Cover Up (Jimin x Reader)

Holidays are a mess. So are you. So are your friends. And so is Jimin (especially him).

a holiday collaboration with @taesthetes and @zephyoongist

JOIE DE VIVRE | Yoongi + Hoseok | Namjoon | Jungkook | Jimin | Taehyung | Jin

2.3k words, jimin/reader, fluff, college au.

You’ve decided.

You need new friends.

Better friends, friends that don’t sit behind you and take advantage of your incurable crush on the guy who sits next to you, that don’t continue to tease you, and definitely don’t do what they’re doing right now.

“Hey, Jimin,” Byulyi says, teasingly, through the space between computers. “Your girlfriend says she wants shoes for Christmas.” Beside her, Hwasa snorts and you turn to them, red-faced and exasperated.


“Wait, do you want shoes for Christmas?”

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The Johnson Family’s Military Sexual Assault Story

Please watch.


Song: Cover Up

Artist: Taeyeon (of Girls’ Generation)

Release date: 170321

Album: My Voice

Record label: SM Entertainment