Cotton Candy Cozmo!!


Here’s to that one anon who messaged me!

Sorry I haven’t been uploading much art as of late, but ever since that midterm fiasco, I swore to myself that I wouldn’t draw anymore until all of my classes were over. Plus, I didn’t want to show much more of these guys until much later….but oh well, pffft.

Anywhosies, these dorks are Cozmo (Clefable) and Solaris (Heliolisk). They’re astronomers who are JUST SO PUMPED ABOUT SPACE AND PLANETS AND MOONS AND OTHER SPACEY GOODNESS HNNGH. Don’t let Solaris’ reactions fool you here; he’s just as big as a fanatic about space as Cozmo is, but SOMEONE has to calm the excitable pink blob down while his wife’s away |D