Rebecca Coriam was working on a Disney Cruise ship , where she had been working for nearly a year. On the morning of 22 March 2011 she vanished from the ship , off the coast of Mexico. She was last seen by a friend leaving her cabin at 2 am. The last cctv footage of Rebecca , at 5.54 am , showed her in the crew lounge , she was talking to someone and she seemed very distraught. Her mannerisms during this call prompted a colleague to ask if she was okay to which she replied “Yeah,fine” after which she hangs up the phone. This footage dismisses a claim made by a member of staff stating that she went over board at 3 am. 

Rebecca had vanished without a trace. Virtually no evidence was found of Coriam , apart from the footage. Her family have sued Disney for $75,000 and are urging police to interview two members of staff again , who are said to have acted suspiciously during their interview. Ex staff members say that the investigation was botched by police and Disney , people believe that the disappearance has been covered up by them. 

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A few questions I have about the Sandra Bland cover up

1. Why was she pulled over in the first place?

2. Why was she FORCED to get out of the car?

3. Why did the officer think he had the right to tell her to put out her cigarette?

4. Why was she arrested?

5. How do you hang yourself with a trash bag?

6. Why would you hang yourself with a trash bag when you know you’re only in jail for a few days?

7. Will the lady cop in the video be punished ? (Because she needs to be)

8. Why was the huge trash can/trash bag in a jail cell? What would one have to throw away while in jail? (I believe it was placed there after she was murdered)

9. Why would Sandra commit “suicide” when she said various times in the video that she was gonna take that cop to court? That she was gonna sue him? (She KNEW her rights, and she knew she had evidence that he was in the wrong)

10.Where is the footage from the witness that was recording? (You can hear Sandra thank him in the dash cam video)

11. Why is the dash cam video EDITED?

12. WHO edited the dash cam video?

13. What was missing from the EDITED dash cam video ?

14. Do these cops think we are idiots? Or do they just KNOW that they will get away with everything so they just don’t give a fuck how bizarre and unrealistic their cover ups sound?

15. Will Sandra and her family get justice? (Unfortunately, I’m very doubtful even with all of this evidence contradicting the cops)

16. How long will cops get away with blatant excessive force, misconduct, and most of the time MURDER?