Dan Reynolds and Daniel Platzman attended Bastille’s concert at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. 

Dan Reynolds joined the support act Mondo Cozmo on stage. Old Imagine Dragons member Andrew Tolman plays the drum for that band. They played a cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. 

Daniel Platzman joined Bastille on stage during Pompeii. 

Photo credit: heather.alexis, carooalexis and RyanNixon_

The third Youtuber I got into, Jack!

I can’t really remember when I started watching him, but I do remember one of the things that drew me to him was his voice. Idk I just like peoples voices, ok? But any way, when I started watching more of his videos I noticed how sincere he was in most of his playthroughs which made his videos super enjoyable to watch. He always seemed 100% honest about everything. The length of the videos helped too. Like watching a movie. Also I’ve always found his shouting super hilarious. He’s always full of so much energy to the point of it being pretty contagious, you can’t help but want to shout too. lmao! XD