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1976. Rising

Rising (also known as Rainbow Rising)  is the second album by Rainbow, released on 17 May. In issue 4 of Kerrang! magazine, Rising was voted the greatest heavy metal album of all time.

Band leader Ritchie Blackmore retained only Ronnie James Dio from the previous album line-up, and recruited drummer Cozy Powell, bassist Jimmy Bain and keyboard player Tony Carey to complete the roster. Recorded in Munich in less than a month, the album was overseen by rock producer and engineer Martin Birch. The band was originally billed as Blackmore’s Rainbow in the US.

As some of the earliest purveyors of heavy metal music, Rainbow left behind a catalog that is truly remarkable and unforgettable to say the least. Sure, the AOR/melodic rock/pop music of their post-Dio years hold up pretty damn well, but their first three releases would shape the future of an entire genre of music.

Dio never had a bad sounding voice anywhere in his musical career, although it still had its different sounds at different times. This record is where he really added the energy to his vocals, much like the guitars. On previous records, it was high pitched and clean, but on here he adds a little more power and enthusiasm behind his voice, which would be his defining sound for most of his career here on out.

This is not my favorite Rainbow album (my favorite would be Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll), but how can I not give it 100%? Even if I hated Rainbow, which I couldn’t imagine for my life, I would still have to give a 100% rating for its influence alone.

R.I.P. Ronnie.

  Ritchie Blackmore    Ronnie James Dio    Tony Carey    Jimmy Bain
      Cozy Powell


Scan from the book:Heavy Metal-from Hard Rock to Extreme Metal by Kory Grow(the preface is by Kerry King)

Credits:Michael Ochs Archives

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1987. Triumph And Agony

is the fourth and final album by band Warlock, released on 5 September.

The album was recorded in the US with producer Joey Balin and a different band line-up in comparison with the previous album True as Steel, which had made the name of Warlock known outside of Europe. Peter Szigeti and Frank Rittel were replaced in 1987 by the American musicians Tommy Bolan and Tommy Henriksen respectively. The album also features ex drummer “Rainbow, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath” Cozy Powell on some tracks.

After many, many lineup changes, keeping only Doro Pesch as a constant, legal troubles with one former member or another led the “fifth Warlock album” Force Majeure, to be released under the Doro name. Since then, she has continued a solo career.

this is classics album, there is enough good songs on this album for every metal head to want to seek out this album. Doro’s voice is amazing, and if you’ve never heard it then you are missing out.

Doro Pesch     Niko Arvanitis     Tommy Bolan    Tommy Henriksen   Michael Eurich