Cowl Collar

wolfspirals  asked:

I'm going to have a meltdown thinking of how fantastic Magnus' winter clothes will be and how his magic will look against a freshly fallen snow backdrop and we basically get a Kill Bill scene maybe or even just Magnus warming up Alec's hands and I'm dead


  • magnus in a coat w/ a furry collar !! cowl neck sweaters !!
    • he’d look so soft and warm help
    • (alec sliding off those gloves and kissing his cold fingertips)
  • magnus looking adorable with snow frosting the tips of his hair
  • alec tucking in magnus’s scarf to make sure he isn’t cold
  • ICE SKATING DATE magnus is a terrible skater but he doesn’t care
    • alec is amazing bc shadowhunter runes that’s cheating alexander
    • magnus falls extra frequently as an excuse to hold onto alec
  • magnus using his magic to do ridiculous things like suddenly someone has an expertly carved ice swan in their backyard
  • magnus looking like a goddamn Prince™ standing in a snowy backdrop with his magic

anonymous asked:

imagine steve knitting all his christmas presents for everyone!

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It’s not that Steve can’t afford to buy everyone gifts. It’s just that he’s always loved receiving handmade gifts, so he figures everyone else will probably appreciate it just as much.

Thor gets a dark red bag for Mjolnir. Natasha gets a black cashmere scarf and matching mittens, because Steve’s pretty sure he’s never seen her in any color but black. Bruce gets a beanie that looks more hipster than Steve had intended, but with Bruce’s glasses, it works. Sam spends his day flying his knitted stuffed falcon around, making bird calls. Tony’s red-and-gold balaclava turns out to be way more terrifying than it should be, especially because he refuses to take it off for days.

For Clint he makes a bow cozy, which takes him all of two hours, because it’s just a long tube with buttons along it. Bucky says, “No way is his dick that long,” but Steve doesn’t rise to it; after all, he tells Bucky, if it was a penis cozy, it would be closed on one end.

“Anyway,” says Bucky as the purple tube gets rolled up and placed in its little box, “you wouldn’t have seen his dick to measure it.” Steve shrugs. “Steve. Not funny. You haven’t seen Clint’s dick, right? Right?

Steve doesn’t answer him.

He ends with Bucky, because the big white chunky-knit sweater is going to take the longest. They spend Christmas morning in bed, listening to the Frank Sinatra Christmas album (at Bucky’s insistence) and drinking coffee. Bucky’s shirtless when he pulls on the sweater and tucks his nose down into the cowl collar. As he lounges back, his mouth a grin under the collar, Steve grabs his phone and snaps a picture, because there’s no way he can let this moment pass without a drawing.

But that will be later.