first look interview [2]

It’s your first time doing a photoshoot, yet you are the cover models. Being photographed as the cover models for a magazine indicates that you are the hot issue right now. Your popularity, does it feel real yet?

Daniel: Throughout the program, we stayed in a training camp and didn’t have the opportunity to go outside, so it doesn’t feel real yet. The total number of people who voted and who came to the site to support us during the live broadcast made me start to feel the degree of excitement about us.

Jisung: I’m unexpectedly(?) the type who likes fashion magazines and programs, so I did dream of being a cover model. But we actually became the cover models for a magazine! It’s so incredible, and an honor.

Minhyun: Since I’ve done activities before, you’d think I’d be skillful at this by now. But the truth is that I’m the type to get quite anxious, and I worried that my expression might come out too stiff. But I also think it has a different kind of fun compared to doing a broadcast. And there’s more meaning to it because this is the first photoshoot with the Wanna One members. I’m interested and excited to see how all of us together will look inside a single frame.

Who do you think looked the best today?

Guanlin: If you mean people who properly showed their masculine beauty, I think Seongwoo-hyung and Woojin-hyung looked really impressive. Seongwoo-hyung is usually bright and often shows his comic side, but going into the photoshoot, he transformed to give off a totally manly feeling. I think his strong gaze and even his gestures are good.

Daniel: I also think Seongwoo-hyung came out really well. I think he showed the most professionalism. To be honest, I felt too shy so I didn’t properly monitor my own photos.

Seongwoo: The truth is I’ve done a modelling as a part-time job a few times, like wedding shoots or online shopping malls. So I probably came out more naturally than the other members (!). Haha. Because the staff told me I was doing a good job and praised me, I think the atmosphere was comfortable to shoot in. They told me that of the members, I took the shortest time to get an “A” cut. Haha.

Jaehwan: Then what about the third best person? Me, it’s me? (laughs)

During today’s shoot, it seems you all monitored each other’s photos and took care of each other. Because you all individually spent your time in different companies, teamwork between the members must be extremely important.

Minhyun: Wanna One had a different start point. Other idol groups are revealed in a nearly complete state, but we were revealed prior to our debut, with all our immaturity and less than refined sides. The National Producers watched the progression of our growth, and considered us carefully regarding our personalities, inclinations, and even our preferences to create the team. So because of that, I think our teamwork is more solid than other groups.

Daehwi: While filming for the broadcast, I already thought many times, ‘We are one.’ We overcame that time together. That’s why I’m not worried at all about our teamwork.

Jisung: All of us experienced getting with a new team each week to prepare a performance. I think Produce 101 itself was a time for us to practice forming teamwork.

Woojin: We are combining each of our unique charms, so I think we have even greater synergy, and I’m sure that it’s a positive sign for our performances. I don’t think our individual styles of practicing will become a problem at all.

trans by @luminous-point // source: first look magazine


My First Reunions!, Part 5
(Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4)

My mom is a cover model!  That’s Mom on the cover of this year’s official Reunions Guide!  The photo is of Mom at last year’s Reunions, but Mom had no idea this photo even existed before seeing this cover!


Zayn’s 16 magazine covers so far… Which one is your fave? 😍😍😍

Chat's Accidental Identity Reveal

Ok,so just hear me out. Just imagine some magazine editor notices Chat’s amazing “model body” and wants him on the front cover and wants to interview him. Chat,of course,accepts and models for cover and does the interview. When the magazine goes out Marinette gets one because her partner in crime begged his sweet lady to get one. She reads the interview and decides to put the pictures of her partner on her wall (besides the multiple pictures of Adrien). She stands back and admires the pictures. Then it strikes her….Chat, her lovable, cheesey ass partner in crime is a lot like Adrien. The poses Chat strikes are similar to Adrien. The interview answers are also very similar to Adrien’s life too (the interview asked personal question like what Chat does when he’s not Chat and other basic things). Once this all processes through Marinette’s head she is blushing furiously and having a heart attack the only word that comes out of her stunned face is “shiiiiiiiiit”