It’s HERE! Now that Christmas time is rolling around, and I’ve finished with uni for the year, I thought what better thing to do with this bit of free time, than to put my drawings to use and open up commissions! 

So the DO’s

  • DO be clear with what you want
  • DO be polite when talking to me
  • DO go into detail, as much as possible (after all I can’t draw it if I don’t know about it
  • DO have a reference of your character (or a very good description)
  • DO be prepared to pay upfront.

and the DON'TS

  • DON’T be rude or pushy. I retain the right to refuse to do something if I don’t want to
  • DON’T ask me to change something once I’ve confirmed the sketch with you.
  • DON’T be vague.
  • DON’T be afraid to ask about something! I don’t bite, and communication is key!

So yeah! If you want to support my drawing, think about giving me a shot. You can send me a note on tumblr, ask me on deviantArt, find me on furAffinity, or just plain ol’ old school email me at cptnSylver@live.co.uk. Feel free to ask about anything, and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

The Twins.

The second product of The Trinity Project, The Twins were created as an aerial counterpart to The Destroyer. Although The Destroyer had proven itself a construct of unparalleled effectiveness at combating the Corruption, both on and beneath the surface of the Earth, it’s lack of dedicated aerial weaponry and method of locomotion resulted in enormous difficulty in combating all but the lowest flying of Corrupted entities.

However, given The Destroyers staggering success rate against the corruption, and the need for an aerial equivalent, The Trinity Project quickly shifted focus to designing a new construct, capable of bringing the same devastating power that The Destroyer possesed to the sky.

A problem quickly arouse, however, when the development team spearheading the project realised that they no longer had the manpower or materials to fabricate another artificial construct of The Destroyers scale. Although at their prime, humanity would have easily been able to procure the materials necessary, depleted, scattered and shattered as they were, the ability to mine, forge and fabricate the sheer volume of material to create another construct of The Destroyer’s scale was an impossible task.

The solution to this problem came when the design team turned from artificial fabrication to bio-mecha-magical augmentation and surgical enhancement. Rather than build an entire construct from scratch, the idea was stuck upon to enhance an already existing creature, taking an already formidable being and enhancing it with metal and magic to make it unstoppable.

Though there were already several Corrupted and Hallowed creatures of incredible strength, their intrinsically altered nature left them unsuitable. The Corruption and The Hallow were what were being fought, and a double edged sword in the form of a warped construct was a wound the remnants of humanity could scarcely afford.

After much consideration, the decision was made to utilise the matured form of the Demon Eyes as the “base” of the construct. These rare, dangerous, and incredibly powerful “Eyes of Cthulhu” were already possessed of a phenomenal level of power, and it was believed that properly augmented, they could be made into a living weapon unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Several Eyes of Cthulhu were secured, and using the culmination of their technology, their science, and their magic, humanity made them something more. Steel plating and reinforced armoured was grafted onto the muscle and tissue. Advanced weapons systems and combat equipment were implanted into the flesh. Command and control nodes, neurological enhancements, targeting upgrades, reactive sensors and pain suppressing implants were as surgically attached. The mightiest enchantments, the strongest wards, the most potent chemicals were all fused with the creatures to make them faster, stronger, more enduring and more deadly than they had ever- could have ever -been before. The end result was a fusion of flesh, metal and magic; a bio-mecha-magical fabricant which possessed a power unlike anything ever seen before.

Despite this, there was one final hurdle to overcome. During the first round or enhancements, it was discovered that the trauma and shock caused by the upgrade procedure was two great for the Eyes to handle. Even with the most powerful sedatives, both magical and chemical, the control implants were burnt out in seconds, and the half formed creatures entered a blind, agony-induced frenzy.

The final solution to this final problem made The Twins even more powerful, and gave rise to their unofficial moniker. Once secured, a bio-neurological bridge was grown between two Eyes, linking their consciousness’. Once connected, the two Eyes were enhanced simultaneously, with the culmination sensory input bounced between both minds back and forth, without stopping to register.

In this way, the collective trauma of the experience could be dispersed over a period of time, with only the tiniest amount of sensory data being dispersed into each mind with the individual pulses. The end result was a comparative sensation akin to a thousand needle pricks across a day, contrasted against a complete flaying in a second. In this manner, Twins, were able to adapt, adjust, cope, and continue. And as a final added bonus, the dispersed and interlinked data resulted in a enormous increase in performance across all other areas, with the Twins surpassing every expectation.

The second creation of the Trinity Project was complete. One Eye, armed with an enormously powerful laser, was capable of engaging even the toughest of Corrupted aerial threats. The other, with a integrated mecha-magic flamethrower and surgically enhanced deployable maw, could control and destroy even the thickest of aerial swarms. Much like The Destroyer before it, The Twins were capable of adapting to any situation presented to them, and quickly proved that they were as effective in the air, as The Destroyer had ever been on land.

But even then, it would still not prove enough.

The Twins & Terraria & The Destroyer © Re-Logic

Art & Backstory © CptnSylver

Sooo….this STARTED as birthday art….and then I saw how freaking badass this guy looked and yeah…complusion to draw ensured.

So a swollen ankle, two flues and a pulled muscle group later, we have this thing which is like a 50% uber late birthday art gift, and 50% fanart of one of the coolest cats around. 

But yeah, fanart of Ces’s indescribably awesome character. I feel like there should be something in the top left space, but maybe that’s just me. Hope you like bud, this guy is a freaking DELIGHT to draw.