See You in Hell.

You’re familiar somehow through all of this,
and maybe it’s the human in us trying to make sense of all of this shit.
We have all these theories, false answers, and explanations
‘cause it’s what we need,
it’s what allows us sleep.

When you’re a child and you ask how big the universe is,
they tell you same thing, that it’s “infinite”.
And so you believe it, though you’ve never been there
and so you believe it, it’s what you needed to hear.

Where do I know you from?
Who am I? Who are you?
Who are we in this room?
What the hell is going on?
Who am I? Who are you?

Long ago, before any of us could ever know
we were cut from the same stone,
we were cut from the same soul.
He’s a cowboy with too much on his mind trying to let go,
he’s making a run for the edge- and I, his Mexico.
What is he for me?
He’s electricity, running water with a toaster on the ledge,
I’d waltz backwards into hell,
if it meant that I was his.

So step into the light - what am I supposed to do?
So step out of your mind - Who are we in this room?
There will always be something, no matter how close or far.
Come back to the tree that is my heart, where your name is carved.

I remember you, you changed your face and your tune;
accompanied by violins, you stepped into my eye real smooth.
Disguised as crescendos, I know who you are, 
you’re the devil.

When your bones get tired from trying to find someone like I,
you can always come and rest your head on my lap.
Though you never said goodbye, let’s share a cry,
don’t mind the arrows in my back.

Because long ago before any of us could know.
You and I were cut from the same old stone,
Accompanied by violins - cut from the same sin.
Disguised in crescendos - I know who you are,

You’re the devil.

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