A quick and awful cover of Frank Turner’s “Four Simple Words”. I promised mostlyv0id-partiallystars that I’d so this a while ago, and as they’ve not been feeling so great recently I thought it was worth another shot. It’s messy and I’m really sorry for that, but if there isn’t much to appreciate musically then at least you have five minutes worth of footage to laugh at me for. I will redo it again eventually :’)

Happy Birthday, ladyshiva89!

While this world lacked color, humans all numbed by drugs,
Like bad code existing pointlessly, no one capable to debug,
You were a beacon of hope,
I held desperately to this rope,
But the mad world laughed back cruelly and gave it a tug.


Aldnoah.Zero (アルドノア・ゼロ)

Some friendly competition between Slaine and Inaho on the covers of Aldnoah.Zero Key Animations ½, illustrated by character designer Masako Matsumoto (松本昌子). The color illustrations are on the plastic dust jacket for the art book, with the sketches underneath!