My First Reunions!, Part 5
(Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4)

My mom is a cover model!  That’s Mom on the cover of this year’s official Reunions Guide!  The photo is of Mom at last year’s Reunions, but Mom had no idea this photo even existed before seeing this cover!


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I think Levi must get the first place again, but if Erwin does beat him in this character popularity poll... boi. That's... going to be very very amazing feat. Though I know it's almost 100% impossible, maybe I still have a very sliiiiight hope that Erwin does get the first place ;)

Official ranking will be nice but mostly I’m just glad he’s there. 

I mean, polls are basically meaningless, right? They are simply a metric of how passionate and motivated a particular fanbase is. That’s all. I’m sure if cards were handed out to every single snk fan in Japan and someone supervised as each person marked a single name and handed it back, the results would be very different.  But no matter how irrelevant and silly polling is, this poll was the one to win. The cover of the 100th issue of BSM and the100th chapter on SnK. This cover is momentous and I’m so freakin’ happy our Japanese counterparts made this happen.

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hi will you write a coffee shop AU drarry pls

Harry was done. 


abso-fucking-lutely done with this job. 

He’d taken the job because, well mostly because his mom said it would help build character and his dad had nodded along (even though Harry was positive his father had never had a summer job in his life) because what his mother says is what goes. But he chose this particular job because Ron and Hermione worked there too and is he had to work, he might as well be with friends, right? Right. 

But this. 

This was too much. 

Every day for the past week some pretentious, “I just stepped off my daddy’s yacht” magazine cover model, disgustingly gorgeous, looking man had come in and ordered the most complicated drink. And this time, this time Harry was done. 


The man, ~Draco~ blinked slowly at Harry. “No?” he repeated back at Harry. 

“We can’t.. that’s not even on the menu. It’s summer and we don’t have the stuff to make a pumpkin spice latte. Just. No.” 

Then, then, he did something that made Harry’s stomach drop and his heart race. Draco smiled and Harry had the sudden feeling he’d just witnessed something Very Important and possible miraculous. 

“In that case,” Draco started and licked his lips and Harry could feel his face heat, “You’ll just have to give me something else I guess.” 

Harry gulped and hoped it wasn’t too loud, “Som-something else? What can I get for you today?” he asked, falling back on the line he said countless times a day. 

“How about your number?” 


Desert Eagle Mark I

Very early model that would eventually evolve into the Mark VII and current Mark XIX. Not sure what lead to the generational “skipping” with the designations. You can see the distinct rotating bolt used that allows this semi-automatic handgun to handle calibers usually meant for large revolvers. Compared to the rail covered models of today, the Mark I is fairly sleek in overall aesthetic. (GRH)