Cover up

The young lady that was shot in the head by a police officer is still waiting to be interviewed by the police department

Ferguson Police claimed that 4 to 5 Black males conducted a drive by which resulted in a White woman being shot in the head. (Here, Here, Here)

(they’ve edited the articles to take out the white part and that she was killed hehehe)

Residents knew it was BS. 

Turns out Mya was shot by a police officer. The department forced surgeons to take the bullet out and took the bullet for “Ballistics”

Over a week later, she still has yet to be contacted by the department

Do not let her story go ignored

So let me get this straight: the Ferguson PD took the time to write an overly detailed, 18 page police report for the ALLEGED petty theft of $49 dollars worth of cigars, but they didn’t even fill out an incident report for Darren Wilson shooting Mike Brown dead? A two page (mostly blank) report for a shooting death, and an 18 page report for cigars??? The Ferguson PD didn’t cover Mike Brown’s body, they left Mike Brown’s body out on the street for nearly four hours, they didn’t write a police report at the scene, they immediately launched a campaign to smear Mike Brown posthumously…does any of that sound even remotely legit?  

Let’s review:

1. the Ferguson police didn’t even full out the Mike Brown murder incident report until ten full days after the shooting

2. when they finally got around to filling out the police report, the ONLY info they completed was the name of the victim, the shooter, and the date they filled out the “report”. that’s it. that’s all

3. Missouri has an open “sunshine law” that requires them to make nearly any police reports publicly available immediately, so for over ten days they violated that law too

4. [EDIT] Most importantly let’s never forget what caused this needless death murder - Darren Wilson racially profiled, then stopped, then harassed, then fatally shot an UNARMED Mike Brown 6 times for the “crime” of walking-while-Black, aka jay walking, NOT for alleged petty theft, because at the time Wilson had no idea about any cigars or any alleged theft

Ferguson is a perfect example of a sundown town, and from beating up innocent Black drivers, to repeatedly tear gassing and threatening unarmed protesters to routinely racially profiling and profiting off of Black drivers, Ferguson is showing over and over just how little they truly value Black lives

#Darren Wilson is a dirty cop #The Ferguson PD is corrupt #This is what a police coverup looks like


If…IF there’s even just one honest cop in the Ferguson PD, now is the time to step up

2013 - At the beginning of the video, we see Walker escorting in the 100 lb girl into the hospital without incident. Acker appears to be compliant, but she apparently took too long to sit down after being told to sit down.Walker proceeded to give her a little encouragement to sit down and shoved her into the chair with excessive force. In response the handcuffed girl then kicks the officer in the leg. In his report, Walker would make it seem like he was under attack and that she “kicked him in the groin area.” 

After suffering a foot to his pant leg, Walker punched Acker in the chest. He then grabbed the tiny, handcuffed, and inebriated teen and body slammed her face first onto the hospital floor, injuring her neck and knocking out her teeth.

In one report, police claim that Walker “rolled her out of the chair to the floor.” In another report, police claim that Walker “escorted Ms. Acker to the floor.”

“This is a very violent attack on someone who is in handcuffs, who is partially restrained and tiny, and there’s just no need for it, You can’t have something like this, whether it happens 100 times, 10 times or one time. It’s unacceptable. It cannot be tolerated. As a patrol officer in particular, that’s part of the job, dealing with that without planting someone’s face in the floor.”

Because Walker injured himself while body slamming the teen, he was advised of his rights as the victim by Colorado Springs Police Department. The department refuses to say whether or not Walker faced any discipline for his actions. He remains on regular duty.In the meantime, it will be the taxpayers of Colorado Springs who will foot the potential $500,000 bill for the lawsuit on Acker’s behalf. [article]


Explain to me why her gofundme account has more to say than google.
Explain to me why this little girl has to be deprived of her mother and the story behind what happened to her.
Explain to me why she was taken into police custody instead of a hospital after a car accident.
Explain to me why I’ve only seen one post in the tumblr search.

Because they don’t want us to know what happened to Symone Marshall.
Because they don’t want the truth to be exposed.

Don’t let her be forgotten. Don’t let her death go unnoticed.

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