to grant a wish or two. Happy Valentine’s Day!


            Even though it’s Valentine’s Day, and Sweet Nothings Bakery and Café is otherwise quite crowded, one small, two-person table set back in a corner remains inexplicably empty. Or, at least, it appears empty to most of the people there. The children who do notice that the table isn’t empty tend to not remark on it.

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