YES. It’s about time somebody like Stephen Strange steps in here and beats the SHIT out of the Beyonder. I mean, the Thing just beat the shit out of him in the last crossover issue, but the Beyonder let him do it so it doesn’t really count. One of our actual Marvel heroes needs to stand up to this poser and put him in his place. Go get him Benedict!! (Dr. Strange #74 – Dec 1985 – Secret Wars II Tie In)

Samuel Levi Jones at Galerie Lelong

Using the covers of old encyclopedias, law books and African American reference books, Samuel Levi Jones makes collages on canvas that question what changes as time passes. Jones employs books as symbols of obsolescence to further represent how the ideas expressed therein can also run their course. (At Chelsea’s Galerie Lelong through Jan 28th). Samuel Levi Jones, 101, deconstructed encyclopedias, law books and African American reference books on canvas, 49 x 60 inches, 2016.

Rihanna - Anti 

Masterpost of Twenty One Pilots’ covers

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[rufus wainwright & 1500 choir! choir! choir! singers - hallelujah]

i want my year to look and sound like this


Mini High School Musical reunion! Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale nailed this moody, acoustic cover of Elle King’s “Ex’s & Oh’s.”